No meeting scheduled yet between Shanahan and Snyder

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Nearly three weeks ago, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan declined to talk about his relationship with owner Daniel Snyder, deferring to a meeting that will occur between the two men after the season.

On Friday, Shanahan said that a postseason meeting has not been placed on the calendar, so far.

No, not yet,” Shanahan said Friday, via Mark Maske of the Washington Post.  “We don’t have anything scheduled now.”

Shanahan previously has said he expects a quick decision, although he said nearly in the same breath that only Snyder knows when they’ll meet.

There’s also a chance that no meeting will happen at all, and that Snyder will pull the plug on Shanahan’s deal with one year left on it and moving on.

40 responses to “No meeting scheduled yet between Shanahan and Snyder

  1. What meeting? Have his office packed and shipped. Don’t even let him on the team bus. Let him and his son hitch hike home to Denver.

  2. Shanahan is 24-39 after four years of having total authority over all football operations. Has lost eight straight this year, along with double digit losses for three of the four years. And then, on top of all of that, has an endless series of irritating and divisive leaks through “Mini-Mike” (Adam Schefter). I would expect the meeting to be pretty short. In other words, there will be no need for Mike to sit down. Buh-bye!!

  3. I would not fire this guy. Some times you just have a bad year. Pittsburgh fired their O- Cord and brought in that snot nosed brat Haley and it has been a nightmare.
    RG whatever should have NOT been out there to begin with. He wasn’t ready.
    It was a “look at me” moment.

  4. Shanahan will probably be left off the team flight and have to buy his own ticket home.

    He should empty the minibar and order tons of room service and stick the bill to Danny Boy.

  5. You could write this same article for all 32 NFL teams.

    “Coach xxxx hasn’t been fired. Anonymous sources confirmed that Coach xxxx hasn’t been fired. We will continue to give updates about Coach xxxx until ESPN reports whether he’s be fired or not.”

  6. Unlike Jerky Jones, at least Snyder realizes he doesn’t know how to run a football team. Obviously, Shannahan doesn’t either. Has any coach who had complete control ever been really successful? Even Belicek had Pioli, and we see saw how successful Pioli was at KC.

  7. Lol as if Snyder will even bother. The Shannys will get the word of the coaching staff’s termination from NFLN or one of the other sports networks when the announcement is made on air that Snyder passed them the news.

  8. The only meeting that Snyder and Shanahan should have is one to discuss how to overcome the fact that the NFL and Roger Goodell are conspiring against them. #GoodellHatesTheRedskins

  9. That RG3 trade is going to haunt this team for the better part of this decade…..and do the exact opposite for the soon-to-be powerhouse rams.

  10. Too bad the Skins are playing in NY for the final game. Snyder could have pulled a Haden and fired Shanahan right out on the tarmac as the team is getting on the plane home. I don’t have anything personal against Shany, I’d just like to see the look on his face when he gets canned.

  11. What’s best for the team is to replace coach, coaching staff, front office, owner, racially offensive mascot, and about half the players. But I’m gonna guess that’s not gonna happen.

  12. “Who knows…”???? Of course we know. Shanny has been a disaster. Read @commonsensedude’s post. I bet if you ask Shanny honestly if he deserves to stay, he would say, “I am accountable. I should be let go.”

  13. Snyder has to meet with RG2 and RG3 first to see what direction they want to head, once he finds out who they’ve selected to be RG3’s coach then he can schedule a meeting with Shanahan, while RG2 and RG3 start planning draft strategy.

  14. Hmmmm…Shanahan has two rings. Daniel Snyder has none… RGIII… also none. Additionally , I question the poster who stated that Shanahan has had total control of all things football. Mega Rich owners just aren’t wired that way, for the most part. Just sayin’… Some have done it, some haven’t. As huge of an ego as Elway had (and still has), we never once heard a peep about how he was handled etc. That alone tells me something. Were it not for RGIIIs histrionics, none of the aggrieved parties would be in the shape they now find themselves in.

  15. There might not be a meeting scheduled. But Snyder already did what’s needed to be done. Scheduled Rid Pest Control to come in Monday to get rid of the Rat problem…..

  16. The skins are sinking back to where they belong. Next year the eagles will be trying to hold off the giants while the skins and boys play “who wants to suck more”.

    Seriously though, the skins are in deep you-know-what for at least the next few years.

    On the bright side though, the skins are in the best position, cap-wise, of any team in the NFC east, so maybe that will help.

  17. I’ve never remotely admired Daniel Snyder but in this case I’m totally on his side.

    I hope that Snyder leaves Shanarat twisting in the wind through January until all the HC vacancies are filled and then fires him for cause. This would ensure that Shanarat gets paid nothing in 2014.

  18. Snyder should keep him on until March and then fire the turd. Would keep him from getting a job in ’14!

  19. l0glcalv0icesays could be correct . . all along?

    If it wasn’t for the Giants / Eagles / Cowboys , , the Redskins might not be the Cellar-Dwellers of the NFC East every year.

    Hey L-Voice ,, don’t forget to get your TIX for next year,,at a hefty-price-increase.

    As Snyder just laughs and laughs . . and thinks to himself . . . ( these people will buy anything I sell em)

  20. Really all this pent up anger is not doing anyone good, I’ve been a Skins fan since 81, please bring back some sanity with a stable organization, change is good but not better stay the course give Mike a one year extension with 30 mil to spend in free agency and RGIII with a full offseason to prepare and not rehab and we will be in a better place at this same time next year, if not then make a change

  21. arlingtonsynn says:
    Dec 28, 2013 2:48 PM

    This would be the one time it would be appropriate for a head coach to find out he was fired via the media.

    You’re right!! It would be totally appropriate for Shanahan to find out that he’s been fired through a Sunday report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter or Dan Graziano.

  22. At this point, after his attitude and all the acts of flippancy on Mike’s part….Totally press release his termination and fight paying him.

    I realize he has done some good, but for the most part, Mike has been extremely mediocre and at this point in the year, a problem.

    See ya and all your staff. Jeesh! That got out of control quickly!

  23. Let us just see what Chippy and the Phillderellas can do next year with an offseason of game planning.

    Last year the Read Option was unstoppable. With a tougher schedule and a seen that and done that, the Eagles will not be in the same position next year guaranteed.

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