Pro Bowl eliminates kickoffs, so Cordarrelle Patterson is snubbed

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Vikings rookie Cordarrelle Patterson had a brilliant season returning kickoffs. Patterson led the league with 1,342 kickoff return yards (only Devin Hester was even within 400 yards of Patterson’s total). Patterson led the league with 33.5 yards per return. Patterson was the only kickoff returner with multiple touchdown returns this season, and one of those touchdowns was an NFL-record 109 yards. Patterson had 10 returns of 40 or more yards (no one else in the NFL had more than five). Patterson was the best kickoff returner in the NFL by a huge margin.

So surely, he must be a Pro Bowl return man, right?

Wrong. This year the NFL has eliminated kickoffs in the Pro Bowl. As a result, the NFL has also eliminated the position of kickoff returner from Pro Bowl consideration.

There are still Pro Bowl punt returners (Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown and Kansas City’s Dexter McCluster), but Patterson doesn’t return punts, so he wasn’t eligible for Pro Bowl consideration.

The elimination of the kickoff in the Pro Bowl was a bad deal for Patterson, who would have been the only rookie to make the Pro Bowl this season if kickoff returners were chosen. But it may be the wave of the future: The NFL wants to de-emphasize kickoffs in an effort to make the game safer, and there’s been talk that some day, kickoffs may go away all together. By de-emphasizing the kickoff, the NFL is also de-emphasizing the impact of players like Patterson. And that’s a shame, because he’s one of the most exciting players to enter the NFL in years.

65 responses to “Pro Bowl eliminates kickoffs, so Cordarrelle Patterson is snubbed

  1. Patterson is good. Don’t get me wrong. But if Jacoby Jones would’ve been healthy all year he’d be topping charts in all of these categories. He was also a Tomlin interference away from multiple returns for scores.

  2. why not just name one anyone? its all stupid fun and games, and it IS a position on special teams, one of the 11. mix them in with the specialists, let them try to return punts for fun.

  3. I get doing it for the pro bowl. Once all the fans complain about how boring the game is with no kickoffs the NFL better not dare remove em from real games

  4. Guess you get more return opportunities when your defense keeps giving up points….

    He is an impressive player though that will only get better. They will have to decide much like Green Bay did with Cobb whether to develop him as a top 2 WR, or continue to use him as a return man and expose him to some of the huge hits that come from that aspect of the game.

  5. Seems like we are headed to a time that football as we have know it will soon be gone.

    The worst think to ever happen to football is “Fantasy Football”. Too many ways for people to make money running fantasy sites and it has put the emphisis on only scoring and making yards.

    No longer the beauty of the game good offense against good defense. Who cares if its points, points, points an yards yards yards. Just good tackling, good play calling , smart players performing their craft. Take the stats out of the game and go back to enjoying the game for the game.

  6. Test run for the regular season. Goodell is ruining football. Of all the awful rule changes in his deplorable reign, the neutering of kick returners by moving the kickoff forward is one I absolutely despise and can’t over. The kickoff return used to be one of the most exciting plays in football and a chance to flip momentum after an opponent score. All these touchbacks are demoralizing and pathetic.

  7. Why the hell did they eliminate knockoffs? Why is the NFL the only sport taking these stupid, effing actions? Can you imagine if boxing or the UFC started these ridiculous crap?

    These morons are killing this game.

  8. What’s next…no punts? Enough already with this nonsense. Keep the kickoffs AND move the ball back to where it used to be.

    For any youngsters on this site (25 and below)… guys have really been cheated out of what was once a great game. Im not THAT old, but the game I watched as a kid throughout the 80’s is seriously not what you see today.

  9. Anyone want to make a billion dollars? Start a football league that gets back to basics.

  10. This will be the last year for the Probowl and Goodell will have accomplished what he set out to do. Why have a punt returner on the ballot? This is all so ludicrous I think most fans have already heard enough about the Probowl and it’s anticlimatic format. I hate fantasy football and may start following basketball which still resembles the game we’ve all been watching all our lives and hasn’t been sissified into a snoozefest!

  11. The feminization of our society has begun to erode the best sport in the world.

    Roger Goodell has presided over the destruction of the game.

  12. filthymcnasty1 says: Dec 28, 2013 3:24 PM

    He plays on a last place team, so he wasn’t snubbed.

    This from a guy who’s team was shut out completely.

  13. Does anyone still watch the Pro Bowl ? I haven’t for years and every time I see them making some change to it, it makes the game even more unwatchable.

    Just get rid of it already. Its nothing but a pointless suckfest of zero effort.

