Rodgers takes first team reps, sense of optimism exists


The Packers are going to make an official announcement regarding quarterback Aaron Rodgers after practice.

But for the first time in a few weeks, there’s actually a sense of optimism this time.

According to Jason Wilde of, Rodgers took all the reps with the starters during the portion of practice reporters were allowed into.

Those are just individual drills, but that’s still viewed as an encouraging sign for a team that has been without their best player for the last seven weeks with a broken collarbone.

Amazingly, they’re still in it, with a chance to win the NFC North Sunday at Chicago.

And if he’s back, against a defense that just allowed 54 last week, those chances look a lot better.

46 responses to “Rodgers takes first team reps, sense of optimism exists

  1. Fine. We can knock him out again, though it is nowhere near payback for Charles Martin’s criminal act on McMahon in ’86.

    That mugging cost the Bears back-to-back titles. This is far less important.

  2. The last time Rahjahs faced the Bears he was put on the shelf for a couple months. If he plays this weekend, that crappy defense could end his career..

  3. You Got To Know When To Hold Em and Know When to Fold Em…..Sorry that’s Kenny Rogers not Aaron Rodgers. Is anyone even gonna care in the 25th century? Oh wait, sorry that’s Buck Rogers.

  4. Watching the bear and lions fumble away this division has been hilarious. If the packers come away with this divison I hope they go all the way just to make this even more funny.

  5. Could a heroic return be the impetus for winning a playoff berth on the final day of the season?

    Bears. Packers. The greatest rivalry in the NFL. Final game. Win or go home.

    What could be better?

  6. Those were probably the only reps he took. Pre meditated stunt as to make Rodgers seem tougher.
    So everyone go easy on him. We all know he is sensitive. Wouldnt want to make him feel he needs to come back early just to save his image.

  7. The Packers are still admirably fighting hard for the division title with most of their roster on crutches and wearing neck braces, bandages, slings, and body casts.

    The Minnesota Vikings, healthiest team in the NFC North, chose to curl up in the fetal position and die way back in September. How utterly pathetic.

  8. A bear or packer victory would still put either team under the Vikings in division championships…….

    Since Vikings inception in 1961:

    VIKINGS: 18 championships
    packers: 11
    bears: 10
    Lions: 3

    Throw in Tampa when they were in the division with 3.

    Either team can win this division….it won’t matter.

    Defensively, the entire division is SOOOO bad.

    Vikes will have will have garnered at least 50% more championships than either.

    The race for 2nd is ON!!!!

  9. Great, get him out there, I’m tired of hearing nothing but the Divas medical reports each week.

    It won’t matter who wins the game, neither team will advance further than round one in the playoffs anyway. I’m pretty sure you still need a defense to win games in the NFL.

  10. Whether AR plays or not it doesnt matter,what matters is the Packers are still a better team than the Bears even with a quarter of their starters out with injuries.the Bears are a bad football team,even the Chicago media has admitted that fact.Matt Flynn will do a number on them through the air and Lacy will chew them up on the ground,sprained ankle and all.did I mention that the Bears are a bad football team while the Packers are an injured football team who still has enough talent to win this game.

  11. Regardless of how this season winds down, I think the NFC North could be (once again) one of the best divisions top to bottom in football next season. A healthy Packers squad has obvious talent and adding another pass rusher and a safety would certainly improve depth. The Vikings are a quarterback (and a headcoach?) away from being a very good football team, the Bears need another year under Trestman and some youth on defense and the Lions just need a real head coach.

  12. Aww how cute! Look at the little Viking fans getting all cranky and crabby because their team was out of it 16 weeks ago. Dry those eyes, little vikings. You’ve been bad for the past 4 years, which means that within the next 6 year’s, you’ll have that one fluke good season. It happens once every 10 years. And then back to reality.

    And to the little guy bragging about the more division titles that the vikings have over the packers and bears, that’s so adorable. Enjoy those little crowns. Leave the bigger trophies to the real teams.

