Victor Cruz: “Disconnect” between WRs and Eli Manning


Once the Giants decide what their receiving corps is going to look like this year, they need to make an effort to get those people together with quarterback Eli Manning.

That’s the opinion of wideout Victor Cruz, who said there was a “disconnect” this year which might help explain the career-high 26 interceptions Manning has thrown.

“I think that’s the one thing we lacked, was kind of that continuity from a receiver standpoint with our quarterback,” Cruz said, via the Associated Press. “And I want to build that earlier this year, whether he have to set some time apart with the receivers and Eli whenever he’s ready and schedule it right so we can build not only on the field but off the field.”

Of course, Cruz had a hand in that himself, as his contract negotiations dragged on until July, and the uncertain future of teammate Hakeem Nicks kept him away as well.

There was a brief chance to connect when they went to Duke to work out alongside Eli’s brother and his wideouts, but Eli said then it was “not a substitute” for what they could have accomplished in OTAs.

“We want to get to know each other more and stuff like that,” Cruz said. “I feel like there was a little bit of a disconnect there that we want to get back for this football team.”

Nicks’ free agency push hasn’t quite gone as planned, as he hasn’t found the end zone this season. Coupled with the sheer bulk of Cruz’s contract and some younger receivers who got chances this year, there’s no guarantee Nicks will be around to build a bond.

“We aren’t talking money, it’s bigger than that in my eyes,” Nicks said. “I understand the business. There won’t be no negative vibe or bad blood whatever they decide.”

But once they make that decision, getting the parts together will be key for the Giants, who finished reasonably well if you ignore that pesky 0-6 start.

27 responses to “Victor Cruz: “Disconnect” between WRs and Eli Manning

  1. eli is overrated. thank GOD the giants had an awesome defence that helped them attain them 2 super bowls vs the pats.

  2. World to Cruz: when you hold out and skip OTAs and then gripe about a disconnect w/ your QB, it’s nobody’s fault but yours. Too much stardust was sprinkled on this kid.

  3. 0 TD catches for Nicks all season?! I thought you were supposed to get better in a contract year, not worse.

  4. Disconnect? How many years have you guys played together? Sounds like the typical GIANT excuses to me. Face it, you got you payday and packed it in.

  5. Sure as hell there is a disconnect, when the receivers are in part or fully responsible for more than half the INTs of the past 3 seasons’. They had their hands on 3 INTs in the Seahawks game alone, but the DBs took it from them.

  6. Is it just me, or has Cruz gone from a quiet humble feel good story to a petulant little bitch?

  7. How many years have Cruz, Nicks and Eli played together? This is not a new tandem! You would think they would already “know” each other!

  8. I love how some people make comments based solely on statistics and not actual play on the field. If you know the Giants offense, the passing game is dependent upon play-action so receivers have time to get down the field and get open. The Giants don’t run dink-and-dunk plays like a West Coast offense. If the running game is non-existent, play-action is ineffective, and Eli doesn’t have enough time to throw those deeper routes. Many times he was under pressure and throwing before he wanted to forcing balls into bad situations while trying to make something happen. I can’t begin to count how many times Eli has been knocked down. That is no excuse for every bad throw, but it does explain a lot of the problems with the offense aside from the poor play-calling of Kevin Killdrive.

  9. Ya Nicks there sure was, whenever Eli -whom I’m not a fan of, put the ball in your hands you dropped the sucker more than half the time. I almost thought you might be betting on the games or something. Maybe you were trying to get a new team and new contract or Eli fired?
    You and Cruz both sucked so I”ll just keep it to the fact both of you played way over your heads for a couple of seasons and the true talent came out this year.

  10. When the QB has zero time to throw the ball most of the year because of the worst pass block line in the NFL, 26 INTs isn’t unexpected.
    If Eli had his brother’s line, they would be favored for the Super Bowl.

  11. superpatsfan3 says: Dec 28, 2013 11:17 AM

    Never thought I’d feel sorry for Eli but Jesus Christ…WTF Cruz? How can you have a disconnect with a man who made you a household name?
    Take another look at Cruz’s highlight reel. Most of his big plays came off of short passes to medium passes that he turned into huge TDs. Oh, and for those that have implied or outright stated it, Cruz did not get paid and immediately fall off of a cliff. He initially continued to make big plays. The real decline in performance came once opposing defenses realized the run wasn’t as big of a threat. That meant fewer players in the box, more players in coverage, and less of a chance to turn those short passes into breakaway TDs.

  12. “When the QB has zero time to throw the ball most of the year because of the worst pass block line in the NFL, 26 INTs isn’t unexpected”

    Hahaha, there’s no excuse for that many picks. He does have a terrible line, but he constantly throws terrible interceptions.

  13. Check Eli out all the way back to college. He is a play-action passer. His greatest accuracy and performance is on play-action plays, which requires a credible running game. When Giants have a credible running game, and run play-action passes, he does well.

    Peyton, Brees and a handful of other QB’s are pure drop back passers who can throw 40 times without a running game. Brees is in the right offense for his skill set, and Eli is in the offense for his. But without a decent O-line and running game, don’t expect Eli to throw 40 times and make up for lack of running game.

  14. 2013 was not a kind year to Big Blue – but Cruz and Eli are two guys that are easy to like and respect (IMO).

    My only comment here: Cruz can think these kinds of things privately, or express them *privately* – or in the locker room – but to go public does nobody and good.

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