Wade Phillips: NFL told me Manning’s record-tying TD shouldn’t have counted


Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning threw his record-tying 50th touchdown pass to wide receiver Eric Decker last week on a play that was put under a review because it looked like Decker may have been juggling the ball while going out of the end zone.

It was ruled a catch on the field and was upheld on the review, but Texans interim coach Wade Phillips contended that the call was incorrect after the game. Phillips asked the NFL for clarification on the ruling and said Friday that the team heard back from the league that it should have been ruled an incompletion.

“Poor Manning,” Phillips joked, via ESPN.com. “He thought he broke the record.”

Phillips was joking because there won’t be any change to the record because the NFL admitted their officials erred last Sunday. Manning still has 51 touchdown passes for the year, one more than Tom Brady had in 2007, and any touchdowns he throws this weekend will extend the record.

59 responses to “Wade Phillips: NFL told me Manning’s record-tying TD shouldn’t have counted

  1. Peyton F. Manning taking what is rightfully his. In two years he will own every individual record and another Superbowl ring and will finally ascend to his thrown as the best quarterback to ever live, including the future.

  2. Here they come. Pressure coming Ryan gets rid of it to Douglas. Its fumbled, and its in the hands of Bowman who has all the green grass. NaVorro Bowman…. is gonna take the niners to the playoffs!

    Unbelievable . The 49ers come with an all out jailbreak blitz . Forces the ball to come out quik and guess who.. Bowman.

  3. Ryan in the shotgun from the 10 yd line. It is 2nd down. Ryan takes the snap. Throws a slant to the left side. It’s wrestled, INTERCEPTED!!!!! The 49ers pick it! and NaVorro Bowman his redemption! NaVorro Bowman running it all the way for the td.! No greater redemption can a man seek. NaVorro Bowman who could not cover the onside kick , catches a deflected pass for an interception and runs it 7 miles for a td. (Eric Davis laughs)

  4. So what happens when they sit him for the playoffs and he fails to throw any more TDs? Record**. Good job refs. Great Job NFL.

  5. Wade is like like that old western sheriff that thinks when the bullit hit him in the badge that it saved his life But it’s the all the other bullits that killed him.

  6. Poor Phillips, he thinks he has an NFL head coaching job.

    Seriously, Peyton will throw more touchdowns this week, does it really matter?

  7. The season could not have been set up any better for Manning. He got to play the Ravens at home rather than on the road, when we thought the Ravens would be good, he got to play the NFC Least, and the AFC South which should have been better but to his luck, they were not. They even scheduled KC on both sides of New England, when they thought KC would be in full rebuilding mode, thus giving Manning two byes around that game. It’s been a pretty cushy schedule. The record of their opponents is like 110-130. Some guys have all the luck…..

  8. Don’t worry Wade.. no one pays attention to you any more. Too bad the Texans do not have a coach..

  9. Regardless of what you think about Phillips…He is spot on.

    Decker didn’t demonstrate control in or even OUT of bounds on that eventual catch.
    He showed control after his 3rd stride had already touched down out of bounds.
    Not even close
    Ridiculous that something like Calvin’s TD catch a few years back that they negated after review was not allowed and this was.
    NFL loves them some Peyton Manning

  10. Hey Wade. …. wake up buddy! You are in dreamland! I am tired of all of this “the officials now say” after games are over this year. Just a way to downgrade them. Either put just a handful of reviewers in a unified booth to make calls on all games, or let the reviewer from the game make the call and let it go. Peyton isn’t done, he will throw 4 more Sunday and make Wade look even more petty.

  11. Amazing that Manning is doing this at age 37 while his arm actually appears to have mummified. His real talent as a QB was never his arm strength, accuracy, or anything physical. It’s beating defenses mentally. It’s all his pre-snap calls & audibles, a lot of which are just subterfuge to throw off defenses. No other QB really does stuff like that, at least not on the level that he does it.

  12. Who cares. Was it fourth down? Even if it were ruled incomplete, he still would have had more chances on that drive.

    if I recall correctly, didn’t Brock finish the game?
    next time they should play Manning until the clock is all zeros. Could have put more on the board.

  13. Peyton Manning annual media cycle:

    First portion of the regular season: Fawn over incredible stat performances over the likes of Jacksonville, Oakland, etc.

    Latter portion of the regular season: Fawn over the incredible stats Manning has put up throughout the season with plenty of “best QB ever!!!” hyperbole.

    Leading into playoffs: Fawn over Manning’s incredible year, pencil him into the Super Bowl, scoff at those who dare mention his playoff resume.

    After the inevitable Manning flame-out: Act aghast at the very idea of the Chosen One’s teammates letting him down by not playing up to his level

    Super Bowl: Fawn over Manning…Eli Manning

    Offseason: Forget everything that just happened

    Training camp/preseason: Hype how this is “Manning’s year” and how much he studied in the offsseason so he’ll never lose again.


  14. All these recent passing records of the last few year mean nothing and should have an asterisk due to all the new NFL rule changes giving the QBs and WRs untouchable.
    QBs aren’t afraid to just stand in the pocket and throw knowing the defensive player is going to get a 15 yard penalty if he or the WR get even breathed on.
    Imagine if these pu$$y WRs had to go across the middle of the great secondaries of the Steelers or Raiders of the late 70s. Or even QBs today putting up with the hits Marino, Elway, Montana had to endure with. Todays records are worthless! The NFL should be ashamed of itself for the product they try to pass off as professional football.

