Chiefs, 49ers lead the way with eight Pro Bowlers each


The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers have the most Pro Bowlers of any NFL team, with eight each.

Kansas City’s Pro Bowlers are tackle Branden Albert, strong safety Eric Berry, running back Jamaal Charles, cornerback Brandon Flowers, outside linebacker Tamba Hali, outside linebacker Justin Houston, punt returner Dexter McCluster and defensive lineman Dontari Poe. San Francisco’s Pro Bowlers are inside linebacker NaVorro Bowman, outside linebacker Ahmad Brooks, tight end Vernon Davis, running back Frank Gore, guard Mike Iupati, defensive lineman Justin Smith, offensive tackle Justin Staley and inside linebacker Patrick Willis.

After the 49ers and Chiefs, the team with the next-most Pro Bowlers was Seattle, with six: strong safety Kam Chancellor, running back Marshawn Lynch, cornerback Richard Sherman, free safety Earl Thomas, center Max Unger and quarterback Russell Wilson.

Other teams with multiple Pro Bowlers were the Broncos (five), Browns (five), Saints (five), Panthers (five), Ravens (four), Dolphins (four), Patriots (four), Bills (three) Cardinals (three), Bears (two), Bengals (two), Cowboys (two), Lions (two), Texans (two), Eagles (two), Steelers (two), Rams (two), Chargers (two) and Buccaneers (two).

42 responses to “Chiefs, 49ers lead the way with eight Pro Bowlers each

  1. All Seahawk players should be tested for PEDs before being given the honor of Pro Bowler. Chances are very high one of their players are dirty.

    Just going by resent history fact(s)!

  2. Would have liked to see a younger, more deserving guy get in over Justin Smith, who makes it on name recognition only. Still a solid player but far from dominant.

  3. Interesting… The Colts beat the Chiefs and 49ers (both on the road) by a combined 50-14 and just have 1 Pro Bowler.

    Something doesn’t add up there.

  4. So the Chiefs have 8 pro bowlers and just 1 win against playoff bound teams (only by default because someone has to win the NFC East).

  5. KC has 8 players and none of them are Derrick Johnson? He’s more deserving than at least 5 of the 8. One of the most criminally underrated players in the league.

  6. Just checked and Eddie Lacey has literally identical stats as Gore and Lynch (Lacey has two more TDs than Gore) yet no mention of Lacey as even a pro-bowl snub. Goes to show the bias the writers that pic the all popularity team possess. Oh well, those guys are toward the end of their careers, they can keep the irrelevant honors.

  7. LOL just goes to show how disfunctional browns organization is….like always bengals get screwed

  8. I guess 25 TDs against only 2 INTs in essentially half a season is not Pro Bowl worthy. Maybe next year.

  9. How Derrick Johnson isn’t a PB ILB is beyond me. I’ll take Bowman, Willis, and Kechley over DJ but they’re all in the NFC. Pretty bad miss there in my opinion.

  10. So, some of these 49ers may miss the Pro Bowl two years in a row…..

    Hey, don’t judge….we can dream, right?

  11. Whitner not getting the call this year is just a shame … He’s been awesome all year and his bone crushing hits have set the tone for quite a few games … He’s rarely ever out of position like he was in the past playing next to goldson, the addition of Eric Reid has really solidified this secondary and has allowed Whitner to play like the safety people thought he would be coming out of Ohio st.

  12. Bahaha danospleasanton you lose all credibility when you can’t even spell the word ‘recent’. Seahawks will stomp your team with or without PEDs, and you are just bitter about that.

  13. During that 9-0 run I KNOW the Chiefs fans wouldve been ALL OVER this… BUT… Since theyre BACKING into the playoffs theyre feeling a bit more MORTAL…lol

  14. To answer the question earlier, Pioli was fired for giving Kansas City the gift of Todd Haley and two wins last year under Romeo. Flowers did not deserve the pro bowl selection, and I am a chiefs fan. Derrick Johnson had a great year and should have been selected.

  15. As a 49ers fan, surprised to see Iupati and Brooks on the list. Boone has outplayed Iupati this season, and Whitner has been making all the plays on the strong side of the defense.

  16. Whitner, Dawson, Lee, Boone, and Boldin could easily have been on this list. Whitner may have played his best season as a pro. Hope his clutch pass break ups and overall play continues into the playoffs.

  17. Gore may be the best back in the league if you account what he does on all three downs and run/pass game. Same could be said about Vernon Davis. But I agree with you that Lacy has had a pro bowl type season. He’ll probably get ROY, if it’s not Keenan Allen.

  18. I can’t believe Aldon Smith didn’t make it! That guy can not only play some football but he can get multiple DUI’s, rack up felony gun and assault charges to boot.

    That right there is Hall of Fame material in the NBA.

    The No Fun League (NFL).

    Maybe next year Aldon, a few more DUI’s and maybe shoot a person or two and you should be in.

  19. Let me see if I get this correct…

    SF has two offensive linemen named while Seattle had two offensive linemen injured during the season. SF has more defensive players named despite the fact that Seattle has given up the least amount of yards and are just about tied with Carolina for the least amount of points given up.
    SF has played one more game at home and one less on the road than Seattle and
    SF has three healthy receivers while Seattle has doesn’t have it’s top two.

    Let me see. SF should be running away with the West.

    Opps. Correction. Seattle on verge of winning the West Sunday.

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