Thad Lewis will start Buffalo’s season finale

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EJ Manuel’s first NFL season appears to be over.

Coach Doug Marrone announced Friday that Thad Lewis will get the start at quarterback on Sunday at New England, the Bills’ official Twitter feed reported.

The Bills’ first-round pick in the 2013 draft, Manuel has dealt with injuries to both knees this season, and it’s his left knee that seems poised to keep him out for Week 17. He’s completed 180-of-306 passes for 1,972 yards with 11 touchdowns and nine interceptions in 10 starts in 2013.

Lewis will be making his fifth start for the Bills. He started in place of Manuel in Sunday’s win vs. Miami, throwing for 193 yards and an interception on 15-of-25 passing.

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  1. And so the Bills still have a huge question mark at the most important position…very disappointing as a Bills fan…if he is “the one”, he will still be learning all of next year as well. As a result, expect more of the same mediocrity next year – though Bills fans are used to it for what, 14 years and counting? (I’ve actually lost count and most of my faith that this team will ever be any good. I’ll need to actually be watching them in a playoff game before I’ll ever “BILLeive” again…)

  2. I believe Lewis gives Buffalo a better chance to win against New England. Granted NE is a heavy favorite, but the Bill’s offense just seems to be more dynamic with Lewis.

  3. Another offseason of uncertainty at the QB position, and it’s too bad because this team is ready to take off. Good D, O line, run game, young talented receivers, and the same problem that’s plagued us the last 14 years.

  4. What we’ve learned is that the Bills have a very good NO. 2 QB. And No.3 showed a lot too. We’ve also learned that the jury is still out on No. 1.

  5. If the Bills offense could be as strong as their defense they could have something good brewing up there.

  6. All of these posts on the Buffalo Bills still having a question mark at the QB position are killing me…
    It’s 1 year people! His Rookie season! Does anyone remember how Peyton Manning’s Rookie year went? How about Jim Kelly’s? Give Manuel a bit more time, nothing is instant…Nothing. There has been many QB’s that have had a bad first year, Manuel hasn’t. As far as I’m concerned, he’s had a pretty decent year and has shown potential. As for the injuries? It happens, you just never know, and you can’t call him injury prone, not yet at least. Only time will tell if Manuel will pan out for the Bills and you can’t give up on someone after a meager 10 games, Its just not enough to gauge his talent level. Just think Bills fans… We could have ended up with Geno Smith. Anyone feel a bit better?

  7. .
    Lewis was generally very efficient versus the Dolphins. However, when he got in the red zone he stalled. One touchdown and four field goals doesn’t cut it.


  8. Thad Lewis is not an NFL starting QB. If he plays well on Sunday this might turn into a QB controversy in Buffalo that doesn’t need to exist. Manuel is the future.

  9. Bills fans shouldn’t hate the Pats. The Pats did them a favor by knocking the great Rob Johnson out of a game and ending his career in Buffalo.

    Shoulda stuck with Flutie….

  10. Not sure why Buffalo fans want to anoint a single QB as “the future” savior without that QB earning it. If a QB falls to the in the 2nd or 3rd round this year, draft them and let them compete. Keep doing that every year until a QB earns the job. Perhaps EJ is the future. Let him earn it. Perhaps there is a better FA or draft QB. Let them earn it.

  11. A Thad Thituation to be sure. As much as I would like to see E.J. finish, I think he has shown the potential the Bills envisioned. After a full off season and training camp he will hopefully come out strong.

  12. Could be worse, if Buffalo played in the NFC least they would probably make the playoffs, not do anything and get a poor first round pick. At least you should get a quality player for next year.

  13. How much do bills fans hate NE? please beat the brady bunch and help bengals get 2nd seed – bengal fans

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