ProFootballTalk: Metrodome memories

Week 17 will be the last time the Minnesota Vikings host a game inside the Metrodome. Mike Florio, Peter King and Tom Curran relive their favorite moments from the iconic stadium.

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  1. Two moments for me. I wasn’t there for neither one, but they’re just two great moments that stick out for me at the Metrodome.

    1. 1991 World Series Twins vs Braves. Jack Buck makes his iconic call “And we’ll see you tomorrow night!” after Kirby Puckett hit the game winning home run.

    2. September 27, 2009. Viking vs 49ers. Vikings are down 20 to 24. Brett Favre with 12secs on the clock takes the snap from the 49ers 32… buys time & throws a Hail Mary to Greg Lewis in the back of the end zone for the game winning score.

  2. My favorite memory is Gary Anderson missing his first FG all season in the Championship game thereby eliminating the 15-1 Vikings in 1998 season.

    The Star Tribune carried a photograph on the front page of a despondent Viking fan crying into her hands with a caption that explain she had already spent thousands on a Superbowl package (airfare, hotel and tickets), a mistake she will likely never commit again.

    Still brings a tear to my eye.

  3. 1. anhilating the fackers, year after year after year.

    2. Brett Favre taking it to those fackers

    3. Me personally gettin skuzzed with Torii Hunter after the twins clinched a playoff spot.

  4. I remember that the roof was never encumbered by the weight of any Viking SB banners, yet it still collapsed under the weight of all that failure.

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