  15. I find it amazing how Peyton Manning manages to completely OWN the Texans, no matter which team he’s playing with. I just wonder if there’s any record of one player with complete dominance over another club/franchise. The Texans must be delighted to have him out of the AFC South – it must have been tough starting out the season at, essentially, 0-2.

  16. “I just wonder if there’s any record of one player with complete dominance over another club/franchise.”

    Brady vs. whichever team Manning is on that year? 10-4.

  17. This just in: The NFL says “all TDs against Texans this year shouldn’t count due to their ineptness.”

  18. So many thoughts came to mind after I read Wade’s comment. First, with or without the TD in question, the broncos defeated the texans. Second, the objective of the offense is to score and the objective of the defense is to prevent scoring; wades team failed to meet both objectives. Third, I’ve read that wade is interested in becoming the HC in lieu of interim HC of the texans; because the won/loss record hasn’t improved since he became interim HC, I doubt he will be offered the HC job. Finally, does wade really think that manning is interested in hearing about his complaint?

  19. Sour grapes from Wade. Classless. Bottom line, the Texans got a serious beatdown from the Broncos and you’ll probably be working elsewhere in the fall.

    Get over it.

  20. Crying over spilt milk, smdh. He would have broken or tied it anyway. Also the whole concept of the catch is incomplete, it’s a ball it will move around some, sometimes. I think that rule has to be done away completely.:

  21. It doesn’t matter,some QB in the next 10 years will throw the ball on average 60 times a game and break the record its just a matter of time

  22. Crocodile tears for you, Wade.
    The Refs may have wanted to be able to tell their grandkids that they called the game where he broke the record. C’est la vie! It’s in the record books now.

  23. 51*

    Until he throws another TD pass against the Raiders, then the * is removed for good.

    With the NFL admitting that the Ahmad Brooks hit against Drew Brees that caused a fumble was legal, should that put a * next to the Saints season if they make the playoffs? Really must suck to be Arizona right now knowing that they should be in if that call was done correctly, and the 49ers would be alone in 1st place for their division.

  24. The point is that the refs stink particularly bad this year. Wade would have made a better point if he mentioned the “perfect” Patriots who the refs failed to call for a single penalty in the game against the Texans. The league needs to do something, the bad performance by the refs is impacting game outcomes, and maybe even records. Wade tried to make a point but fell to sounding petty.

  25. Lanman11,

    Broncos would always have played the Ravens at home it just wouldnt have been the opening night. The Ravens would have played another team at home if not for the conflict with the Orioles.

  26. So, again, for the 482nd time, when does the the NFL start fining/firing refs for getting replays flat wrong. Also, when does the NFL go to a central replay system so the ref on the field doesn’t have to feel obligated to not overturn a call and have to look at the other official on the field after he overturns that call.

  27. If #50 is ruled not a catch like should have happened after replay, Pay-me-a-ton surely tries to throw another one and maybe he throws an int. and the game turns from there. Then he’s stuck at 49 and who knows what happens after that?
    It was clear anyway he was swinging for the fences every play trying to get the record rather than thinking of his team with a big lead and running time off the clock. It will be sweet once again watching him lose in the playoffs.

    I can’t respect a quarterback who is all about his personal stats throwing from the one yard line etc. Watch Brady hand the ball off for TD’s. He just cares about winning.

  28. Wade Phillips is in the same cow-pen as Mike Sherman, not real bright but can speak in sentences when needed. My only gripe with Mannings new record is that Marino didn’t have the opportunity to throw passes in the new era of not being allowed to defend any player running pass routs. Marino if playing in todays defensive rules would have already thrown 65-70 TD passes.
    The NFL loves those 55-48(score) games.
    How cheap are the passing records? If a QB can play to the age of 40-42 he will own at least 3-4 passing records, plus now the media loves to incorporate Canadian football records with the NFL,,,if your black that is.

  29. Wade Phillips is a professional Yutz. His record as a head coach is a joke. Even if you strip Manning of that touchdown he has 50 and there will be more coming this week. Hence, Phillips is proving why he should never be considered as a coach in any league other than the professional whiners league.

  30. I find it strange that a pass receiver must have full control, both feet down, no movement of the ball when he lands, but a running back or a QB can waive the ball in the vincinity of the goal line line, with no control can score a TD. In fact, many times “fumbling” in the process, but it is not a fumble because he waived the all out of control across the line. It crossed the plane of the goal line. Never mind that he did have control, that no real part of his body crossed the goal except maybe his hand or arm, but that is a TD.
    Make it one way or the other —the officals are ruining the game!!!!!!

  31. 51*

    Until he throws another TD pass against the Raiders, then the * is removed for good.

    With the NFL admitting that the Ahmad Brooks hit against Drew Brees that caused a fumble was legal, should that put a * next to the Saints season if they make the playoffs? Really must suck to be Arizona right now knowing that they should be in if that call was done correctly, and the 49ers would be alone in 1st place for their division.
    You’re a true fan. That’s an interesting non-statistic. And one that Ray Lewis was raving about. But he was saying that Drew Brees is too small to play QB in the NFL.

  32. Hey Wade,

    Whats next, you claim the official on the field missed a holding call in 1979 AFC Championship game against the steelers so your father did not get to the super bowl and we need an asterisk? (I do think the Oilers were hosed on that game) The call was made and it is over. Otherwise, we should asterisk every sport record as there must have been an error by some official in every game. I had so much respect for Bum, but his son needs to learn his manners!

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