Patriots release cornerback Marquice Cole


The Patriots released cornerback Marquice Cole, a defensive reserve and key special-teams contributor, on Thursday.

Cole, 30, has notched eight special-teams tackles this season, according to Patriots statistics. He played 18 special teams snaps in the Patriots’ victory Sunday at Baltimore.

The Patriots have released Cole three previous times this season. In every case, they re-signed him less than a week later. He’s appeared in 13 games for New England in 2013.

A Northwestern product, Cole is in his fifth NFL season. He’s recorded four career interceptions, with one pick coming in New England’s comeback win vs. Miami in October.

The Patriots now have one open roster spot.

12 responses to “Patriots release cornerback Marquice Cole

  1. All Patriots fans cringe when Cole comes onto the field for anything beyond special teams. Just look at the Dolphins game. 10-0 Patriots, Arrington goes out with a cramp, Cole comes in (took only one play), the ball gets thrown at his receiver (Wallace). He misses the pick, fails to even get a hand on the ball, and then misses the tackle and Wallace goes 50 yards for the TD. His one play on defense changed the entire game. If it wasnt so frustrating, it actually is quite an impressive feat. He can single handedly destroy a defense…

  2. Ferdinand says:

    Way to completely jerk a guy around. Either keep him or cut him

    Yeah, as if the best coach in the nfl is concerned that a fan feels he’s “jerking the player around” and would adjust his strategy because a players feelings are hurt.

    You do realize that every time he’s cut he goes through waivers and that any one of the other 31 teams could put a claim in for him right? And that none of the other 31 teams has done so even once this year right?

    Ie; Cole is damn lucky to be getting an nfl paycheck this year at all. And every week he’s on the roster he’s probably getting paid more in that week than what most of the people who post here make in a year. The Pats aren’t “jerking him around”, they’re the only nfl team even willing to give him a shot. Even with all the injuries this year he can’t get signed anywhere else. Belichick is this guy’s best friend.

  3. I don’t see how he’s being jerked around. By waiting until Thursday to release him, the Pats still have to pay him for the week. If they had cut him on Monday, they wouldn’t have. So clearly the Pats want to right by Cole and maintain a good relationship with him.

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