Washington coordinators hint that end is coming


On Thursday, both of Washington coach Mike Shanahan’s top lieutenants met with the media for their weekly press conference.  And both picked words suggesting that it was their final weekly press conference.

As noted by Rich Tandler of CSNWashington.com, both offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and defensive coordinator Jim Haslett distanced themselves from the organization, intentionally or accidentally.

“It’s been a great experience being with him,” Kyle said of his four years working with his father.  “It’s something that I’m definitely glad that I had — or have had.”

Haslett, who likely will be gone even if the Shanahans stay, was less careful.

“I do think they have the nucleus to have a good team,” Haslett said.

He is still part of the “they,” at least for now.  By Monday, however, the Shanahans and Haslett may no longer be among the “they” who are working for the Redskins.

30 responses to “Washington coordinators hint that end is coming

  1. Can the whole lot of them… and this time hire a head coach who knows what he’s doing without John Elway carrying him.

  2. Washington and Dallas suffer from the same fatal disease — a meddlesome owner who can’t seem to realize he is out of his league.

  3. These guys would make really dull poker pals. So you guys are out then? Is it ok if I rake in the chips now, or do you want to sulk for a while before you give me the thumbs up that you’re ready to part ways with this particular pile? Or you can re-raise me if you want, hey maybe I’ll fold.

  4. The ‘R-words need to keep everything the same. And put that IRMe character back in the lineup; we miss him.

    -The rest of the NFC East.

  5. What a train wreck the Unincorporated Area in Prince Georges County Football Club has become! Oh the humanity! 🙂

  6. If that’s the case then I hope the Cowboys dump Monte Kiffin during the off season and pick up Haslett instead.

  7. the Skins are focusing on the wrong problem…. RG3 is the problem….

    sure, firing coaches is part of it. but that is a sideshow… ignoring the fact that RG3 has failed in his transition to the NFL is outright stupidity

    have you ever seen a Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Manning etc bash their team in press conferences, whine about not getting picked first in the draft, or blow their knees out because they don’t have the maturity to transition to a pocket passer? No you haven’t

    RG3, what he cost in picks, and the teams total focus on him and nothing else are the biggest mistake in the franchise’s history… the whole situation is ridiculous

  8. If the coordinators go and Shanahan stays that will make about as much difference as rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  9. Sad excuse for an nfl franchise. Worst coaching, worst owner, among the worst in QB play and lack of effort from mediocre players that gave up on the season weeks ago.

    You have a lot to look forwards to Washington fans.

  10. Who do you bring in as GM? promote Morocco Brown?

    Do that mean Lovie Smith the new Head Coach, they worked together in Chicago for 4 or 5 years

    I think bring in Lovie, promote Bobby Turner to OC, I think he and Robert would have a good working relationship and Bobby know the system

    Bring in Alex Gibbs OL

    Rick Dennison – QB coach

    Korell Dorell – WR coach , may have spell his name wrong

  11. .

    Now DC fans know why Patriots fans never complain about Bill Belichick’s unorthodox personnel or coaching maneuvers.

    We’ve considered the alternative.


  12. Haslett has been around the league long enough to know his situation. He probably can’t wait to get out of that dysfunctional franchise and city.

  13. Definitely both the defensive coordinator and special teams coach are gone. Both groups were either the worst or close to the worst in the league. Kyle not so sure about. No offensive line and the offense was still competitive for the most part. Unless there is a definite upgrade not so sure about Mike Shanahan. His hands were tied by Snyder’s moves (RGIII was Snyder’s move not Shanahan). Probably why the rift between coach-QB-Owner. The coach along with the GM should pick players not the owner. You don’t see owners of race horses riding them. They sit in the owner’s box and play king/queen which is what they should do.

  14. As inept as M. Shanahan has seemed (especially with easy fundamentals like clock management, etc.), his biggest downfall is sticking with his two coordinators for 4 years without any apparent pushes to have them change things up.

    I’m amazed that last year even happened at all, but I think that was more about Griffin going off vs. Kyle’s “brilliant” play-calling (the defense was still suspect throughout the entire 2012 run).

    But it’s all well and good – Mike found a way to destroy Griffin’s knee last AND his reputation this year as he slithered out of town with $7mil in his pocket. He’ll get hired again somewhere, and Kyle has youth on his side. Haslett will probably coach some CFL team or something. Let’s put it this way, though: I think any of these three finding success in the NFL is much further away than it is close.

  15. I think we’re all ready to try someone other than Haslett, he’s had about 4 years to get this 3-4 working, and to no avail. Although its not really his fault that they don’t have good enough players. Our interior line has no pass rush ability, and our secondary plays like the secondary behind a secondary.

  16. I agree with Jim Haslett -they do have the nucleus of a good team… However, when the defense can’t cover a running back man-to-man on 4th & 10, he’s the reason for the failure… When they’re trying to burn out the clock & throw two incomplete passes instead of running the ball with a guy the defense has failed to stop all day, Daddy’s Favorite must also be shown the door….. And when Danny Smith gets more face time than any special teams coach in the history of NFL broadcasting while Washington fans shudder at the sight of Keith Burns, all is lost. The core roster has gotten better during the Shanahan regime, now they need proper coaching to succeed.

  17. Fire ’em all and bring in Bill O’Brien from Penn State. After coaching Tom Brady the guy should know how to help RGIII play NFL-level football. The current coaches certainly haven’t done it. Of course, what good coach in their right mind would want to go to EITHER Washington or Dallas with those two egomaniacal owners.

  18. If they Haslett run the defense they had when he came to Washington and not change it around because Shanahan wanted a 3-4 they wouldn’t be in this position.

  19. Washington would be a terrible place to coach.
    Snyder is just like jerry jones,
    rg3 was a 5th round draft pick,
    Snyder wated that pick and the skins will be bad for the next 5 years.

  20. I’d like to lose Haslett and burns and keep the rest. Hard to judge Shanny without $36 million in cap room. Really interested to see how they improve this team via free agency on defense.

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