A clean sweep could be coming in Detroit

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The momentum is building toward a new head coach in Detroit, with Jim Schwartz likely to get the boot after five years, a playoff appearance in 2011, a 4-12 backslide in 2012, and a failure to win the NFC North in a none-of-the-above 2013 season.

The bigger question becomes whether G.M. Martin Mayhew will also be fired after five years on the job.  Ian Rapoport of NFL Network said earlier in the hour that the front office could indeed be cleaned out in Detroit.

That raises another important question.  Could team president Tom Lewand also be in trouble?  Lewand, who like Mayhew and Schwartz has spent five years in his current job, has been employed by the Lions for 19 years.  Largely able to avoid accountability for football failures because he’s not a football guy, a clean sweep of the front office would include, technically, Lewand.

A change that dramatic would indeed signify that the Lions are moving in a new direction, ripping away all ties to the Matt Millen era and the years preceding it and turning the page at a time when the roster contains enough talent to entice candidates with options to opt for Detroit.

It would also suggest that the notoriously loyal and patient Ford family finally has had enough mediocrity, especially when the talent on the team suggests that the results should be much, much better.

47 responses to “A clean sweep could be coming in Detroit

  1. Mayhew, Scwartz and Gunther C all should be canned and they should be canned in the middle of the Vikes game. They should then hire Frazier in the middle of the Vikes game.

  2. Be careful what you ask for lions fans. No big name coach is coming to Detroit to fix things. The lions for the last 15 years have only hired the next “hot” coordinator with the exemption of Steve mariucci. Morningwheg, marinelli, Schwartz… Which means we are on another four plan. I don’t like Schwartz any more than anyone but I say give him one more year and make him finish the job.

  3. It doesn’t seem to make sense to clean house. Everyone acknowledges that they have the talent. The front office is doing a fine job since Millen left. It’s clearly the coaching staff that needs to be replaced so that they can get the most out of the talent that they have.

  4. The lions need a head coach that is tough, has HC experience, and has won at a high level. That’s the only way to build a culture of winning and restore some respect to this franchise. No promoting coordinators or giving someone their first shot.

  5. bad organization – good players but need more ‘team’ players – too bad detroit fans deserve better

  6. Matt Stafford is the most overrated QB in the game.

    Cool, he was the fastest QB ever to 5,000 yards. He also did that with a SUB .500 record, meaning he was throwing the ball as the lions were losing.

    Also, Stafford would NOT have lasted this long I’m the NFL if he had not had big bodies Calvin Johnson to throw the ball too 18 times a game.

  7. Schwartz has to go. The team has some talent but is a complete reflection of him: undisciplined and overly emotional. Someone needs to come in and teach / force Stafford to learn better fundamentals instead of throwing from 8 different angles.

  8. If Schwartz is fired then the Detroit job would quickly become very desirable. In fact, I think it would become desirable in a way that has never existed before.

  9. Martin Mayhew needs to stay. He stacked this team with talent, and the coaching staff didn’t do anything with them. He brought in non-drafted players like Fauria and Bell, who are important parts of this team’s future…when nobody else thought enough of them. Don’t pin this on Mayhew…

  10. I hope they clean house. Start with Schwartz and go all of the way to the Ford’s selling and moving the team.

  11. Jon Gruden is the only coach I want to see next season. I say keep Mayhew and Lewand, but get rid of the loser old time trio of shwartz, linehan and Gunther…..no consistency. each unit showed glimpses this season, but neither could do it in the same game. Head coaches fault at the end of the day..

  12. So close, yet so far away. After having a little bit of success for the first time in (what seems like) centuries, the Lions will blow everything up in a fit of impatience and go back to being the quiet doormats they’ve spent 95% of their existence being.

  13. You can’t win at football until you get the right people. Cleaning house in every facet of the organization is long overdue. This mngmt team has misfired on everything in every aspect of their role and they have done a lousy job each and every year. Not only should they all be fired, but more importantly to realize is that none of these people should have been hired in the first place. They are not good football people and never were!

  14. Cleaning house would also tantalize potential Head Coaching candidates who either want to have personnel control or bring in a GM/front office who will have their back. Gruden? Cowher?

  15. LOL, their roster isn’t stacked, or overly talented, or under coached. The coaches problem has been with discipline more than anything, not getting everything out of the talent. That might be the case with Stafford, but he’s a lost cause who wants nothing to do with actively improving. They need an infusion of talent all over the roster, they have a few nice pieces, but it’s not like the roster as is ready to go deep into the playoffs, which is what saying they’re stacked or have a lot of talent means.

  16. Stafford is like teflon. The fan base will never blame him even though he has an overwhelmingly bad losing record and can rarely ever beat a winning team. I’m sure the fans will have plenty of excuses for him with the new coaching staff as well.

  17. A GM’s job is to assemble talent. The head coach’s job is to put that talent in position to win. The Lions have arguably the most talented roster in the league.

    Martin Mayhew has done his job. Schwartz hasn’t. Keep Mayhew and fire Schwartz.

  18. Both Harbaughs have shown quite well that they win consistently. Especially Jim 3-0 against that joke packers team. Nice attempt at a jab though.

  19. I like what Mayhew has done. He’s given the coach good players. What else is a GM supposed to do? Mayhew wanted to can Schwartz last season but got vetoed by the Ford’s. No way Mayhew should be fired.

  20. First thought: I will believe it when I see it.

    Second thought: The team has some talent and some depth at a few positions but is bare in others. The team is not stacked.

    Third thought: Mayhew has done an adequate job. Going from Millen to Mayhew was an upgrade the same way as going from a lazy, crazy, crackhead girlfriend to a girl who doesn’t steal or do drugs is an upgrade. Better doesn’t mean stellar and if you are looking for a championship, stellar should be the standard.

    Fourth thought: I can’t imagine them getting it right but it would be a true sports miracle if they do.

  21. Let’s not forget the great draft this year took place under Brian Xander’s watch. Put him in place fire the rest and call tony Dungy and see if he wants to coach in his native Michigan

  22. I would like to see Ken Whisenhunt be the next head coach. He’s done a pretty good job with Quarterbacks everywhere’s he’s been. While his last 3 years in Arizona weren’t all that impressive, I think he could do a good job turning around this abysmal offense and the inaccuracies of Matthew Stafford.

    If not Whisenhunt I hope they hire someone with Head Coaching experience in the NFL, not another hot name assistant.

  23. dino2997 – “Stafford is like teflon. The fan base will never blame him…”

    @dino2997 I don’t know what fan base you’re listening to but if you listen to Detroit sports talk radio a majority of the fans over the last month or so mention Schwartz and Stafford as the 2 main reasons why the season has gone south the way it has.

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