Report: Romo’s back has only slightly improved

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Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo finished the game after injuring his back on Sunday.  It remains unlikely that he’ll finish the season.

According to Ed Werder of ESPN, Romo’s back has improved “only slightly” since receiving an epidural injection and other treatment.

Per Werder, Romo hasn’t attended practice, a team meeting, or a game-planning session this week.  Which suggests that Romo has been spending a lot of time off his feet and in turn away from being actively involved in planning for the franchise’s latest playoff play-in game.

And so the signs continue to point strongly to Romo not playing and Kyle Orton getting the nod.  Barring some sort of a miracle.

Which means the Cowboys are likely to lose the Third Annual NFC East Championship game.  Barring some sort of a miracle.

48 responses to “Report: Romo’s back has only slightly improved

  1. So you need a “miracle” to win a game with a back up QB? You guys haven’t watched much football this year.

  2. Orton is a veteran who has had some really good games. With Murray running the ball, and the shakiness of the Eagles defense, I would not count the Cowboys out at all.

  3. Romo’s eyes are going to be hurting just as bad after Sunday night… watching the Eagles march up & down the field on that Dallas defense.

  4. It would be much more satisfying to watch Romo choke the usual way…With a game ending Pick-6 in the 4th quarter.

  5. Orton is no slouch. They aren’t going to mail it in on Sunday like everyone expects. (They’ll at least cover that ridiculous spread).

  6. My wife was out of work for 6 wks after the birth of our youngest. No way Tony should be back so soon.

  7. I have 3 herniated discs. 1 epidural rarely does much good. It’s usually 2 or 3 that are necessary, but it takes 2-3 weeks between injections to help. I feel bad for Romo. I’m sure he would rather play. And honestly, I would rather see our d against Dallas’ starters

  8. Romo is by far one of the toughest SOB’s playing today, no one can legitimately question his toughness. The mere fact that he’s going through treatment to even attempt to play speaks volumes about this guy’s grit.

    With that being said, with Orton the Cowboys should rely more heavily on the running game which has proven to be successful all season, and help keep that atrocious defense off the field as much as possible.

  9. I am not a fan of either team but I must say this… the Eagles may have the second worst uniforms in the league (after the Jags). The colors are ugly, and what’s up with wings on the helmet? An eagle does not have wings coming out of its head last I checked.

  10. The Bears had the second highest-scoring offense in the league, only behind Denver. Then they played the Eagles, and utterly embarrassed on national TV. The Cowboys are substantially less dominant on offense, and one of the worst defensive teams in the league. The only single compelling aspect of that entire team, was Romo. Because he could either win them games, or lose them games. With him out, there is little value in this game. The Eagles would likely have dominated even if he were to play. With him out, Philly will lock up the East.

  11. Badmout Rogers all you want but the truth is his legacy is already cemented, but as far as that goes so is Romo’s.

    Congratulations to Philly fans though for being able to put that pathetic 48-point beatdown by a 3-win team behind you so quickly. Thumbs up.

  12. What NOBODY is talking about is as bad as this cowboy Defense is they have found a way to shut Foles down the two times they have played them. Hey, I am a Cowboys fan, and I am just sayin that certain teams own opposing QBs… would have been nice to have Tony for this game BUT MAYBE now we will give them a heavy dose of DMurray!

  13. What a wussie! I’ve had a herniated disk, severe sciatic pain….I still went to work…took only ibuprofen…epidural is for girls….I’d never miss a game!

  14. Are they setting him up for another trumped-up “punctured lung” to further inflate the hollow internal (Cowboy fans) legend that is Romo?

    Or are they setting him up not to play, so that he can’t “choke,” protecting him from further solidifying the December Romo narrative?

  15. Every team should be able to give their players steroid (epidural) injections. Why not? Winning is everything. Let them smoke pot and take Adderall (Seattle) or anything else. Winning on drugs is still winning.

  16. I like Romo, he is a decent QB -sometimes he plays great… but I hate Dallas because of their fans that only brag about their past greatness.

    But guess what: Eagles are coming to town as one of the hottest teams in the NFL.

    So, I have only one thing to say and is: GO EAGLES!!!!!!

  17. I’ve had two back surgeries b/c of this. Last epideral however it’s spelled, added to the pain instead of helping. Point is, when I seen the way he reacted when he tweaked it, I kinda knew he was done. Too bad. We can only hope his heals right, or he could be done with football.

  18. Tony Romo will play. Despite leading the Cowboys to excel at finding ways to lose in recent years Jerry Jones is playing this one right. Smoke and mirrors. I’ve had the same injury and it is incredibly painful, I couldn’t walk for like two weeks as I waited for an opening with my doctor to get an injection. Then when I did get the injection I was fine within 30 minutes, it was a miracle. After a second injection a week later, I’ve never had pain again. Assuming Romo’s body responds well to the injection, he’s a healthy, fit, younger man, so I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t. i predict he’ll play and be near 100%, and if they win the Cowboys will have played the media like a fiddle this week and gave themselves and edge.

  19. Foles had a good game early on, coming off the bench to replace an injured Dogbert. Soooo Orton may actually play better than Romo. S Lee is the “D” for Dallas and he is on the side lines. That hurts Dallas. This is a divisional game. And it so happens the opponent is the ( are the ) Philadelphia Eagles. Under normal circumstances it would be a hard played game. C Kelly does not let up when wining. Lets hope Dallas does not embarrass themselves, as they have a propensity to do, as of late. Drama , you want drama, tune in Sunday as the Dallas Cowboys host the Philadelphia Eagles in an inter divisional match up with definite playoff implications.

  20. Its not about Tony Romo or Kyle Orton and what they can or cannot do against the Birds defense,the simple fact is the pathetic Dallas defense will be shredded by a very different Nick Foles led offense,like it or not all you haters

  21. Queue Silver Linings Playbook; great movie, great NFL team and its passionate fans are featured, great football ending (I won’t play the spoiler for those who haven’t seen the movie); except to say a repeat is very likely on Sunday.

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