Antrel Rolle rants about Pro Bowl snub


Few players want to play hard in the Pro Bowl.  But every player wants to have the privilege of not playing hard in the Pro Bowl.

Giants safety Antrel Rolle has loudly protested on Twitter his omission from this year’s postseason preseason game, saying among other things, “This probowl sh-t is a joke.”

“Tell me which safety has better numbers and made more game changing plays than me this year????” Rolle also said.  “I’ll wait!!”

He then tried to act like he doesn’t care about not making it to the Pro Bowl, even though he clearly does.

“That’s why I play for myself, teammates, organization, family & fans,” Rolle said.  “Nothing else matters. All this has done is added more fuel to my fire!”

Finally, Rolle retweeted a graphic comparing his stats to those of the three strong safeties who made it to the game in which no one really wants to play.

While Rolle’s rant likely won’t make the guys who made it to the Pro Bowl decide to play harder in the game to justify their inclusion, players complaining about not being invited adds a little realty-show drama to the event, perhaps luring more people to follow and ultimately watch a game that — but for Sean Taylor’s rendezvous with punter Brian Moorman — hasn’t been known lately for many, or any, significant physical contact.

66 responses to “Antrel Rolle rants about Pro Bowl snub

  1. HAHAHAHA loser.
    In other news Donte (W)hitner posted congratulating the safeties that were selected. Myabe he could teach Antrel some class.

  2. Really Antrel? You want to talk snubs? How about Joe Flacco, who is about to lead his team to 6 straight playoff appearances.

  3. Your team didn’t make the playoffs and Rolle whines about missing out on personal glory. OK. Maybe your team mates will chip in money and buy you a sun lamp since you won’t be going to Hawaii.

  4. And that’s exactly why the Giants fought all year with the Skins for the division basement. Me, me, me. Decent stats, yes. But how many plays did you completely blow by not following your assignment and it resulting in a TD or a big play by the offense? Let’s see those stats.

  5. Defensively, he was our only consistent and dominant player all year. We lost another starting safety and corner, and had nobodies in that seconday aside from Rolle and he did amazing. I think he had more INT’s than the rest of our D combined. He is the only Giant I can truly say deserved to go.

  6. Rolle was one of the few players who played hard, consistent football all year. Absolutely a shame and a sham that he was not selected.

    And Whitner has cement shoes. What a joke.

    Just another reason why I won’t watch “Pro” Bowl. I predict the “game” of touch football that it is will go exactly the direction of this league: Prima Donna quarterbacks throwing 62 times for 400+ yards, and crying when touched (Brady).


  7. One thing I agree with the pro bowl is a joke hate when players make it on NAME only too many good players left out because of this wont be watching this year aloha pro bowl

  8. Sorry trel. While most of unemployed middle America and fans over irrelevant flyover estates use their downtime to stuff pro bowl ballot boxes, us in the northeast keeping this country afloat are hard at work and don’t have the time to vote. No worries. You’re the best in our hearts.

  9. What’s the Pro Bowl? As a Giant fan Antrel should just be quiet but why do players care so much about making the Pro Bowl? The only thing that could come out of it is an injury; people do get hurt playing touch football.

    The NFL needs to just shut it down.

  10. That Sean Taylor link was crazy. Although, the first thing I noticed was that he blew the guy up without having to lead with his helmet. Maybe that clip should be required viewing for all the head hunters that whine about the rules and how they “don’t know how to hit anyone anymore”. I realize it was a punter, but that hit would have laid out anyone, and the shoulder was all it took, no helmet.

  11. This dude’s contract is as out of whack as his sense of self worth.
    The Giants will make him take a pay cut next year or tell him to hit the bricks.

  12. Speaking of a Pro Bowl snub. Paul Posluszny was just robbed, 152 Combined tackles 3 sacks 2 int’s and a Def TD. Guess stats really don’t mean anything anymore.

  13. His whining about his talent not being recognized enough confirms there really is a little “TO” in anTrelle rOlle.

  14. It’s funny that he put “myself” first when he listed the people he plays for. I love it when people cry about something and then try to say they don’t care about it anyway.

  15. ““Tell me which safety has better numbers and made more game changing plays than me this year?”

    Sure! Eric Berry, Earl Thomas, Troy Polamalu, Kam Chancellor, Donte Whitner, Eric Reid, just to name a few! These guys actually make plays for elite Ds that help their team win, not pad their stats in garbage time like this loser.

