Aikman says Romo back issues should concern Cowboys


Like other former Cowboys, quarterback Troy Aikman thinks his old team could be better off with someone other than Tony Romo at quarterback.  Aikman also thinks that the team should be considering the possibility of someone other than Romo play quarterback on a regular basis.

Aikman explained in a recent appearance on a Dallas radio station that his own career ended not because of concussions but due to back issues, and that Romo having a second back surgery could create doubt about his own future in football.

“I think it would be a concern of mine if I was with the Cowboys, having back surgery once again and at his age,” Aikman said, via the Dallas Morning News.  “It could be a factor going forward as far as his performance.”

Romo turns 34 in April.  Aikman retired at the age of 34.

“I took epidural shots, as I understand Tony [Romo] had this week, and the first time I took them was before the Jacksonville game that season in 2000, and I remember on the day of the game, waking up, and I’d never felt better for a game in my life,” Aikman said.  “My back felt pain free for the first time in years.  And in the first quarter, we completely turned Tony Brackens loose and he slammed me on the turf right flat on my back, and immediately, my back went into spasms.  I was done for the day.  So that good feeling lasted about half of a quarter.  And I took shots the following week hoping that I could recapture the pain-free symptoms, and it never took again.  So, that is why I retired.”

For now, Aikman believes that the absence of Romo will be good for the offense.

“They’ll probably be a little more balanced and run DeMarco Murray more in this game, especially early, and they probably should have done that in other games, and I think because of that they’re going to be better on the offensive side of the ball,” Aikman told WFAN on Friday, via  “I expect the Cowboys to play well, at least offensively.”
As Jimmy Kempski of points out, Aikman’s remarks represent less of a knock on Romo and more of a swipe at Aikman’s former understudy, current Cowboys coach Jason Garrett.  While offensive coordinator Bill Callahan technically (supposedly) is calling the plays, Garrett bears ultimately responsibility for game plans and strategies that shy away from the run and lean on Romo.
Maybe the real banana in the tailpipe for the Eagles on Sunday is that, even with Orton in the game, the Cowboys will continue to dial up the pass.

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  1. Doesn’t matter what Red wants, the guy that Jerruh hired to calls plays does what he’s told. Jerruh wants to see Romo connect with Dez & Witten, then that’s what happens on Sunday.

  2. I’m telling you all this is just a Jerry orchestration to replace Romo and Garret. First Aikmen says they are better off with Orton as has others, now he talks about how bad his back may stay even after surgery.

  3. Thanks also a LOT and a LUMP for that last Saturday’s i of this i of Mr. Florio’s said accounts recounts also that Aikman thinks said team that STILL plays for his old team COULD be better off w/someone other than Romo at quarterback but even recounts also that he says also that he also believes the latter’s back issues SHOULD concern Cowboys officials, having explained that when he said he calls it a career, it wasn’t because of concussions, but rather owing to issues w/injuries to his back and that he also says so in having also explained that Romo’s having a iind operation for back surgery COULD create doubts about his own future in football w/any team from ball from the NFL, and NOT just w/said NE Texas team that STILL contends for ” ‘the Nation’s Team,’ ” as he stands also credited w/having explained to reporters of the “Morning News” for others and even for us, too…. And this even says also, Thanks also a LOT and a LUMP for that last Saturday’s i of this i of his said accounts STILL even recounts also that Aikman believes for now, knowing this has also Romo OUT for remainder of season will be better off for said NE Texas team’s offense in having also explained that w/having Murray running more, that will make the way said NE Texas team’s offense attacks more WELLBALANCED for said team for which he used to play, for others and even for us, too….

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