Marvin Lewis: Questions about Dalton will remain until he wins a playoff game

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The Bengals made it to the playoffs in each of quarterback Andy Dalton’s first two seasons and they’re heading back there again this season as the AFC North champions.

That means a home game with a first round bye still in play, but coach Marvin Lewis knows those accomplishments won’t do much to quiet the quarterback’s critics. To borrow a line from Al Davis, Dalton just has to win, baby.

“He’s been a three-year starter so he’s accomplished a lot of things in his career thus far,” Lewis said during an appearance on NFL Network. “But until we win playoff games these questions you have … those will always continue to be there. And that’s all we can do is erase them for Andy and myself.”

Dalton has had his best season in 2013, reaching career highs in yards, touchdowns and net yards per attempt with one game left to play. He’s played particularly well in Cincinnati, which bodes well for the team’s chances of advancing in the postseason for the first time in more than 20 years. All his critics won’t go away with just one win, but it would give his supporters more ammunition to support their man in 2014 and beyond.

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  1. your right one win won’t keep you guys from continuing to hate on him, in fact a super bowl win won’t keep you from hating on him.. unless he plays for one of your darlings you will continue to hate…

    KEEP winning Dalton…

  2. As a Ravens fan he’s right. No matter how many wins Flacco had he got no respect until he won the Super Bowl. If course that was short lived since he us struggling this year. I fear playing Dalton as he is a good qb with a good arm.

  3. “Questions about Dalton will remain until he wins a playoff game.”

    That is how it is, how it should be and how it will remain.

    If he wins one or two but doesn’t win the big one, it will change to:

    “It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that ring.”

    That is how it is, how it should be and how it will remain.

  4. This is no different from the questions every QB faces. Winning playoff games raises you to a higher level. Just ask Romo what it’s like to be questioned year, after year, after year.

  5. “And that’s all we can do is erase them for Andy and myself.”

    For all those saying Marvin is under the same scrutiny, he acknowledges that in his statement. He gets that he still has something to prove. Heck, a couple of days ago he was asked if he were owner of this team, would the HC have been here this long with Marvin’s record. He laughed and said No. He gets it as much as I hate saying that.

  6. Not buying it. The Rodney Harrisons and Tedi Bruschis and such will continue to hate him and the Bengals, no matter what he does.

  7. And for some reason no one questions Marvin Lewis’ coaching despite not winning in the playoffs!! This team is too stacked for Marvin to get a pass if they go one and done this year!

  8. You are what your record says you are, and the bengals are a playoff team in a difficult division. The goal of the season is to make it into the tournament to give yourself a shot at the Super Bowl. If you don’t get there, you’ve failed.

    Once the tourney starts, 50% of teams are gong home each week. You can’t win the Super Bowl every year and you can’t expect your team to do so. Dalton just needs to get hot like eli, Big Ben, and flacco did going into the playoffs. If the defense comes to ball, bam, Super Bowl. The bengals could do a lot worse than dalton.

  9. Win the playoffs and you quiet the critics. Win the Superbowl and you shut them up. So far the Bengals have yet to even quiet them. This year it looks no different. No different at all.

  10. ajgreenhof says: Dec 27, 2013 2:11 PM

    What people forget though is it’s a TEAM sport. Especially so for the Bengals who are actually led by Zimmer and his defense.
    It’s a team sport, but it’s a QB league.

  11. To those hating on Marvin Lewis,Is reading hard? He said him and Dalton BOTH need to…as for being a QB league id say Defenses are shining this year Brees Flacco and Ryan can all miss playoffs this year…still need more then one guy look bengals they lose two of their best defenders they been pleagued by injurys but they still get the job done

  12. Dalton’s done great things in this league in 3 years and he remains humble. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would pull a Flacco and put up a season QB rating in the mid 70’s just after getting a big payday. As long as Mike Brown continues the path he’s finally put this team on and drafts well year after year, I hope Dalton will always be a Bengal

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