Jason Garrett: Last week may have been Tony Romo’s finest hour


Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo needed season-ending back surgery this morning as a result of an injury he suffered on Sunday in Washington. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett believes what Romo did immediately after that injury was a heroic performance.

Garrett said after announcing that Romo is done for the year that he admires the way Romo toughed it out last week, throwing a game-winning touchdown pass to DeMarco Murray despite hobbling around the field with a serious back injury.

“Tony did an unbelievable job,” he said. “He might have had his finest hour against the Redskins last week. What he did at the end of that ball game, under the circumstances, is pretty special. We talk about mental toughness being your best, regardless of circumstances. There were a lot of circumstances going against him and he certainly rose to the occasion and somehow, some way, helped us win that ball game. He made a lot of big plays down the stretch, certainly the touchdown to DeMarco was something else. A real tribute to him, his approach, his mental toughness, his physical toughness.”

The Cowboys, of course, would prefer not to have a regular-season game go down as Romo’s finest hour. They’ll have to hope he can recover well enough that he’s able to do next year what he won’t be available to do on Sunday, and lead the Cowboys to the playoffs.

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  1. If Romo wasn’t paid so much I would feel bad for him. So many Romo haters and what’s sad is most of them are Cowboys fans. It’s not his fault the defense is terrible. The fact that they can make the playoffs is a miracle with that group of scrubs. Philly 55 Dallas 27

  2. Lets hope it’s not his last NFL hour. I can’t stand the Cowboys, but you have to respect Tony Romo, one tough SOB.

  3. I’m an Eagles fan born and bred and even I have to tip my cap to Romo for that performance. The guy is tough as nails.

  4. Tony certainly gives it his all. Hopefully this back issue will give him an opportunity to see rhat his health can not be in second place.

  5. Doesn’t Jason Garrett mean last week was Romo’s finest minute,since they were about to lose to the lowly Redskins? If he didn’t find Murray in the end zone,they were toast,once again.

  6. Not trying to win lol. Why would they not be trying to win to better their first round selection oh wait the rams have that pick. So why would it be logical for them to try not to win against their hated rival when at least you can hang your hat on them

  7. Cowboys Vs 49ers in 2011. When Romo beat the 49ers with fractured ribs was his finest hour. They for sure would have lost that game if Romo would have sat out the rest of that game.

  8. If the cowboys had a win for every time Garrett said, “somehow, someway” Romo would be a FHOFer.

    We know you don’t know how….or the way to be a real contender. Just get it done….somehow, someway

  9. Romo’s finest hour was the 4 days he spent with Jessica Simpson in Cabo before the playoffs a few years ago……….lost that game as I recall.

  10. What he did against the Packers is more typical. What he did against the Redskins is what is expected when your 100 million dollar QB plays a horrible team.

  11. If RG3 had gotten hurt this year, Shanahan is a jerk. If Romo had gone out of that game last week, he would have been piled on for being a wimp.

  12. Here they come. Pressure coming Ryan gets rid of it to Douglas. Its fumbled, and its in the hands of Bowman who has all the green grass. NaVorro Bowman…. is gonna take the niners to the playoffs!

    Unbelievable. The 49ers come with an all out jailbreak blitz. Forces the ball to come out quik and guess who… Bowman.

  13. Yup he’s tough not like that wimp from the redskins you can bet he’ll be back next year with no logistical excuses from him or his fans GO COWBOYS ! !

  14. “What should be remembered above all is what Romo pulled off on Sunday against the Washington Redskins. He led the Cowboys to 10 unanswered points in the fourth quarter, keeping Dallas’ season alive with a 24-23 win. That he did this with a herniated disk in his back is hard to fathom. It was the gutsiest performance by any NFL player this season.” nfl.com

  15. One thing is certain, the whiny nancy boys are out in mass today. Isn’t that mom calling you from up the basement stairs telling you that your microwave mac and cheese is ready??? Put down the game controller and your smart phone (that mommy and daddy pay for while you figure out “your purpose in life”) and try doing something. really. jeez ladies. (not doing anything all day is where all this angst comes from, has nothing to do with Romo, the game of football, or people who post here, really, it doesn’t)

  16. Like Moses who led the children of Israel through the desert for 40 years but never entered the promised land. He dies overlooking the promised land.

  17. I would have more respect for Romo if he didn’t whine to the refs after every, single play. If you watch his reactions after every play he is motioning for a flag or yelling at the refs. It gets really annoying.

  18. coincidentally, his finest hour came against a 3-11 team. ha ha.
    too bad he couldn’t be like another qb in the nfc east who’s finest hour came in the biggest game, on the biggest stage in the world against an 18-0 team.
    tony has one decent game against the horrible redskins and everyone is singing his praises.
    too funny.

  19. Good luck with that back, Tony. As much as I detest your boss, and your team, I wouldn’t wish anyone an injury, especially a back injury. I don’t know the entire nature of your injury, but in my experience as a nurse, there will be residual pain and effects in the future, over the years. Anyway I really hope this is not your personal experience, Tony.

  20. Not a fan of Romo and would be the first one to poke fun at him and the Cowboys every December, but I think I can see what his coach is talking about.