  14. How else would pack fans react to someone who lit them up?

    He has many Moss like abilities…..Musgrave clueless in how to utilize him.

    He only gets better, and pack fans more envious!

    Go Patterson Go!

  15. I’m sick of all the player safety bullcrap you know what your signing up to do, it’s part of the job, it’s why you make 100k to play a game. If you can’t handle the risks don’t play football plain and simple.

  16. I was so looking forward to watching Kickoff Returns in the Superbowl this year. Especially the 90 percent of them that would be fair caught 8 yards deep in the end zone.

  17. It only took Frazier about 10 weeks to figure out that it might be advantageous to get the football to this guy.. That’s okay, CP, you’ll be here when your head coach hits the road. Surely, the next coach will figure out how to use you!

  18. The league robbing the lavender Larry toads of these small moral victories is devastating to them.

    Watch how the dummies try to make as big a deal out of this as they did “bountygate.”

    Oh boo hoo, the vikqueens had a SB stole from them, Oh boo hoo.

  19. If he was any good the Vikings would have beaten the Packers at least once this year. As it is Cordarelle Patterson will have to anxiously wait until next year at the very earliest to beat the Packers even one time.

    This dud is definitely more like Fungus than Moss.

  20. The Pro Bowl is done as a game. It’s only use now is as a testing ground for all of the ridiculous rule changes the league wants to implement.

  21. Best rookie in the league…..if you haven’t watched this dude you are missing out. He is exciting. Now they need a QB.

  22. The NFL might as well eliminate all defensive positions from the probowl as well since theyre already limited by its stupid rules. Better yet, get rid of the probowl altogether it is the biggest joke in football.

  23. Eliminate kickoffs? Seriously?
    Would the Saints’ SB victory have been anywhere near as exciting without that onside kick?
    Stop making us sick with all this jibberjabber and poopycoq.

  24. I just hope that the Vikings are smart enough to promote Priefer before he leaves the organization for a better job. The guy is a really good coach.

  25. gopackgo85 says:
    Dec 28, 2013 3:24 PM
    Guess you get more return opportunities when your defense keeps giving up points….

    He is an impressive player though that will only get better. They will have to decide much like Green Bay did with Cobb whether to develop him as a top 2 WR, or continue to use him as a return man and expose him to some of the huge hits that come from that aspect of the game.
    1. Patterson returned 40 times. Hester who had less yards returned 47 times.

    2. Cobb is not the same kind of player Patterson is. He’s good, but not as good as Flash.

  26. So Patterson isn’t going to Hawaii as a kick returner, but Dexter McCluster is going solely as a punt returner?

    Surely the category should just be returner and the best kick/punt returners are selected, even if they only get to field punts, or you have no returner category.

    Even as a packer fan, this annoys me.

  27. People are saying who cares about the Pro Bowl, and certainly I get it. It’s boring and not worth watching.

    The intriguing thing is now kickoffs aren’t going to happen at the Pro Bowl. Next it will be implemented in the NFL. Then punts will disappear. Then tackling altogether. Then the entire NFL itself will disappear and we’ll have fruitcakes running around in fig leaves with a flag stuck out their bahooky that the opponents need to pull to ‘tackle them’.

    Then Goodell will announce his objective successful. 🙂

  28. sooner or later the NFL will not have a fan base to watch this game because they keep screwing with everything that everyone loves about this sport!!

  29. shatho1 says:
    Dec 28, 2013 7:02 PM
    sooner or later the NFL will not have a fan base to watch this game because they keep screwing with everything that everyone loves about this sport!!



  30. really? what’s next eliminating contact? maybe making the defense play with their hands tied behind their backs? Heck lets eliminate the running game and make the league a stricly passing oriented game!

  31. Bud Grant said it best.

    He called them kick teams not special teams.

    He said of the players, “If there was anything special about them they would play on regular teams.”

  32. thepftpoet says:
    Dec 28, 2013 3:25 PM

    You are jealous of the future dynasty Vikings.

    Admit it.

    You envy our success.

    You wish your favorite franchise would emulate ours.

    40 losses including the playoffs the last 4 years isn’t much to envy.

  33. They should have named the special team players to the pro bowl and even though they don’t do the returns, they could have filled other rolls. It really doesn’t matter that they eliminated the kick off, these players are pro bowl players in the true sense of the word and should be recognized.

  34. Just because they don’t have kickoffs in the pro bowl doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be any kickoff specialists elected. They should just elect a guy and then give them a couple token plays during the game.

  35. I hear they are eliminating tackling too but aren’t telling the public. Next year, they are getting rid of the forward pass. Get rid of this game finally…..

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