Tony Romo has back surgery, so he’s out for the year

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Well, now it’s official.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett just told reporters that quarterback Tony Romo had back surgery this morning, and will be placed on injured reserve.

That puts an early end to the speculation about his condition, which was fueled by Garrett himself, who wouldn’t rule Romo out yesterday.

“We anticipate this surgery to solve the issue with his back,” Garrett said, via Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

That obviously puts all the pressure on backup Kyle Orton to carry them through Sunday night’s NFC East title game against the Eagles.

122 responses to “Tony Romo has back surgery, so he’s out for the year

  1. Stick a fork in him. Of the people I know who had back surgery, maybe 1 in 10 come back from it successfully to the point they can function as they did before.

  2. As a person who had to retire at 35 due to a back injury. I wish you a full recovery Mr.Romo.

    -Signed and Eagles fan

  3. awwww poor Tony….with or without him, they dont have a chance…put a knife if him…no pun intended 😉

  4. As an Eagles fan, I’m nervous that the old Patrick Ewing effect could occur in this game. Orton was always a decent player…

  5. awwww poor Tony….with or without him, they dont have a chance…put a knife in him…no pun intended 😉

  6. The hospital reported that the nurse successfully passed all instruments to the doctor with none of them being intercepted.

  7. This is a real bummer for Romo and the Cowboys. People can say what they want about him, but he was/is the best chance that they have for winning right now, and that just left the building.

  8. At least when Belichick lies about injuries and files false injury reports, there’s a touch of sophistication. Garrett just continues to look like a fool. Romo went from hopefully participating in practice today to having surgery in less than 12 hours. What a joke.

  9. The Birds would have crushed the Cowboys with Romo, and they’ll crush them without Romo. This just gives JJ an excuse for their annual season ending meltdown!


  10. Sure hope the Eagles protest. Everyone knew that Romo was not going to play. Why was Garrett allowed to continue the lie all week???? He should be punished or fired, which ever comes first!!

    I am thankful everday that the Ravens didn’t make the mistake of hiring this guy. Thank you Jerry Jones for over paying this guy as an assistant coach!!!!!!!!

  11. No Way! But there was hope he’d play just yesterday! Who saw this coming?

    Dallas front office idiots with their “smoke screen” tactics. This org is the new Jets.

    In all seriousness though, hope the surgery helps and he’s back on the field next year healthy.

  12. So, it must’ve been emergency surgery for a life threatening condition right? Beeeecccaaauuussse, as of yesterday he was still possible and it’s not like you have to plan normal surgical procedures a couple days in advance or anything.

  13. a game the cowboys will lose for a 3rd consecutive year, to finish 8-8 for the 3rd consecutive year. major changes need done to this organization, including ownership! #nofaithinthisorganizationanymore

  14. Better start planning for the post Romo era. Jerry. Once your back goes, you’re done, no matter how tough you are. Hopefully, he can last another season or two but ask anyone who’s had back issues and they’ll tell you the same thing; it’s all downhill from here.

  15. Ryan in the shotgun from the 10 yd line. It is 2nd down. Ryan takes the snap. Throws a slant to the left side. It’s wrestled, INTERCEPTED!!!!! The 49ers pick it! and NaVorro Bowman his redemption! NaVorro Bowman running it all the way for the td.! No greater redemption can a man seek. NaVorro Bowman who could not cover the onside kick , catches a deflected pass for an interception and runs it 7 miles for a td. (Eric Davis laughs)

  16. Good luck, Tony! I’d love to see you play, but having had back surgery myself, this is definitely one of those “bigger picture” things in life. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.

  17. They weren’t fooling anybody. Not practicing is one thing, but he didn’t even participate in film sessions or team meetings this week. If they were honestly going to try to give it a go, they wouldn’t have held him out of the game planning sessions.

  18. I’m as staunch an Eagles fan as there is, but hearing everyone on PA sports radio spout off that with Romo out, the Eagles are a “lock” to destroy the Cowboys is annoying. Lest we forget that less than two weeks ago, the Matt Cassel-led Minnesota Vikings WITHOUT Adrian Peterson OR Toby Gerhart hung 48 points on this defense. And that was with Greg Jennings as the only viable receiving threat, and he had over 100 yards by halftime!

    While I obviously want the Birds to take it to the Boys, it is by NO means a lock. We absolutely cannot afford to take this team lightly. Even without Romo, you have All-Pros in Witten and Bryant, and you know Murray is gonna get the rock a ton in an attempt to get Orton into a groove. Time will tell, but come on Eagles fans, lets not get overconfident.


  19. I really don’t care who is going to be the quarterback I just want the vals just take care of business on Sunday by running the ball down their throat with the real deal McCoy and passing precisely with the Great Nick Foles.