    First off, that’s his coach and that is how he’s supposed to talk about his player and vice versa. Secondly, while I would not categorize it as “gutsy,” I can see why he used that term. I am only speaking on my knowledge of back injuries, which I see, a few posters have also commented on as well. THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST INJURY EVER!!!

    So, for the haters, I guess, yeah, it was against, in what could only be termed as, one of the worst teams in the league, but for someone to stay in the game and try to even stage a comeback at the condition that he was in, that took more than a pair. You get my kudos for that one.

  21. “ToddHaleysSpiderInfestedHouse says:
    Dec 27, 2013 2:52 PM
    This is the true definition of toughness. Reminds me a lot of Favre. Neither of those guys would let a collarbone injury keep them out for half a season.”

    Romo missed the final 10 games of the 2010 season when he broke his collarbone. Nice try though.

    With that being said, I hope he recovers and has a strong next season. Back injuries are brutal.”

  22. Cowboys should have considered not doing surgery I that sort of injury made Romo rise to win games. Now with a healed back w should expect Romo to return to form next year. Lol

  23. Dez Bryant and Murray gonna carry this team over the top this Sunday night…Orton is gonna put put the ball in his playmakers hands and let them ride the ship. Cowboys 27-23

  24. I kinda have to laugh, Garret sounds just like jay carney, when he’s talking about Romo. He knows whats going on, but can’t say anything until the story falls completely apart. Too funny.

  25. LOL. Logicalvoice says, “#ThankGodRGIIIisourQB”

    You do realize that you got one (1) mediocre QB for the cost of 3 first round picks that you desperately need because of your salary cap situation? This trade should go down worse than the great train robbery when the Cowboys sent Hershel Walker to the Vikings for 3 Superbowl rings.

    He can’t function as a pocket passer. He has to rely an a league-leading rushing attack in order to pass the ball because he can only hit wide open receivers. Dan Synder crippled RGIII because he can’t put elite talent around him, and the lack of quality draft picks is going to show even more next year, and the year after, and by the time RGIII’s first contract is up he will have more knee surgeries than playoff victories and will be a long forgotten QB of the past.

    And when Redskin fans say that the Redskins were barely trying… who are you kidding? This is a rivalry game. You don’t lay down for a rivalry game. Ever.

    I know I have a biased opinion about things related to Cowboys, but is it just me or are Redskins fans the most delusional in the league? My Cowboys haven’t been great, but they have been in the mix. A lot is said about the playoff success that the Cowboys have had the last 17 years (which there hasn’t been much of) but the Redskins have an even worse franchise history of success.

  26. Any given Sunday…
    The NY Giants went 9-7 in 2011 after losing 5 of their last 8 games. In the playoffs they beat:

    the 10-6 Falcons
    the 15-1 Packers
    the 13-3 49ers
    and the 13-3 Patriots

    They were ranked 27th in defense. They beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, who were ranked 31st.

    The Qb or Rb can go out on the first play and the whole game can change. It doen’t take much.. any given Sunday.

  27. Back injuries are tough… I do feel for him as someone who has a jacked up back from jumping out perfectly good airplanes made by the lowest bidder.

    But I am Niner fan and if this keeps the Cowboys out of the playoffs, Im gonna have a good laugh about it.

  28. Based on some of these post a lot of you either have a sick sense of humor or qualify has being a little less than human. Back surgery isn’t funny. I hope the best for Romo as far as those of you who have posted the nasty comments are concerned I only hope that you never suffer any sort of harm to your bodies. And, if you do I pray that people will show you more humanity than you are showing Tony Romo.

  29. ToddHaleysSpiderInfestedHouse says: Dec 27, 2013 2:52 PM

    This is the true definition of toughness. Reminds me a lot of Favre. Neither of those guys would let a collarbone injury keep them out for half a season.

    Really? Didn’t Tony Romo miss most of the 2010 season with wait for…broken collarbone?

  30. His finest hour against the most dysfunctional team in the NFL? How many wins do they have? They are trying their hardest to mail in the season, benching their qb, father/son aka HC/OC aren’t on the same page…..but this was his finest hour? That’s typical cowboy rhetoric. Smh.

  31. Eagles are hands down better than Dallas and every Cowboy fan knows this. However, this is a classic set up game with a back up QB, and talent at RB, WR, and a very good OL……great kicking game too. Home field is worth 10-14 pts for Dallas. Eagles D is weak, unlike their prolific offense. Every expert and their brother is picking the Eagles-that means COWBOYS in a classic 34-31.

  32. For the first time in recent memory…he didn’t choke.

    THAT’S his finest hour.

    Can you set that bar any lower there coach?

  33. Are we seriously talking about Tony Romos finest hour against a team that is worst than the jaguars? How embarrassing is that, what a reach….. Redskins are 3-12 geezuz

  34. Tony Romos finest moment comes against a 3-11 redskins team who are officially worse than the jaguars… How is this impressive by any means

  35. The Cowboys biggest problem is the defense sucks. This certainly wasn’t Romo’s best game but the Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett circus might have hit a new low in their quest to get anymore out of an obviously severely injured Romo. Memo to Jerry. Blow it up. This team is toast.

  36. This is a team sport, and it is really funny and amusing to read all these comments….most of them based on emotion and only a few from thought. The coin will be tossed and each team has a 50 % chance to win, because each of them have both strengths and weaknesses.

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