Report: Jets could announce Rex is staying on Sunday


In 2013, Jets coach Rex Ryan may have done his best job yet, given the quality of the players with which he has been working.  And that apparently will be enough to get him at least one more year.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, an announcement that Rex is staying put could come as early as Sunday.

The real question will be whether and to what extent Ryan’s contract is extended.  Currently signed through 2014, it’s hard to imagine a lame-duck coaching situation in the nation’s leading media market.  At a minimum, Ryan would be getting a one-year extension — which would still mean that he’ll be coaching for his job next year.

The smart move, if doubt remains in the front office regarding Rex, would be to fashion a multi-year extension with some fine print that reduces the buyout if the Jets decide after 2014 to move on.  That would create the impression Rex is safe next year, avoiding another season of constant speculation over whether he’ll be back.

Regardless, the current season of constant speculation over whether he’ll be back apparently is poised to end with a proclamation that, by winning seven (and maybe eight) games with a largely overmatched roster, Rex has earned the right to give it at least one more shot.  And if that’s the decision, it’s the right one.

75 responses to “Report: Jets could announce Rex is staying on Sunday

  1. I’m sorry but it’s hard to take this guy seriously after seeing that tattoo and watching those wacky videos of his wife’s feet with him slobberin’ in the background……….jus’ sayin’……

  2. I’m not a huge Rex Ryan fan, but when your starting quarterback has a TD-INT ratio of 12-21, and a passer rating of 65.3, its quite an accomplishment to win 7 games.

  3. Once again, Ownership proves why this team is a joke. It won’t be until this team changes ownership and then maybe they will stop being the embarrassment of the NFL.

    Ownership poison from the top down.

  4. Best news since the announcement of Brady’s extension.
    Here’s to another long fruiti-Jets tenure.


    Pats fans everywhere.

  5. Rex has done such a great job developing starting QBs that Woody Johnson can’t bear to let him go.


  6. I’m not much of a Rex Ryan fan and I doubt he will ever win a SB with the Jets. But given the talent and the schedule they had, in many ways this was probably his best year as a head coach.

  7. Rex Ryan has done a great job in NYC. What he did with that team and it’s profound lack of talent on offense since he got there is nothing short of amazing. The problem they had was letting rex have too much say in personnel and having an idiot GM at the controls letting Rex (Or Herm or Mangini) run their own show. The new guy seems like an adult is at the controls. With a competent GM, and some actual offensive talent, they will be a much better team going forward.

  8. So much for Mehta calling for his head after putting Sanchez in during the 4th quarter of that preseason game . All we heard was the hoopla that he should have been fired then, but the genius Mehta never explained who would take over as coach a week before the season started. Idiot. We don’t hear a peep out of the media about that now do we? Didn’t think so.

  9. LOL at Pats fans above inferring that Rex Ryan has something to do with New England’s superiority over the Jets.

    New England has Tom Brady.
    The Jets have Geno Smith and Marc Sanchez.

    There you have it, genius.

  10. I read some of these comments and wonder if some of you guys even follow the Jets in their division. Ryan took over someone else’s team that already had been winning and with someone else’s players and draft picks made the playoffs in his first couple of years there. Then he steadily tanked. It was Ryan’s decision to sign Sanchez to an extension even before his contract was up. He’s made some incredible bonehead moves in his job as a head coach. I don’t even like the Jets and think the guy should be canned.

  11. I’m sure Rex wants to get fired. With all the openings if he was fired he could end up in Detroit with amQB and a killer D line, or go be the D coordinator for GB or some other championship caliber team

  12. This has nothing to do with me being a New England fan, but I hope Rex stays. He provides lots of comic relief for the NFL. I find the guy very funny. Really.

  13. I think Rex fits in the circus like franchise the Jets have been through the years. They should only fire him if they want to be taken seriously with someone else.

  14. What Red did this year was amazing. He held Brady in both games under 200 yards and kept the games low scoring. Our defense did an excellent job even though they were out there all the time. If we had a QB that didn’t throw so many picks and scores we would be in the playoffs. Our defense would get the ball back in good scoring positions and Geno would throw it away and start throwing the picks. If we get a descent QB like Cutler. Our Oline will keep him health cause he knows he only has 2 seconds to throw the ball unlike 6 sec Geno.

  15. He should be in Canton already. Jay-Z should be his agent. Makes Coughlin look like a Boy Scout troopmaster. If he stays it will be an encouraging reflection on Idzik’s decision-making skills.

  16. They should keep him, this coming from a diehard Pats fan, it’s not all his fault that Tannenbaum went crazy after thier first winning season signing all those overrated big name players who wanted to jump on the bandwagon. Essentially giving them a 2 year window before bringing them to the salary cap hell they are in now.

    He is a good coach, and as much of a blowhard he is, it is good to have a rival in the division to keep things interesting, which he does a great job of.