  13. This is ridiculous. It was never going to be six weeks. It’s a broken collarbone. He’s risking lining up behind the same bad tackles to come back early–just for a chance to lose in the first round (not that the Bears would fare any better).

    What’s going on up there? Are fans calling him soft? Fine. I’d take him in a heartbeat for the Bears next year, and I have spent the last two months arguing with Bear meatballs and out-of-town-stupid that say Josh McCown is the QB of their future.

  14. vikings never had a shot, lions had it and didn’t want it and the bears only get it if they knock out the best qb in the division, oh the drama of the nfc north. the fact that the packers are as beat up as they are and still have a chance to win it is amazing. the bears and packers are the two best teams in this division and lions and vikings embrace the suck.

  15. 18 Division Championships, no Super Bowl Championships.

    Maybe they can hang those in the new stadium, since there are no Super Bowl banners to hang.

  16. I hope the Packers get in and make it to the Super Bowl on a series of critical blown calls by the refs every game to show what a joke these games have become. There would have to be a roughing the passer flag where the defender didn’t gently cradle the QB to the ground, also a personal foul one where QB gets clearly hit on a sack to the thigh and called for hitting him below the knees. Let’s not forget a ticky tack defensive back holding on a receiver call on 3rd down which gives them an automatic 1st down during a critical drive of the game extending it and resulting in a TD. Next would be a defenseless receiver crown of the head penalty on a defender on a play where the receiver at the last second clearly ducked his head causing the helmet to helmet contact. And how about a phantom false start by the center sending the opponent back 5 yards & sabotages a red zone dive forcing a field goal. Then they actually win the SB with the Pièce de résistance bogus pass interference call on the final play in the end zone giving them 1st & goal at the one for Lacy to punch through on the gift of an additional play.

    Ahhhhh the perfect combination of helplessness, agita & frustration to the fan experience. Thanks NFL for your increasingly worse inept stewardship over the game I love.

  17. Bears fans everywhere just let out a loud curse word. While Vikings fans are doing what they do every single year at this time: “Did you see the local hockey team eh? They look good, eh?!”

  18. Minnesota Vikings:

    18 division titles since 1961, no championships ever.

    Never has one team done so little with so much.

    As for the Bears-Packers game Sunday, I think Lacy will be the key for GB, regardless of which QB starts.

    And whoever does win the North will be either 9-7 (Bears) 0r 8-7-1 (Packers)…How embarrassing is that?

    (Okay, not as embarrassing as Detroit fans getting playoff tickets in the mail the day after their team got eliminated from playoff contention.)

  19. Favre would have played……8 weeks ago!

    Erin= S O F T

    All teams this year in the NFL North are TERRIBLE……..but hey, packers “beat” the worst defensive team IN NFL HISTORY by 1 point, and now they are “fighters”.

    I believe the bears, as bad as a D that they have, manhandle either Erin or colorful Flynn.

    What pack fan will be up in arms if Erin goes down…..again……with off season collarbone surgery?

    Hmmmmmm……TT is NOT a genius….he is DESPERATE!!!!!!

  20. I simply can’t decide if I want Rodgers to play and have the Packers get bounced in the first round of the playoffs, or if I just want the Packers to lose Sunday so their fans will go back into hibernation.

  21. As the late great Bud Grant once famously said, “Viking fans are small people (figuratively), living small lives, beneath the giant shadow of the Green Bay Packers.”

    These seething hate fueled posts are proof that their Viking fan inferiority complexes have ruined their lives.

  22. Though I’m a Bears fan ,this is not a smart move by the front office. It’s too bad the Packers listened to the idiots that were calling Rodgers soft. Personally I could care less if they do beat the Bears because neither team is good enough to advance beyond the first round. If you really think the Packers or Bears could make it to the SB then you need to buy a new TV.

  23. Vikings and there division championships. The packers won there last Super Bowl as a wildcard!!!! And do u guys really put those in your trophy case? Ours are full of NFL Championships. What do u say about that kids?

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