Robbie Gould hopes his deal facilitates re-signing others

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The Bears got kicker Robbie Gould signed to a contract extension on Friday, breaking with General Manager Phil Emery’s statement that the team wasn’t looking to sign any impending free agents to new deals before the end of the season.

Emery said Friday that the team didn’t use all their remaining “emergency funds” to get a deal done with Gould and that they felt they could sign “at least one player if we could find somebody that would fit into that equation.” Gould fit on a deal reportedly worth $15 million over four years with $9 million in guaranteed money.

It’s a contract that Gould described as being “beneficial” for both him and the team. Gould hopes that one of the benefits for the team is that they can retain some of the other players heading for free agency this offseason.

“We’ve got something special here,” Gould said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “You’ve got guys — Jay Cutler, Devin Hester, Charles Tillman, Tim Jennings, James Anderson — you’ve got guys that are up [for new contracts], that if the deal we’ve struck gives a little extra money to keep guys around, then I’m all for it.”

It is unlikely that everyone would be coming back even if Gould had signed for half as much money, which will make for an interesting offseason in Chicago whether it starts on Sunday evening or sometime in 2014.

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  1. I’m hoping they get the less talked about guys done sooner rather than later, guys like Anderson and Matt Slauson. Slauson is responsible as much as any other player for the rebirth of the Bears line.

  2. Hey boss, I really don’t want a pay raise-go ahead@give all my money to some one else!!. What does Gould think every fan in Chicago is stupid. They mite be,but@least they don’t buy fake stock!!.

  3. No, what would have been beneficial to the Bears ability to re-sign their other free agents would be to let Gould walk and sign a rookie that could give you 85% of Gould’s production for $500k or less.

    Robbie Gould is 14th in field goal percentage this year and the Bears just gave him $9M guaranteed. And this is a good thing?

  4. Lmfao at paying a kicker over any of those players. The prudent move would been to have to let Gould depart as friends with the understanding that this is a business where sentimentality has no place, and draft a new kicker who could bring similar production for a fraction of the price. I’d much rather have Tillman or Jennings or someone retained with that money.

  5. Gould has been great for Chicago and has enjoyed a long career, but if this is the direction Emery is headed this is not good news. The Bears need to get younger, faster, hungrier and less expensive across the board, and paying your kicker – even one as good as Gould (pardon the pun) – is not the way to do it.

  6. I’m not a Bears fan, so I don’t follow them closely, but it doesn’t seem like the Bears front office has been showing the fans a lot of love the past couple of years.

    If they let Tillman go they’re crazy. The guy can cover anyone.

  7. Anyone saying “Just draft a new kicker” has absolutely no idea how good Robbie has been. 3rd most accurate kicker in the NFL and that’s with half of his kicks every year coming at the very poor conditions of Soldier Field. And if your speculative about his accuracy this year, one of his three misses was a 66 yarder.

  8. I know he hasn’t been that great recently, but I’d like to continue to see hester in a bears uniform

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