  17. XCEREBUS1 Mangini wasn’t winning. He was a psycho coach. The players hated him and they all spoke when he was canned. You actually see the Jets players fighting for him. We had No offensive playmakers at all. Only Kerley I would love to see stay cause he gets us a ton of 3rd downs and actually gets open. Also a LG so we need 2 WR a TE LG and a QB. The new QB could change the WR’s and TE’s we have already but we should stilll look for younger guys. I watch every Jets game. We had our best games against good teams. We just played down to losing teams. We have all young guys were the 5th youngest team in the NFL so they have to get use to playing and get use to playing on the road

  18. The front office of that organization is a train wreck. They should be begging Rex to stay. He got 7 wins out of that roster. Imagine if he had a roster of actual players. Name a player on that team that is a starter any where else. Maybe someone on the DL, but that is it.

  19. Football is entertainment. Rex is entertaining. I’ve suffered with the Jets for 40 years but I’ve been more entertained in the Rex Ryan era than ever before.

  20. I knew Rex wasn’t going anywhere and posted why many times on this site. Best move the Jets will make all year. Woody isn’t that stupid guys.

    The Jets are a team only a few key players away from being very tough to beat.

  21. LOL Rex took over a winning team and gave Sanchez an extension? Yea what were they winning exactly? If you believe your head coach is calling front office shots you have no idea what your talking about and have no business commenting.

  22. The fact that Rex’s name came up this week on many Sirius NFL shows as a possibility for Coach of the Year, is a reflection of the job he did this year. If his QB had less INT’s and more TD’s they would have been in the playoff’s. Rex and his D are a great building block for the future. If a few more offensive playmakers are added, a solid team is had. The players love playing for him…haters keep hating.

  23. No respectable head coach would go into a final year of a contract. A one year extension tells the players and the fans that they don’t have that much confidence in the man as head coach. Why not just move on?

  24. Rex Ryan’s real skill is getting the most mileage I’ve ever seen out of his, ahem, “accomplishments”. And I use the word ‘accomplishments’ loosely.

    This guy made two AFC Championship games and has acted like he won two Super Bowls. And the media and fans buy it. A guy like Tom Coughlin has actually won something, TWO SUPER BOWLS, and people already want to run him out of town. How does Rex do it?

    Now, he’s led the Jets to a 7-9 record and has people believing he’s a great coach again. People will point to his poor roster, but everyone forgets that he had a MAJOR SAY and MAJOR INPUT in to the building of said roster. A lot of these players hwer handpicked by REX. Yet he has managed to escape culpability for such poor players being on the Jets.

    Bravo Rex, bravo. You have everyone fooled yet again.

  25. @xcerebus1
    Ahhh you say the team Rex got was a winning one. They were 9-7 the year before and 4-12 the tear before that. Rex added players like Holmes, Braylon Edwards,LT on offense. Bart Scott,Jim Leanord,Antonio Cromartie,Trevoe Pryce on Defense.
    Rex and his defensive system got the Jets one step away from the super bowl in 2009 and went 11-5 and got them one step away from the super bowl again. Mike T pulled the strings on the Sanchez deal and just think how good the Rex led Jets could be if they find a QB that does not lead the NFL in turnovers. Just something to think about.

  26. If rex doesnt get dumped neither will Frazier or Schwartz IMHO.
    Obviously the owner and GM leaked this, no one else could come up with him not being canned and the announcement coming tomorrow. No one.

  27. Pats fan. Rex is a solid coach and isn’t the problem with the Jets. The quarterback has been the problem. Always thought that team would be a force if they just had someone decent under center. Even a guy like Alex Smith could have been good for that team. Rex should stay, and they should do whatever possible to get a QB.

  28. The irony. I’ve seen coached canned for sticking with a QB that never panned out and putting all their hopes in the guy. He may stay but trust me Geno will take him down.
    Frazier had Ponder, Fisher had Young and a former Vike coach had Travaris. None panned out and all coachers were canned for it.

  29. Idzik is either an idiot, or doesn’t really run personnel on this team.

    I personally thinks it’s both.

    Now what do jests fans think of Woody Johnson running the front office of this franchise?

    They aren’t reffered to as raiders east for nothing.

  30. Yeah Gino Smith is a bust. Because all rookie QBs do what Andrew Luck did right? Gino has had a normal rookie season. A lot of ups and downs. Just think he sucks so bad,the team has NOTHING on offense(started three undrafted street free agents at WR & TE) and he still could get them to 8-8. Sounds like a crap coach to me?

  31. @badgrandpa33

    You got anything else besides baseless conjecture? Not to say Rex has no input on personnel at all, but the general manager and scouting department are the ones tasked with building a team, the HC just has to coach up the guys he does get, lets not pretend the hole the Jets are in is the fault of anyone else but Mike Tannenbaum.

