Cardinals don’t think Crabtree is back to full speed

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As the Cardinals prepare to face the 49ers on Sunday, they’re watching film of San Francisco receiver Michael Crabtree and seeing a receiver who isn’t all the way back from the Achilles injury that sidelined him for most of the season.

Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson says he can tell by watching Crabtree that he’s not where he would be if he had been playing all season.

“He’s slowly getting back into the groove, like he’s trying to get back in game shape, get back moving the way he used to,” Peterson said, via the Sacramento Bee. “You can tell he doesn’t look as comfortable as he did when he was healthy. That’s going to come with time.”

Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said Crabtree seems to be improving each week but isn’t as good as he was last year.

“I do not see the same guy,” he said of Crabtree. “But he’s getting really close.”

Crabtree may not be all the way back, but after his 102-yard game on Monday night, he seems to be close. After averaging 69 receiving yards a game last season, Crabtree is averaging 64 receiving yards a game this season. Perhaps reading the comments from Peterson and Arians will motivate Crabtree to show them on Sunday that he’s just as capable of a big game against the Cardinals this year as he was last year, when he totaled 13 catches for 244 yards and four touchdowns in two games against Arizona.

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  1. And who made them the experts in this matter be concerned about your own house… I guess when he put up a 100 and a td their tone will change…

  2. This shouldn’t be motivation. Anybody that’s played football knows that it takes awhile to get your legs under you(fast twitch muscles).

    Crabtree is so instinctive and intelligent football player that he can still play WR at a high level even without significant conditioning. His rookie year he missed the whole offseason and almost the first half of the season and still balled outta control as soon as he stepped on the field.

    He’s not the Crabtree of last year, but with his intangibles he can still beat you in a lot of different ways. If he had Jerry Rice’s or even Chris Carter’s work ethic he’ll be one of the best WRs to play this game.

  3. He sure hopes he isn’t at full speed. Peterson needs all the help he can get when facing Crabs. As evidenced by his 7 rec/107 yds/1 TD avg he has in 4 games vs Cards since Peterson joined the team.

  4. P2 was burned by him last year, I would be more worried about that game tape and not watching the jumbotron until the play is dead. Lost a step or not this guy is better than any WR on Seattle’s roster. I’m sure Arians and Bowles won’t let P2 overlook Crabtree. Go Cards!

  5. I still think not having moss there has affected kappernicks ability to run for the distance. Even though moss didn’t put up much in terms of stats, defenses still would draw a safety to him, allowing for kappernick to have more running room.

  6. Don’t think anyone thought he’d be back to monster form just yet, but as a Cardinal you have to have a bright side to look on I guess.

    Even as a Niner fan, it is sad to think a team like Arizona isn’t going to possibly make it and an NFC North team will 🙂

  7. I think the ‘ole coach should change his name to Brute Arrogance. Doesn’t give anybody respect. Can’t speak for every Niners fan, but Palmer and the Cards don’t scare me at all. Maybe it’s close, just maybe….

    Go Niners!

  8. Peterson is happy about that too and kudos to him being classy unlike that other cb in the west. Crabs is the one receiver that gives PP fits every time when healthy. This could be a good gauge of PP’s maturation. Would be better if Crabs was truly 100% though. Gonna be a great game

  9. Here’s a scary thought. Crabtree is not all the way back, but he already has a major impact on the way the other teams play D.
    So…… when he is all the way back??? Unstoppable?

  10. Then it’s a good thing the Cardinals will have a chance to personally test their assumptions this Sunday…

  11. TED Robinson – radio call

    Ryan in the shotgun from the 10 yd line. It is 2nd down. Ryan takes the snap. Throws a slant to the left side. It’s wrestled, INTERCEPTED!!!!! The 49ers pick it! and NaVorro Bowman his redemption! NaVorro Bowman running it all the way for the td.! No greater redemption can a man seek. NaVorro Bowman who could not cover the onside kick , catches a deflected pass for an interception and runs it 7 miles for a td. (Eric Davis laughs)

  12. Cards have nothing to be ashamed of–10 wins minimum. And Peterson’s/Arians’ comments were in no way disrespectful to Crabtree. Maybe Mr. ctiggs has had too much coffee this morning…..

  13. The Cardinals are playing mind games with the 49ers.

    The Cards are challenging the 49ers weak link…. hoping to pressure the 49ers into attempting to try and shut the Cards up by feeding Crab the ball.

