Justin Tuck ready for potential end of Giants tenure


Defensive end Justin Tuck has said more than once this season that he would like to return to the Giants in 2014, but the impending free agent said he didn’t want any negotiating to go on during the season.

That leaves the work for this offseason and it leaves open the possibility that things don’t work out for a return to the team that Tuck has helped to a pair of Super Bowl titles. Tuck said Thursday he might be a little teary-eyed when walking off the field on Sunday, but that his feelings for the Giants won’t lead him to make the first move in the offseason and that he won’t be offering any discounts coming off a nine-sack season that featured a more productive Tuck than we’ve seen in the last few seasons.

“It’s football — change is inevitable,” Tuck said, via the New York Post. “It’s a business, and next year I’ll either be here trying to put some more trophies in the trophy room or I’ll be somewhere else trying to put a trophy in the trophy room.”

Change is especially inevitable for losing teams featuring rosters bloated with expensive veterans. Tuck turns 31 in March, so the Giants will have to weigh the chances that he repeats 2013 against the chances that the 2011-2012 Tuck returns once he signs his name to a new deal.