Signs point to Frazier being out in Minnesota

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The ultimate reality show also has become the ultimate zero-sum game.  For every good team, there’s a bad team.  And every bad team wants to be a good team.

Thanks to guys like former Eagles and current Chiefs coach Andy Reid, who turned a bad team good in one year, plenty of coaches working for bad teams will be getting fired in the coming days.

In Minnesota, the signs point to Leslie Frazier being let go.  The first clear indication came in the offseason, when the team rewarded him for an unlikely playoff berth in 2012 not with a long-term deal but by picking up the option for 2014.

And when a report emerged nearly two weeks ago that the Vikings have reached out to Penn State coach Bill O’Brien, the Vikings didn’t deny it.  Instead, they had no comment.

We’ve now caught wind of talk that G.M. Rick Spielman has a double-digit list of potential candidates to replace Frazier.  Which suggests fairly strongly that Frazier won’t be there.

Some wonder whether Spielman will be.  As explained last week in our look at possible General Manager turnover, a case can be made for keeping Spielman, and for moving on.

If the Vikings move on from Frazier, there’s a chance we’ll know even before the day known in the NFL as Black Monday.  When the Wilfs fired former Vikings coach Mike Tice eight years ago, it happened with a one-page press release circulated in the locker room after a Week 17 home win over the Bears.

While Tice needed to go, Frazier and Spielman arguably should stay.  With a new offensive coordinator and a new quarterback, the Vikings quickly could get back into contention.  And with the new two seasons to be played outdoors pending the opening of the team’s new home in 2016, it could be hard to persuade candidates with options to opt for a strange couple of years in Minnesota.

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  1. “With a new offensive coordinator and a new quarterback, the Vikings quickly could get back into contention”

    No mention of getting a new defensive coordinator? Sorry, but this team needs more than a new OC and QB to turn things around and have any kind of lasting success.

  2. Seems like a good dude. He lacked in-game adjustments like I’ve never seen before and for being a DB “guru”, he’s had zero impact on guys like Chris Cook, Asher Allen, Josh Robinson, and didn’t start Rhodes until halfway through the year. Cover-2 is awful and MN needs a change.

  3. With Frazier the Vikings do not stand a chance of ever winning the division let alone competing for anything else. If Frazier comes back he’ll put his guy, Ponder, right back in and next year will be the same as this year.

    He needs to go, it’s way past time.

  4. Lol I remember when the Seahawks were forced to bring this goon in for a sham token head coaching interview due to the racist Rooney Rule when they had already committed to hiring Pete Carroll.

  5. So by my count … this will be the 5th coach in about the last 12 years or so. At some point you just gotta say that no coach can turn this pathetic ship around. Just keep grasping at straws (or should I say quarterbacks and head coaches) Minnesota. It’s obvious you can’t quite figure it out.

  6. The Vikings have set up shop in the NFC North basement for years to come.

    With Spielman’s inability to pick a quarterback, Adrian Peterson’s runaway train ride towards age 30, new offensive and defensive systems, a two-year exile into the cold Minnesota weather, and three vastly superior teams looking down on them, the Vikings can look forward to setting new records for futility.

    Meanwhile, the Minnesota home crowd can look forward to setting new records for the highest concentration of meth cooks per square foot at a single sporting event.

  7. .

    I doubt if Coach of the Year candidates Andy Reid, Bill Belichick, or Pete Carroll could have had much success with this roster.


  8. There are many reasons Frasier needs to be fired.
    He picked those horrible coordinators.
    He decides who plays, including waiting way too long to start good young players.
    He doesn’t make a single in game adjustment.
    He does not inspire the players to play better, nor does he inspire the fan base.
    His only good season was because of an insane effort by AP.
    Frasier decided Ponder was the QB from day 1.
    His team collapses at the end of games.
    He is the head coach of a team with a bad record. And wins and losses is how you judge a head coach.

    And I can’t think of a single thing he did well this year.

  9. I’ve been a fan of the NFL and the Vikings since 1970, and have never seen another Head Coach who seems as lethargic and clueless as Les Frazier. Please resist telling me what a “nice guy” he is. I couldn’t care less about how “nice” he is. This team needs a forward-thinking, motivational leader who can kick some arses when needed and stroke some egos when appropriate. Frazier may be popular at his church, but last time I looked there are no pews in the stadiums he works in. After all this time, I am poised to jump ship unless the owners do what’s right and finally get proper coaching, a REAL NFL quarterback who might stick around for 10 years, and a bunch of fired-up assistant coaches to make things work.

    Bye Leslie. I, for one, will never miss you. Go join some other team and keep sporting that deer-in-the-headlights expression somewhere new.

  10. I hope they keep Leslie. He’s a class guy and a good coach, and his players have played hard for him all year, when a lot of teams might have given in (like the Texans, apparently). It’s not his fault that Christian Ponder wasn’t up to the job. If the Vikings bring in a different coach, that means starting over and everyone having to adjust to the new coaches’ systems and “way of doing things,” and another lousy year. Meanwhile, AP gets a year older along with the other good players on this team.