  14. Thanks for waking up the beast. Now you’ll have to deal with a pissed off #15, the fastest tight end in the league, Vernon, and Anquan-“I dare you to play press/man coverage”-Boldin.

    Good luck against that.

  15. they are baiting him .. into trying to prove them wrong and doing too much and tweaking his achillies again

  16. Sort of off topic but remember when DHB was selected before Crabtree in the 2009 Draft. Imagine how good the Raiders could have been with just a couple better picks.

    2006 Haloti Ngata over Huff (Rob Ryan defence)
    2007 Adrian Peterson over JaMarcus Russell
    2008 Joe Flacco over McFadden
    2009 Crabtree over Heyward-Bey
    2010 Demarius Thomas over Rolando McClain

    I know hindsight is 20/20 but damn thats alot of misses!!!!

  17. It is so true that Crabtree owned Peterson last season.
    In fact, Crabtree owned everything Peterson had – lock, stock, and barrel. He had his way totally with Peterson. In truth, Peterson was his bitch.

    Now this season and in this game, Peterson wants payback. It will be a fun game to watch to see who owns who. Let’s see if Peterson can actually live up to his hype that he is the best corner in the NFL. For my money, when I recall how

    By the way 49er numnuts, being in the playoffs or not does not matter in this game and you loose brained wannabe gangsta 49er boys would be the first ones to attack someone over nothing.

  18. Well the cardinals haven’t really prove anything, it’s all a matter of time before hawks lost at home the way they were playing there in second half of year, besides that saints game. I still pick chickens over tardinals at home 100 times. They have this confidence and it will be shatter after they get to watch playoffs from home again

  19. Crabtree is not 100%, but he is still making plays that other healthy receivers on the roster weren’t making. A first round bye is much needed by both the 49ers and Seahawks. I doubt neither the Rams or Cardinals plan on giving them the luxury.

  20. I’ve read that most athletes never fully recover from an achilles injury. They never quite get back to 100%. But Crabs was never a speed guy. He’s smart and has great hands. And his real strength is getting extra yards after the catch. He fights for every one of them and doesn’t go down easily. So I think he’ll be back to his old self really soon.

    Go Niners!

  21. There is not a instrument on Earth that can gauge the arrogance of 49er fans.

    Anyway, enjoy the first round of the playoffs. You guys aren’t getting much farther than that.

  22. Seahawks will lose to Rams…21-17.
    SF49ers will beat AZ Cardinals…28-14.
    Panthers will lose to surging/improved Falcons…35-24.

    SF 49ers captures NFC West title again and #1 seed in NFC. The Candlestick Park magic lives on!

  23. Michael Crabtree since his return.

    Against Seattle 4-40 / 10 yd average
    Against Tampa 5-45 / 9 yd average
    Against Atlanta 5-102/ 20+ yd average

    One of the catches against ATL was a 47 yard.

    Not bad for somebody who isn’t “all the way back” yet.

  24. I’m surprised so many folks think Arizona is not in the playoffs when they are clearly not out of the running.
    Regarding Crabtree, no he is not up to full speed yet even though he still has some nice moves that have served to get him separation. And those hands! I hope he can stay healthy so we can see some spectacular playmaking.
    On a side note, it’s hard to see S.F. beating the Cards on Sunday. They’re at home and playing for the big show.
    Go niners!

  25. They are probably right. He is not back to full speed yet, but that does not mean that he is any less dangerous as an offensive weapon. Instead of scoring a 80 yard touchdown catch and run, he may now be stopped on the 20 yard line for a 60 yard gain instead.

  26. Whatever happens this Sunday will be good, would love to see AZ prevail at home, and Bucs with a miracle win in N.O… But c’mon N.O is 7-0@home, that’s wishful thinking.

    NFC West is crazy good so whoever wins the NFC should win the SB!
    A message to AZ , no matter what happens this was a good season. However .. You must win 12 games next season ,2015 SB is in AZ , let’s start thinking about home field advantage in that 2015 SB… just sayin..

  27. mostovnik | Dec 27, 2013, 7:48 PM PST

    On a side note, it’s hard to see S.F. beating the Cards on Sunday. They’re at home and playing for the big show.
    Go niners!


    SF 49ers are also playing for something vs AZ Cardinals, #5 seed and possible bye week.

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