Report: Bill O’Brien will interview for Texans job


Penn State coach Bill O’Brien is emerging as a candidate for the Houston Texans’ head coaching vacancy.

Ian Rapoport reported on NFL Network today that the Texans and O’Brien have agreed to an interview that will happen “in the very near future.”

O’Brien may have led his players to believe that he’s sticking around at Penn State, but coaches jump ship after committing to stay put all the time. It wouldn’t be surprising to see O’Brien jump at the chance to become an NFL head coach, and he has apparently at least jumped at the chance to interview to become an NFL head coach.

After taking over a Penn State program that appeared to be on the verge of collapse following the Jerry Sandusky scandal, O’Brien has done solid work, going 8-4 in his first year and 7-5 in his second. Most of O’Brien’s coaching experience is at the college level, but he does have five years of experience in the NFL, having served on Bill Belichick’s staff in New England from 2007 to 2011.

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  1. The man would be a fool not to at least talk to them. And I’m sure it must be OK with his wife.
    I’m certain that Texas would make sure that his son was well taken care of.

  2. Penn State grad and I have no problem if O’Brien wants to upgrade his situation. As long as he did not give the recruits a speech ” I am here long term and will be here until after you graduate” spiel.

  3. Yeah, I don’t really see why this guy is a hot coaching candidate in the NFL. I mean he did a decent job with Penn State but I don’t see why an NFL Teams would be interested in him.

  4. Why would he go to an underachieving team with a QB who is a turnover machine and a topnotch WR whose talent has been wasted when he can come here to Detroit where…Oh, nevermind.

  5. The Pack, Bears and Lions fans all hope this means Frazier is staying put in Minnysoda.

    We’d love seeing there lighting in a bottle 10-6 season of last year bookended by 2 double digit loss seasons.

    Join me a 2014 “skol” to vikqueen irrelevance.

  6. Decent job? After all the penalties and the players that jumped ship everyone had penn st penciled in for a couple of 2 or 3 win seasons yet he pulled off two winning seasons. That’s a bit more than a decent job and he was pretty darn good in his various roles on the patriots staff. He could be the first assistant under BB to do well after leaving foxboro. I give pioli much more credit than some other commenters but he’s not a coach regardless

  7. Agreeing to an interview means nothing…most professionals take interviews that they know will amount to nothing. If Bill has aspirations for the NFL, he won’t decline all requests, but he also won’t take them all either. He won’t take this job because their are better opportunities around the corner.

  8. I can’t think of a more fitting candidate than this over rated blowhard to lead a team full of over rated blowhards. If you’re looking for a character guy please look no further than the guy who came in to try and revive a battered and beaten Penn State program and hasn’t shut up about leaving since he got there.

  9. I think, and hope, that he will stick around for at least one more year. Hopefully a couple more. I think he has too much capital in Happy Valley to leave just yet. It’s pretty obvious he has NFL aspirations, but he must be smart enough to know if he stays long enough to lead the Lions to national prominence again, he will not only be able to pick his venue with the NFL, he will have a 2.6 million strong fan base with him throughout his career. And he may be able to coach Hackenberg into Heisman contention, which would only increase his value.

  10. One of many interviews he’ll take this offseason. If not off-season, it wont be many until coach O’Brien answers his NFL urge. Besides, college coaches are becoming less the risk (possible half former PAC-10/12 coaches in NFC playoffs this year).

  11. The fact that O’Brien turned around a Penn State program that was circling the drain is what makes him a logical candidate to do the same for Houston.

  12. Stevenwilliams the guy coached two winning seasons at Penn State under unprecedented sanctions, with some very impresive wins. On to pof that he’s brought in two top 25 classes to a program that can’t even play in a bowl game. Finally, his offensive style and attack transaltes extremely well for lethal QB/WR combinations. For gods sake he got a 5’10 walk-on unathletic rag-arm QB starting in the NFL.

  13. Just because coaches jump ship all the time after promising to stay doesn’t make it right. Murders happen all the time, too, but we don’t say that it’s okay. (Note: I’m not suggesting leaving a college program is as serious a thing as murder. Just using an analogy.)

    Hackenburg came to Penn St. because he thought he could refine his skills for the pros under O’Brien. For him to leave after only his second year, and Hackenburg’s first year, is not cool. I will think much less of O’Brien if he bolts PSU now. If he wanted a pro job, he could have remained the OC with the Patriots and probably gotten that opportunity.

  14. He might look pretty good on paper but people seem to forget, all the asst. coaches that left the Hoodie and went on to others teams as HC’s have not done so well in the NFL……..

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