London Fletcher leaves door open for abbreviated return

Getty Images

Redskins linebacker London Fletcher said recently that he’s “99 percent certain” that he’ll retire from football at the end of this season.

On Thursday, Fletcher gave some insight into what might lead to the remaining one percent winning out. Fletcher said that while it “just feels like it’s the right time” to walk away, he could be swayed by an abbreviated run with the right team.

“Like I said, it’s 99 percent. … We’ll see, man,” Fletcher said, via the Washington Post. “I’ve had a great career, 16 years. I’ve got no regrets. The likelihood — it’s highly unlikely I’ll play another 16 games somewhere. That ain’t happening. But if it’s a team maybe 10, eight ballgames left, six ballgames left and it’s the right opportunity, maybe. But I’m happy with the way my career has gone.”

It’s impossible to predict if such a situation might surface next season, but we’ve seen many examples of a team losing a key player in the second half of the season look for some kind of veteran help to patch the hole. Fletcher would fit that bill in 2014, which will leave the door slightly ajar unless he decides to slam it shut in the interim.