Joe Flacco not on Ravens’ final injury report


The Ravens listed seven players on their final injury report on Friday.

None were named Joe Flacco.

As has been the case all week, Flacco was not reported as having an injury entering the season finale at Cincinnati. Flacco, who suffered a knee injury in the Ravens’ Dec. 16 win at Detroit, was on the injury report a week ago, but he made his 95th consecutive regular-season start in Baltimore’s loss to New England. Earlier this week, Flacco said he would again wear a brace on the knee for the game against the Bengals.

Five Ravens are listed questionable for Sunday: defensive tackle Arthur Jones (concussion), running back Ray Rice (thigh), outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil (ankle), guard Gino Gradkowski (knee) and wide receiver Torrey Smith (thigh).

Jones missed his third consecutive practice on Friday. Rice, Dumervil, Gradkowski and Smith were limited.

14 responses to “Joe Flacco not on Ravens’ final injury report

  1. I think the ravens would be better off without flacco honestly. I know that sounds rediculous but look at his numbers and the money he’s making he certainly doesn’t look like a franchise qb to me,if anything he looks like an average qb at best. I place him in same category as a Matt Ryan or a Philip rivers good but not great.

  2. Yeah, who would want a guy who has won more games in his first 6 years than any other QB in NFL history? Who would want a guy who has won as many road playoff games in his career as any other NFL QB in history – in just 5 years? Who would want a guy who, in addition to all that, has brought home a Super Bowl trophy and a Super Bowl MVP trophy? Who would want a tough (hasn’t missed a game in 6 seasons), professional, lunch pail QB who does all that?

    You people who continue to rip Joe (& his contract) are morons. Keep hatin’…Joe will keep winning.

  3. who are you going to get to replace flacco?no one on any other team that they would get rid of.Flacco is a winner hes played in more games in last 5 yrs than any other qb.[avg 18 yr]he could use the extra rest if no playoffs.lot of raven players could.they will be back on a title run real soon!!!!! BET ON IT!!!!!

  4. Joe Flacco should be compared to Matt Ryan or Phillip Rivers? Are you crazy? From year one since his NFL existence he has taken the Ravens to the playoffs every year…..That’s why he was paid….Do you guys watch the same things I watch in the NFL? C’mon….Flacco has a SB ring for Christ’s sake…lest also not forget that he didn’t throw any picks in the post season and SB…I rest my case….

  5. The Football Professor had warned last season that the number One quarterback in the National Football League, Super Bowl MVP number 5 , “Cool Joe Flacco ” would light the league up when the AFC championship and win the Super Bowl. Prophetic indeed.
    The haters should beware. The Bengals and Squealers should be doubly careful. Cool Joe is capable of taking the thing a second time, of running the table in the playoffs with another perfect postseason, of Winning the AFC championship and the Super Bowl. Cool Joe was plenty capable and may just do it again! Watch out! Super Bowl Champion & Super Bowl MVP, the NFL record holding quarterback in wins this for six years, the NFL record road playoff win quarterback of all time, the NFL’s best postseason record holder “Cool Joe”, that “Cool Joe”!

  6. Every QB has down years. He may still come out if this funk. Bare in mind I am not by any means a Joe Flacco fan. I think his post season “greatness” is a direct reflection of the guys around him. No D. No Jump Ball receivers. Let’s see how the last weekend pans out.

  7. “ELITE” joe flacco is so bad that I’m getting bored of pointing it out.

    “ELITE” joe flacco = 75 QB rating

    76 QB rating = Chad Henne
    76 QB rating = Jason Campbell
    77 QB rating = Christian Ponder
    82 QB rating = Matt Cassel
    83 QB rating = Ryan Fitzpatrick
    84 QB rating = Mike Glennon

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