Robert Woods gets a “man”-sized fine for his punch

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The cost of manhood has apparently now been quantified.

According to the Associated Press, Bills wide receiver Robert Woods said he was fined $15,000 for throwing a punch at Dolphins safety Reshad Jones last week.

Woods said he regretted throwing the punch, after telling reporters earlier in the week of the altercation: “You got to be a man sometimes.”

Of course, there was also the option of keeping his cool and not getting thrown out of a game when the Bills were already shorthanded at the position with the absence of Stevie Johnson.

But that apparently wasn’t manly enough.

5 responses to “Robert Woods gets a “man”-sized fine for his punch

  1. Gratuitous violence is never justifiable. There’s a difference between the need to defend one’s self against actual attack and macho BS. There is a wonderful phrase in Spanish that embodies Woods’ attitude–quien es mas macho–which roughly means who is tougher, who’s the badder dude.

    I’ve been a fan of professional football for almost 60 years, and, through all of it, talking smack before plays and taunting after plays have never been necessary to win. The Green Bay Packers of the Sixties, the Steelers of the 70s, and the 49ers of the 80s didn’t talk smack or taunt. In fact, these completely unnecessary verbal interactions should be banned and punished as horrible violations of basic principles of sportsmanship, which, at bottom, requires respecting your opponent no matter how much you want to win.

  2. All you people who hate on woods get real football is an extremely violent sport with ego,testosterone driven individuals that want to one up another if u don’t like that aspect of the sport watch tennis and quit judging this guy..hate to hear what u guys think about mma or boxing…

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