No decision on Bills quarterback yet


The Patriots need to beat the Bills to assure themselves a first round bye in the AFC playoffs, but they still don’t know which quarterback they’ll be facing come Sunday.

E.J. Manuel was a limited participant in practice again on Thursday and coach Doug Marrone said afterward that Manuel looked improved as he comes back from the knee injury that kept him out of last weekend’s victory over the Dolphins. Marrone didn’t say when he would decide between Manuel and Thad Lewis, but did say he preferred to make the call sooner rather than later.

“The earlier I can make a decision I think the better it is for the team,” Marrone said, via “That’s how I approached it all year. This way the team knows what we have going into it.”

The Bills took a 21-17 lead into the fourth quarter in the season opener against the Patriots with Manuel throwing for 150 yards and two touchdowns in his first NFL start. Two Stephen Gostkowski field goals in the fourth quarter gave the Patriots a road win they hope winds up as the first half of a season sweep.

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  1. There was a 14 point swing that game as the Patriots were driving for a touchdown, Ridley fumbled (imagine that?) and it was carried back for six the other way.

  2. Uh.. they were close to midfield when Ridley fumbled… how nice of you to assume that they would have automatically scored on that drive.

    The Pats were also one Bills 3rd down conversion away from having no time left for the last FG drive. (If only Stevie J could have actually made a play……………)

  3. Good teams win the games they are supposed to win. That being said, the Bills should have won the first game of the year! This game smells like another Patriot beat down sorry to say, maybe Marrone and the boys smell something rlse?

  4. Manuel with a bum knee or a 2nd year man whose played in a few games but doesn’t have a ton of experience.

    Neither is a great option the way the Pats D has been playing. Since they’re out of the playoffs they should probably not take a chance with Manuel getting his knee beaten up even worse.

    Plus, no name QBs without a lot of game tape on them have done well against the Pats over the years. Drives us Pats fans nuts that the D often stops the starting QBs who are supposedly so good, and then the backups come in and torch them.

    The Bills will play hard as usual against the Pats, but Brady’s 21-2 against the Bills and I don’t see that record improving in the Bills favor with a playoff bye on the line for the Pats.

    If the Pats can get up a couple scores early, which has been hard for them to do this year, the game will be over fast. Otherwise I bet it will come down to the 4th quarter and I’m confident Brady and company will come through in that situation.

  5. Better Bill-ieve the Buffalo Bills will be ready to play this Sunday. Not only do the Bills have nothing to lose which I’m betting we see plenty of trick plays for that very reason, they get the satisfaction of setting the Patriots in a tougher situation by beating them.

  6. I’m waiting for Belichick to say that, due to Brady’s shoulder problem, he hasn’t decided on his starting quarterback yet. And he will say that, as soon as he can do it with a straight face. He’s been practicing in front of his mirror.

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