  32. @nyjalleffingday

    How is what I said “baseless conjecture”? If you’re gonna blame Tannenbaum, you gotta blame Rex too. It is known fact that Rex had lots of input on the players who are on the Jets. Tannenbaum and Rex worked hand in hand. Jets fans love to throw Mr. T under the bus and give Rex a pass and I guess they will do so for the next 20 years. It’s pathetic but not surprising.

  33. Having a top ranked defense must mean nothing anymore. The comments under any Jets post are so ridiculous. Of course they are terrible on offense…rookie qb, no receivers, it’s always 3rd down. Rex is not the issue. It’s a players game and right now, the offense is to blame.

  34. Mr. Ryan is a perfect example of the Peter Principle in action.

    That said, I hope the Jets lay their hearts out tomorrow and beat Miami to save Mr. Ryan’s job. Also, go Chiefs and Bengals!!

  35. Pat fans chiming in is so weak. Typical. They can never be trusted. Glad the Giants ruined the oatsies perfect season and beat them twice in the SB.

  36. woody johnson = jerry jones and jerry jones =woody johnson. Need to have 2 Circus in both Conferences. 2 of the Most Stupid owners ever.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Amazingly the Jests were NOT the biggest circus acts this year. That prize went to the Dolphins, Cowgirls, and Tampa Bay. Heck, even Seattle with all their drug addicts had more negative attention.

  38. I’m just a little confused. Everyone keeps mentioning how great Sexy Rexy’s defense is, but aren’t they like -110 points differential? Is that now considered good?

  39. @badgrandpa33

    Because outside of what’s revealed in interviews, there is no way to know what happens behind the scenes of an NFL franchise, which would make statements to the contrary, y’know, baseless conjecture. Like I said before, Rex obviously has a say in what players make it on the team, but he’s not in charge of scouting, he’s not the one who signed Sanchez and Holmes to massive contracts and royally screwed the teams cap situation, he’s not pulling the trigger on draft picks, that’s why people give Ryan a pass.

    Off the top of my head, the only player screw ups you can contribute directly to Ryan are letting go of Kerry Rhodes, drafting Scotty McKnight, and bringing in Ed Reed.

  40. and let’s not forget the value of continuity. Keep Rex and Marty for Geno. Besides, I already have 3,000 unsold ‘REX-MARTY-GENO-NYJ’ bumper stickers. my contact info: user is not authorized

  41. Rex is a joke. I can’t take him seriously. if he were hired by my favorite team, I’d be miserable. he’s a side show defensive coach trying to run a team. make him a defensive coordinator, then you have a shot. until then he’s a sub story to take headlines when there’s nothing else to talk about so he serves a purpose, albeit a small one.

  42. Wrecks is the Ron. Burgundy of head coaches. Likeable. Hilarious. But Lord, you don’t actually want him to coach or be responsible for the news.

  43. If Ryan is staying, then I’m happy. Look, he’s not a perfect coach, he can run a defense, but he needs a guy like Morhinweg to help him. Regardless, he’s a players coach. With almost all the ego problems gone from 2011-12 and with a fresh group of faces, I can see Ryan leading this team back to the playoffs in 2014. Also, will you idiots lay off Geno? First of all, not every rookie quarterback is going to be the next Russell Wilson, second, Geno had to deal with a very threadbare receiving corps, of which I’d probably keep Cumberland, Kerley and offer David Nelson a tryout. Give him 2 or more weapons like Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans and Austin Sefarien-Jenkins and a decent guard and Geno could actually be good. I see the Jets really coming out of this smelling like roses next year.

  44. Pro football talk, CBS sports, ESPN and 20 other sports publications/blogs: Jets Jets Jets Jets Jets Jets Jets Jets Jets Ryan Jets Jets Ryan Jets For such an awful team they get the biggest share of news run..

  45. Dolphins last week were pathetic. As the Jets coach Ryan is 41 and 38. If he can’t beat the Fins tommorrow help the guy out and fire him so he can get with another organization. Rex would do better somewhere else and not as the head coach.

  46. alskdh says:
    Dec 28, 2013 5:52 PM
    Best news since the announcement of Brady’s extension.
    Here’s to another long fruiti-Jets tenure.


    Pats fans everywhere.

    Tick Tock. That’s the Tom Brady clock ticking. He’s 36, won’t win the SB this year. He won’t win it at 37 next year, so you’re looking at a tired 38 year old Brady in 2 years with the Jets, Bills and Dolphins at the gates.


  47. Dear Jets; Please keep Rex Ryan as head coach. We love his style and what he brings to the team. -signed: the rest of the AFC East and all football bloggers and cable sports shows everywhere.

  48. As as Giants fan lining in So Florida. I watch all the money spent and talent brought in for the Dolphins. However they aren’t much better then the Jets. Ryan is winking with a lot less. Remember as well, Geno was a second round pick, not a first.
    Not a Ryan fan but seems to be winning with a lot less then others. Hence Detroit.

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