  11. As a Minnesotan and a Vikings fan, I can tell you that the consensus here in the North Star State is that Frazier is a good guy but that it’s time for a change. The team’s struggles at the quarterback position are serious and glaring, but our defense has been very unimpressive as well.

    Personally, I’d like to see what Mike Zimmer from the Bengals could do as a head coach.

  12. Vikings should keep musgrave… Vikings had a top 10 offense, we need a new defensive coordinator and some defensive players. no sense I’m having everyone learn a totally new offense

  13. I sincerely hope Spielman stays on as GM. His track record with multiple franchises for picking QB’s has been putrid and the Vikings are looking to draft yet another QB first round draft pick so they can waste another 3 years before pronouncing him a bust.

    Too many Viking fans have deemed Frazier the problem because of his stoic demeanor on the sidelines. The real problem has been the lack of talent, especially at QB. But this is the Vikings, they have chased out even more competent coaches so get ready for another circle jerk.

  14. Just a question, did Jared Allen ask to be number 69 or is that just symbolic of the kind of guy he is?

    Neaderthal. I’m guessing he’ll be in a Giants jersey next year.

  15. Why would Bevell want to go to MN. He’s not stupid, he’d want to go somewhere that has QB talent to work with.

  16. Please, stop with the excuses for Frazier. In the last three years Vikings fans have heard it all, so please stop. The responsibility of playing the wrong starting players all season lies squarely on the head coach, period. Not to mention countless other horrible coaching decisions. Frazier made his bed by sticking with Ponder, and how he has to lie in it.. even with an overbearing GM. Come Monday morning the Vikings will start the slow process of re-building by firing each one of these hapless coaches and coordinators. Hallejulah.

  17. We are all LOMFAO at the preseason predictions of divisional dominance by the delusional lavender Larry toads.

    We all admit it.

    We pity your stupidity.

    We are so thankful our franchise doesn’t resemble any close to the 53 year history of abject failure of yours.

  18. I hear a lot of “nice guy” and “class act” but never great football coach. Time to send Frazier packing and get a real head coach in there.

  19. Frazier and Spielman need to go! Spielman’s drafts picks have been horrible! You and I could have picked Percy or AP. He doesn’t hit on the rounds where you really need to, 2 through 5. Unless it came down from Spielman that Ponder needed to start, Frazier needs to be gone too. Every week this year I heard Frazier say, “Christian Ponder is our starter, he gives us the best chance to win” should get you a ticket out the door for thinking that.

  20. Vikings have been using the “band-aid” approach to football for the past 20 years…most recently picking Ponder so early in the rounds bcs they were desperate knowing Fav-Re’ was out…and they stick with QB’s that everyone else know’s is lucky to be a backup, stick with them much too long and start over in 3 years…same story different day for the Queens…as a Packer fan we love watching the soap oprah unfold every year

  21. I wish it had worked out better. I really think his failures can be traced back to having ponder at quarterback. Like racing a fat horse. Doomed from the start.

    And a very bad defense. As usual. I dont think in my lifetime I’ve ever seen the Vikings have a good defense.

  22. Jon Gruden will take over in Minnesota. Perfect fit, this will bring the Vikings back to glory.

    Viking fans should be very happy, Chuckie will fit in – the Viking Family.

  23. Ummm…replacing Musgrave (and, arguably, Frazier) is mandatory, but replacing Williams and his defensive system that’s cost the Vikings several last-minute losses is at least as important as replacing Frazier and Musgrave.

  24. Being homeless for 2 years after already being one of the bottom 3 teams in revenue, not able to sell even 50K in season tickets, the franchise cannot afford to buy out the old coaching staff contracts and incur the costs of hiring another staff.

    They cannot afford to be competitive for coaches salaries with their revenue situation.

    Frazier and most of his staff stays.

  25. “While Tice needed to go, Frazier and Spielman arguably should stay.”

    As a Packer fan I couldn’t agree more.

  26. Leslie is a good guy and those who want a raving maniac for a HC should ask themselves if that is what they want out of a boss; he has been true to his personality and has held the team together.

    Having said that he is too loyal [witness Williams and Singletary] , and has been too slow to make changes [Cook, Mitchell] and if not for his injury Robinson would still be in there. Patterson was not used until recently.

    I’m not convinced that Ponder was his choice, look at the Freeman debacle. I think Spielman called the shots on QB and for those who would criticize Leslie let me remind you insubordination will get you fired immediately and he is perfectly set up to be the fall guy.

    With Cassel the offense has improved so maybe it isn’t Musgrave.

    Bottom line, if he’s retained how will he react to massive coaching changes?

  27. Spielman is the ego in MN…So – if he fires Frazier – he is going to have a hard time recruiting. Ponder is his pick and his pick. The guy can’t finish games. You don’t win in the not for long league if you don’t finish games

  28. Hmm, I guess that trade to get move Harvin hasn’t panned out so well. Didn’t the Vikes make the playoffs last year? And even if Harvin doesn’t play this year, the Hawks still win the SB and have Harvin for a few more years.

    Not bad, not bad at all, Hawks. It’s nice to play the short and long game.

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