  20. this is the best for Romo hats off for not pulling a shanahan and risking further injury. I’m 100% behind Orton and the best of luck to both teams and may this be one hell of a game. GO COWBOYS!!!

  21. this is not new for the eiggles they never face a team with the other teams stars in the line-up

  22. eiggle yackers were herd chanting WE WANT DALLAS last week,,,, wow thats mighty brave of them its not like your going into the stick to play the Montana led niners

  23. Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot!!

    Now I don’t feel like I can take Jerry at his word every time he opens his pie hole. Like, geez, I believed him when he said they don’t have a GM issue; now I’m not so sure.

  24. I hope all went well with the surgery, and Tony gets back to 100%. He is a warrior and as much as we disliked him it was because he was dangerous. Get well soon Tony and hopefully we’ll see you next year, prayers for you !

    Now GO EAGLES !!

  25. Believe it or not folks, the Cowboys are going to win this game.

    Kyle Orton is gonna play lights out and the defense has been told to let loose

    This will not even be close, its gonna be a shocker…guarantee ya

  26. Kyle Orton = Jim Plunkett. Cowboys beat Miami in the Super Bowl 36-10. Sterling Moore is the MVP. You heard it here first kids. Place your bets now, you will thank me later. John Madden “well shoot, , I just dont know how you have an MVP named Sterling, I mean, thats just not right, you need a guy named Csonka, or Ditka, or something like that, “Sterling”? Heck, I guess I am what you call old school, doesnt make sense to me…..”

  27. This just in from Valley Ranch—-Jerry says, “There’s still over 48 hours til we will be forced to make a final decision on who will start. With the money I so graciously handed to Tony, I think he will step up and play thru the pain. Look at my face, surgery ain’t so bad”.

  28. In an interview with a surgeon on the local radia sports show the other day, he said getting an epidural was a sign he would NOT have surgery, because that increases the chance of infection.
    Looks like Garrett and Jones are making medical decisions now, too. Because that’s the exact wrong thing to do.

  29. Just give Murry 25-30 touches..that may be too hard for Jason Garrett to do though. If Orten has over 40 attempts he should be fired

  30. A few years ago, when I told friends that Peyton Manning’s neck surgery could cost him the entire season to come, they scoffed. This time around? I’ll go a step further … Romo’s career may very well be over.

  31. Bummer, you want to play against the best. Potential for second trap. The Vikings’ loss may end up being the most important experience of the season.

  32. Just like to thank the haters its you who make the Cowboys so popular so keep up the good work and keep the comments coming.. Tony Romo will be back next year no problem hes tough GO COWBOYS ! !

  33. its pathetic how delusional these egirl supporters are , I say supporters because they’re not fans . after the mighty DALLAS COWBOYS take the division Sunday night they will act like it never happened and break out their Flyer gear ( another joke philthy club ) so get over it losers …. same team , different year , same result !!!! LOSERS ! NO SOUP FOR YOU !!!! hahahaha

  34. LOL. Cowboy fans living in Delaware, Pennsylvania & New Jersey are the biggest losers. Their Just front-runners from the 70s & 90s. Fly Eagles Fly!

  35. Jones and his puppet Garrett had better start looking at ways to make a deal for Johnny Manziel because that surgery just about ends any chance of Romo having a long career ahead of him.

  36. For the fans who love football, this is a huge loss. The #5 all time passer rated QB is being forced to leave the game because of a season ending injury. Tony Romo is loved by his teammates and fans of the game. Because of this alone, the Dallas Cowboys have finally found their reason to win. Dallas at home is very hard to beat! Dallas 29 Eagles 24

  37. as an eagles fan, I wish Romo was playing, for several reasons: 1. we saw what happened in Minnesota when they played a “bad team without AP.” this is win and in against the cowboys. it doesn’t get any bigger than this. they have to take this seriously and be on their game; 2. when/if (I’m superstitious) we win, I don’t want the cowgirls to have any excuses; 3. if we’re worried about playing an average cowboys team, how could we have any confidence playing the saints or Seahawks in their buildings or the Broncos?

  38. The sad part of this whole fiasco is that reporters keep sticking a microphone in front of Jones and Garrett expecting a modicum of truth to come out of their mouths! My 5 year old grandson knew Romo was done.

  39. We all know that Jerry is way more smarter than all of us conning us into thinking Romo was on schedule to start. Ya right!

    My wife was an RN Neuro Nurse at Mayo for 25 years so when I heard those words, bulging and disk together, I knew he was done for the season.

    I hope for his sake his career isn’t done also. That particular injury can be re-occuring. I’ve had friends who have gone through it numerous times.

    Good luck Tony.

  40. Dammit, I already turned in my picks for the week. If I’d known Romo was going to be out I would have picked Dallas.

  41. If I was a betting man I would put the farm on Jerry trying to move way up in the draft to get that coveted QB. If so, we know what Romo’s future status is. It will be interesting.