  16. REMINDER: Antrel Rolle was a top 10 draft pick for the Arizona Cardinals who is only playing safety because he was a complete bust at CB, his original position!

  17. Get real sick and tired of these me me me players. Selfish garbage. Grow up Antrelle. Now you have all off season to sit home and pout like a baby.

  18. As a Giants fan, do I think any of our players deserve to be in the Pro Bowl after our disappointing season, not really (though there many 2013 Pro Bowlers who don’t deserve the honor).

    But the assault by the commenters above on Antrelle Rolle represent a complete lack of knowledge of the player and a bunch trite, knee-jerk responses that are as boring as they are wrong.

    Is Rolle a “me first guy” or does he only crave “personal glory”? Absolutely not. He’s an outspoken team leader who wants to win.

    Is he a “loser”? Check out his Super Bowl ring.

    Does he lack “class”? Show me the last time he appeared on a police blotter. Read about his charity work. And do we REALLY want our favorite players to all repeat the same cliches?

    Do you question his “true character”? How about the post-game locker room talk when Tom Coughlin took responsibility for a loss and Rolle said no “it’s on us”? Rolle is accountable and holds his teammates accountable, as well. that’s leadership & character.

    You can question whether the season’s best player on a disappointing team in a pathetic division deserves to go to the Pro Bowl. But while most around him were injured or struggling, Rolle remained consistent and made game-changing plays.

    Question whether Rolle deserves to be in the Pro Bowl. Do not question the man.

  19. How is it me first attitude, the dude play well with his team and now he is just saying saying he was good, like you don’t do that yourself. So if you do a good job at work and you tell people that, is that a me first attitude?

  20. Players are in a no win situation. While a lot of them know that being selected to the pro bowl is an honor, they also know it’s a popularity contest. The problem lies in the fact of how much emphasis sports writers, analysts and fans place on that honor. Just how many articles are there on this site alone about who got selected for the pro bowl? How many times do NFL analysts bring up pro bowl selections in their arguments to justify why player X is better than player Y? They use these pro bowl selections as a means to justify a players greatness. As great a player as Ray Lewis was, how many pro bowls did Ray Lewis get voted to based on reputation alone? Yet analysts and fans will point to his number of pro bowl selections as truth to his greatness. Many deserving players get left off pro bowl teams, all star teams etc, because too often it’s based on past reputation, and not current ability. So while it may be fun to put down a player who complains about being snubbed, it’s also easy to understand there anger, because we use this meaningless pro bowl selection as criteria to assess there greatness when they retire.

  21. The Pro Bowl has always been a joke, and he shouldn’t be offended…he could have had 5 more INTs and he wouldn’t make it. Ray Lewis making it every year was a prime example. I know it, you all know it, the entire world knows it (except apparently Rolle)

  22. 11th in comb tackles for all defensive backs, 5th for solo tackles for all defensive backs, tied for 10th for sacks for all defensive backs, 2nd in interceptions for all defensive back and this is for all the NFL. I seen players with way worst stats get in, it is all a popularity contest.

  23. If that Sean Taylor play happened with today’s rules that would have been a 15 yard penalty and a $50K fine.

    Which is sad since it was one of the only highlights the Pro Bowl has had in the last two decades.

  24. Hate it all you want, Antrel is right though. “Numbers don’t lie” he had better numbers than those that were selected. Look at Dansby in AZ , he had a “pro bowl” year and didn’t get selected. Keep speaking your mind Antrel.
    People hate, but think about this. . imagine if it was your job weather you’re a lawyer with a stellar case record or a salesman with crazy high production numbers and end of quarter is here. Reviews are conducted and your numbers are better than your peers, they get promoted or a big bonus, a trip or whatever.. You can’t say you wouldn’t be pissed or just a little upset.

  25. Whoever said he pads his stats in garbage time is an idiotard. How does a safety pad league leading interception stats when offenses with 20 point leads are running on you half the game?? Keep hatin while trel shines his ring.

  26. He may come across as whiny but he’s absolutely right. He’s played his butt off this year and nobody cares because Eli is an interception machine and they missed the playoffs.

  27. “Tell me which safety has better numbers and made more game changing plays than me this year????” Rolle also said”
    Christ – I think even Jerron McMillian played better than Rolle this year.

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