Stevan Ridley knows why he was benched, works on it


Slowly, Stevan Ridley is rebuilding the faith the Patriots coaches have in him.

But the running back said Thursday it hasn’t been easy, and it’s the kind of career crossroads that made him realize he was the cause of his own problems.

“For me, it wasn’t what I wanted, but I know why I got there,” Ridley said, via Phil Perry of “It wasn’t like the coaches just woke up and decided, ‘Hey let’s bench Stevan Ridley today.’ I put myself there. For me, it’s about not letting past mistakes hold you down. I think that life brings you that. You’re going to have adversity. You’re going to have stuff you have to go through. It’s how you bounce back as a person.

“I love what I do. I love the sport that I play. God put me here. For me, I can’t sit on the past, whether it’s success or it’s something that I don’t want. For me it’s focusing on these upcoming weeks. If we finish this year the way we want to finish this year, nobody will really remember what happened in the past, but it’s going to take a total team effort. It’s not just about me.”

Of course, the Almighty is probably more concerned with cleaning up after a big birthday party than Ridley’s ball security, but the player’s own emphasis is important.

After being enduring the public shaming that goes with a benching, Ridley has rebounded, and was trusted with 15 carries in last week’s win over the Ravens.

As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see if they continue to, or lean on less dynamic but more trustworthy options.

8 responses to “Stevan Ridley knows why he was benched, works on it

  1. Ridley is an interesting one. Goes all out on each run which makes up for anything he doesn’t have from physical skills. Thing is, going all out sometimes backfires with a fumble.

    Hope he plays more down the stretch and gets a ring!!

  2. Look, he can talk all he wants about “staying
    upbeat mentally”, not quitting and yada yada yada.

    Not sure if its coming from the coaching staff and they want him to stay aggressive, regardless of the cost or if he is just not listening to them.

    His running style is reckless. He wants to score
    EVERY TIME he touches the ball. You cannot
    do this without running in a reckless, ball hanging
    out style, leaving it by your side so you can
    stride quicker. He needs to simply take the 4
    or 5 yards that are there on each play and live
    to fight for the next rep. His QB is so good thats
    all he has to provide them. He has literally cost
    them games. Look at the Carolina game for one.
    Their opponents know of this propensity now
    and just go after the ball whenever he carries it.

    2 arms around the ball in traffic. You bust out ?
    Then hold it high and tight. Then brace for inevitable contact by again, putting 2 arms
    around it to secure the possession.

    I cover my eyes when ever he carries it now.

  3. Ridley had two first down runs on the Pats last offensive TD drive against the Ravens that were classic bull rushing plays. The team is going to need him if they hope to succeed.

  4. .

    I don’t think his one week vacation was a public shaming. I think it was more to take the pressure off a player who is obviously self motivated and very hard on himself.

    If the Patriots are to advance in the playoffs, contributions from Ridley are essential. However, one turnover can quickly end your season in the playoffs because all the qualifying teams are good.


  5. One of the few players I like on that team. Kid runs hard every time, unlike Chris Johnson. Unfortunate fumbles, some were soft but some were just good plays by the defense. He doesn’t have THAT many fumbles this year, they just seemed to happen at the worst times. I’d trade CJ to the Pats for Ridley any day though.

  6. He has a habit of when he stumbles or loses his balance, his arm holding the football comes away from the body to catch his balance. One play he stumbled and fell and lost the football without being touched by a defender.

    On another fumble, he took a misstep trying to avoid the defender in front of him, temporarily losing his balance and his arm came out exposing the football and a trailing defender knocked it loose.

    Sunday against the Ravens, he ran hard and took care of the football. With the Patriots anemic passing attack, they will need both Ridley and Blount to run hard and not turn over the football.

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