  42. Excuses????? Are you kidding me. You don’t need excuses when you are the owner of 5 Lombardi trophies. Been to the dance 8 times and won 5 of them. Hold the records for most division titles and playoff appearances. Dallas Cowboys do not have excuses, the have expectations. With that being said, have the Eagles ever won just ONE Superbowl? Now, lets hear the excuses! True and Blue for life baby. Go Cowboys!

  43. Isn’t there a rule about teams being honest with injuries ? First they report he injured his foot, then when Schefter reported the back they said..ohhh yeah its not his foot, its his back. Then the Dallas front office lied about his back surgery all week until this morning (2 days before the game) and didn’t say anything until AFTER his surgery.
    The league needs to step in here and do something. I know the cowboys are scared of the Eagles but cheating is still cheating

  44. As a guy who has had similar back issues, I can tell you that it is over for Tony ever being who he was prior. If I could offer some advice I would tell him to take his 55 mil and call it a career and move onto golf. Further if Jerry Jones was (football) smart, he’d realize that it’s over as well and start trying to get into position to draft Bridgewater or Mettenberger or at very least McCarron or Manziel.

  45. Trash Talk from a fan base which has done NOTHING in 15 years, has had a WORSE record over that span against the Birds is comical. Nobody cares about your past history over a decade ago!

  46. Reality: Tony Romo was out once Adam Schefter reported it Monday.

    Cowboy nation reality: There’s a chance he could still play after surgery.

    Jerry Jones reality: Tony will be ready for Sunday night’s showdown versus the Eagles.

    As an Eagles fan I was more comfortable with Romo playing. Orton shouldn’t be overlooked. He’s a timing guy and it will be hard to get a rush on him.

  47. As an Eagles fan, I hope the best for Romo. C’mon back nice and healthy so you continue to choke and keep that has been team from Dallas outta the playoffs for many many more years

  48. I love it that Eagles fans think they smell blood in the water. What will the excuse be if they lose? The refs? Week 7 kids: McCoy: 18 att 55yds
    D Jackson: 3 catches, 21 yards (16 of that on one catch) Don’t say Foles was hurt, he had 29 attempts before he was injured–for a whopping 80 yards. Our defense is awful, no argument there, but we match up well against you. I think this team is more relaxed and feels less pressure (oddly enough) because Romo is out. It makes sense if you really think about it. Kyle Orton (prior to the season) was thought of as the best back up QB in the league, he has been in the system 2 full years. Murray the most productive back in the NFL the last 5 weeks, where is all this hubris coming from??

  49. Trash talk from a fan base that has done nothing EVER! Much more comical that a fan base speaking from a solid platform that can never be destroyed. How can a fan base keep embarrassing itself and the East by even using the word CHOKE. The Eagles have given that word a new definition. Until you win just ONE Superbowl, you have no platform to speak from. Put your thumbs back in your mouths, go sit back in the corner where you belong, because its not happening this year either. 5 time Superbowl Champs Dallas Cowboys!

  50. Whenever there’s an argument between eagles and cowboys, they have to bring the Super Bowls they’ve won back in the 90’s .
    Who does that anymore 😑 … It’s 2013 going into 2014 who cares if they have 5 or whatever it is Super Bowls ..look at you guys now ! Lets talk present !

  51. Over? Did you say over? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

    And it ain’t over now. ‘Cause when the goin’ gets tough… the tough get goin’! Who’s with me? Let’s go!

  52. Guy who dont know the rules should shut there mouth you only look stupid.Garrett could have said nothing up until a hour before game time

  53. Orton isn’t that bad. Untill he loses the lead then all hell breaks loose…
    Signed Broncos fan and bear watcher.

  54. The only teams that bring up Superbowl wins are those that have them! And Yes the Cowboys presently have them and the eagles don’t. Do not bring a knife to a gunfight!

  55. wow! I cant believe Garrett left Romo in the game when ANYONE could see Romo was clearly hurt!!!
    And now this injury may cut years off of Romos career and he may never be the same!
    hmmm… sounds alot like something that another coach in the NFC East did with a QB on the exact same field nearly 1year ago.

    I wonder if PFT and ESPN will crucify Garrett and Romo and the Dallas team doctor like they did with wash?

    Either way, that “turf” in DC at FedEx “field” is a QB killer!

  56. I am a Cowboy hater but you know what they say “On any given Sunday”. Eagles’ fans, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. I hope you are right but that is why they play the game.

  57. To his credit, Romo played the last game while injured. But, if we know anything about Romo and the Cowboys is that you can’t count on them. Either the Dallas defense would suck big time or Romo would commit a last minute turnover to secure a win for the other team. I wish Orton the best. It will not be easy, but Dallas can beat the Eagles. Thank goodness Kitna will be a backup qb, in case anything happens to Orton. Go Cowboys!

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