Report: Signs point to Rex Ryan returning

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If Jets G.M. John Idzik wants to hire his own coach, Idzik may have to wait at least one more year.

Citing multiple unnamed sources, Adam Schefter of ESPN writes that the signs are pointing to coach Rex Ryan returning for a sixth season.

This will be the third straight year that the Jets haven’t made it to the playoffs; Ryan took the Jets to the AFC title game in each of his first two campaigns at the helm.  But Ryan nevertheless has led the Jets to seven wins in 2013 despite a dearth of talent on the offensive side of the ball.

If Ryan stays, he’ll likely get a contract extension.  His current deal expires after the 2014 season.

The key will be the number of years added to the deal.  A one-year Band-Aid will mean that he’s coaching for his job again in 2014.

Ryan reportedly told his team last week that the “word on the street” is that he’ll be fired.  It may have been a motivational ploy, or it may have been proof that owner Woody Johnson has kept Rex in the dark.

Regardless, Ryan should stay.  He has done far more with far less than he’s had in any prior season on the job.  If/when Idzik gives Rex a better roster, he may finally be able to lift the team one step beyond the Super Bowl semifinals.

45 responses to “Report: Signs point to Rex Ryan returning

  1. Thank God.

    I love this man, and I’ve never been surer about any coach the Jets have had.

    If the Jets are ever going to win anything, it’s going to be with Rex Ryan.

  2. GOOD! He’s a hell of a coach, easily the best defensive coach in the league and he took two teams led by Mark Sanchez of all people to two straight AFC title games.

    That, on top of winning at minimum 7 games this season when everyone had them pegged for 4 wins max proves this guys talent. And he lost a lot of weight as a bonus.

    Rex for president. I salute you.

  3. Better yet, fire him. I want to see him go back to Baltimore just to see the Ravens defense that tore my Eagles up that year destroy the AFC.

  4. He is a good coach. They need to focus on offense in the draft/free agency. Kerley is a decent receiver and David Nelson could be a solid 3/4wr on the team. I’d cut Holmes as soon as the season is over.

  5. He’s winning with a team of scrubs and he hasn’t lost the locker room at all. He’s a great coach as much as people love to rag on him. He’s def better than a guy like John Fox for example, who can’t even dominate with a galaxy of stars on his roster.

  6. I do not like Rex Ryan, but I think he deserves to stay. I don’t think it’s possible for any coach to win there with the quarterbacks they have.

  7. The Jets would have been wise to part ways with both Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez YEARS AGO, and while it looks like they finally cut the cord with the QB, now they have to finally get rid of the idiot coach as well. Sometimes, the most important thing towards progressing as an organization is an uncompromising effort to CHANGE THE CULTURE OF THE TEAM. A higher degree of professionalism, accountability, player behavior, and competent roster decisions by the front office…the Jets need to get better in a lot of these areas, and changing the head coach is one way to help ensure that significant reform is taking place.

  8. I sure hope he returns! He’s a clown leader at the clown college that is the New York Jets and so long as he’s in our division, that’s one more positive for us!

  9. Kerley is quite possibly the only WR on the roster who would get a multi-year deal as a free agent, and possibly the only one who would even get signed at all.

    Their tight ends are all scrap heap.

    Ivory isn’t a bad RB but he’s hardly a star or bona fire number one, and he’s the second best skill player on offense.

    If you can win 7 games out of 15 with that offense and a terrible rookie QB you at least deserve to finish out your contract.

  10. Ryan is an upper echelon game-day coach. Unfortunately for him, the job entails a much broader skill set than simply putting together a decent game plan and managing the game as it unfolds. It’s for this reason that Ryan is best suited to a coordinator role, where his responsibilities are limited to what happens on the field.

  11. “Regardless, Ryan should stay. He has done far more with far less’.

    The team is solidly behind him.

    People here were expecting a train wreck this season but the Jets will have at least 7 wins with a rookie QB. How many wins would they have managed with Sanchise instead? 4? 6?

    Yes it was dumb to let Sanchise get hurt in that preseason mop-up, but I think they saved his $8M salary (insurance) and they didn’t have to play him and face the weekly ‘bench him’ argument.

    The GM should focus on getting some offensive players in the draft and let’s see how next year shakes out (with Rex).

  12. Rex was definitely a huge clown at first….but it seems to me that he has definitely matured in that regard this past year. I used to dislike the guy immensely, like a lot of people did, but not anymore. I was only hoping the Jets would get rid of him after this season so maybe my Giants would have had a shot of nabbing him for their DC.

    Anyway, good for rex.

  13. Good! He deserves to be back. He has done a better job than most expected. Not many other coaches in the league could have done any better with the offensive talent, or lack of, than Rex did. Hopefully they will concentrate on brining in some decent players that will help put some points on the board.

  14. The number one sign indicating Rex Ryan is staying with the Jets: $. The only sign Woody Johnson cares about.

  15. “Honestly if Favre cameback (sic) and stayed a Jet they would have won the SB.”

    Now that’s the real definition of fantasy football.

  16. Going into this season, with a terrible roster, the disaster of last season, the Mark Sanchez injury, the fact that his choices for starting QB were Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith, and the loss of Revis, I totally thought this year’s Jets season was going to be a total dumpster fire and Rex would be lucky to keep his job the whole way through. Instead he found a way to drag seven wins out of these guys, with a reasonable possibility of an eighth.

    So, um, bravo, Rex.

  17. Sounds good to me. Best damn coaching staff we have had in a long long time. Another year in the same offense w/ some added play makers and the defense will only get better as they mature.

  18. Any other coach would have 3 wins with the roster that the jets have. Bottom 3 team in terms of talent and yet they might go 8-8. Not to mention they beat the patriots and saints.

  19. As a Pats fan, it amazes me to see the quality defenses this guy throws together year in and year out. While he needs to mature a bit on the offensive side of the ball, it’s not always bad when the league is zigging, to make your team zag…building with a great defense and perhaps some timely and effective offense.

    I know it’s just a dream, but I’d like to see what Ryan could do with the Pats defense. Too many years it’s been Tom Brady covering the stink or smoke & mirrors…and we are again is sitting at the bottom of the league for the fifth or sixth consecutive year. Lack of defense at critical times has cost the Pats dearly in postseasons since 2006 and arguably another three super bowl titles (2006, 2007, and 2011).

    While the guy has been a clown at times, he’s a fantastic coach on the defensive side of the ball and his teams have never quit on him…he should be able to stay.

  20. Not sure how he does it, but Rex Ryan manages to be a HC who is allowed to take next to no responsibility for the lack of offensive talent on his team.

    The dude has been there 5 years now – he has never developed a QB worthy of the title – shows loyalty to players who do not deserve it.

    On top of this his game management skills are truly awful – as great a defensive schemer as he obviously is.

    Like his dad, this Ryan (and his brother) are not HC material.

    Jets fans are so utterly devoid of a winning history that they would keep Rex to avoid going 4-12 next year.

  21. Is this a joke? Can’t bring up the two afc championship teams they had as that was manginis’ teams. This guy, although quieter, is still a buffoon.

  22. Thank god! As a Pats fan, I was worried they had finally figured out one of their many huge problems. Hell, I thought they’d figure it out when the foot fetish news broke. Thank god for stupid management.

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