Bengals pull clear of Ravens

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With 17 fourth-quarter points, the Bengals have broken open Sunday’s game against the Ravens.

Dre Kirkpatrick’s 21-yard interception return gave the Bengals a 34-17 lead vs. Baltimore with a little more than four minutes left in regulation.

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has been intercepted three times in the final quarter. The first one set up a Bengals field goal that extended Cincinnati’s lead to 10 points, with the last two picks coming with the Ravens in obvious passing situations.

The Ravens will be eliminated from postseason contention with a loss.

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  1. Joe Flac has a great future in the NBA. Right at the beginning of every game …..he can be the ref throwing the ball in the air for the opening tip of each game….
    Sign him up!

  2. Flacco is putrid selfish leader… He just handicapped his team for the next four years by caring only about the money. He is only good when he has all the tools around him..he struggles woefully when he has to lead the team. And for the bengals.. This is a dangerous team if New England has to play them I am quite worried

  3. Joke Fluke-O, you are a good role player at best. But also a true Jedi for pulling off the biggest heist in contract history.

  4. Good game by the Ravens’ defense. I had fun sparring with Ravens fans this year. Too bad that mess of an offense couldn’t back you up. Enjoy the off-season. See you in 8 months!

  5. And the Steelers knock the Ratbirds out of the playoffs AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! Jumpball Joe and the Ratbirds couldn’t get lucky AGAIN!!! It wasn’t that horrible Denver d and their safety giving up a JUMPBALL JOE LUCKY THROW IT UPAND HOPE FOR THE BEST .

  6. 82 of “ELITE” joe flacco’s 192 yards came on the last drive while Cincinnati played PREVENT with a 17 point lead.

    So…. 110 yards total… UNTIL… the final drive with Cincinnati playing PREVENT with a 17 point lead.

  7. Well before the season started I called the bengals winning the division, I called the division order as bengals, steelers, ravens, browns, I called no playoffs for the ravens, and I called playoffs for the steelers. So far 3-4 and with a little luck from the chiefs I will be 4-4. After the 0-4 start to the season I did wish the steelers would just tank it tho, lost too many of the 1 score games.

  8. This game was a perfect rendition of what the season was as a whole. Bend but don’t break defense, bad o-line can be the blame for bad QB play and running game, and the lack of chemistry the offensive side in general for most of the year. The way the Ravens and the Dolphins played the past 2 weeks, the Steelers, and the Chargers deserve to have the final spot. Joe, Ngata, Suggs, and Ray Rice vanished for half the year or the entire year. As a Ravens fan Im embarassed to call this team my favorite. They keep giving John and Joe credit for the last 5 playoff appearance but this year was the first without 52, Reed, and Boldin. This is the first year we can say this is John’s team because he is the voice of this team and we’ll see what he does with adversity. Justin Tucker team MVP. Jimmy Smith most improved. Marlon Brown best Rookie. I hope that there’s a shake up in the off season with the offense and coaches. Now I have to watch the Orioles after their off season signings.

  9. Way To Go Bengals! You outplayed the Ravens and showed you deserve to be the representative of the NFC North!

    Baltimore wouldn’t have gone far in the playoffs anyway with no running game and no protection for Flacco on the OL.

    Again, good game. I’m happy for your success!

  10. Oh too bad it wasn’t the 49ers Dbacks giving up that JUMPBALL JOE THROW IT UP AND HOPE td in the Superbowl. Luckiest team to ever win a SB…. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any team that let Charlie Batch come in to THEIR house and beat them should have been eliminated from Superbowl contention by Goodell!!! Keep up the great work FLUNCCO!!!!!!!! Luckiest and Worst contract ever given to an NFL player… BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHABAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  11. Yes the ravens lost. But it is been a successful five years. Flacco had a bad year with no receivers no offensive of line and no running game. You straighten that out you will see improvement. He is the winningest quarterback in the history of the NFL in his first six seasons that’s more than Montana Brady Manning you name it. In the history of the NFL and he did not have elite receivers and running backs during that time. Leave them alone Joe will be back

  12. Just goes to show you, that paying a QB you deem is worth it doesn’t always calculate in winning that Trophy every year. At least not in this generation of the NFL.

    Flacco is serviceable at best ie. see Culter

  13. Joe Fluke-o will finish the year with a QB rating close to Mark Sanchez’s career average. Yep. That’s what you get for $120 million.

  14. It’s become common place for AFC North Superbowl champs to miss the playoffs the following season. How did the Bengals do after they won the superbowl?

  15. Ravens fan here.

    1st – Bengals fans. Enjoy your AFCN title, even though it took the Steelers and Ravens having uncharacteristically horrible seasons. Any other year and you guys are sitting it out as usual. And if I were you, I would hold the trash talking until you actually win a post season game. After all it was the 1990’s the last time that happened.

    2nd – Matt Birk was the biggest loss for the Ravens. Gradkowski is not an NFL quality center. I can’t believe how much Birk meant to this team.

    3rd – To everyone blaming Flacco. I know it is easy for the fans of football that don’t understand the game to blame the QB and one that gets paid a ton at that. But he is not the reason we were bad this year. See 2nd above. I will criticize his decision making this year. In desperation he made a lot of bad choices. And I wish he would show a little more “eye of the tiger”.

  16. WTH?… “Joe Montana Flacco” (**Cough Cough**) threw an interception! Say it isn’t so… The most ridiculous comparison I’ve heard in a long time…

    Kudos to Dre Kilpatrick, a former Nick Saban player that developed into a beast on the field at BAMA!…

  17. The future is BLEAK for the Ravens. Your cap is ugly and you need the people that you have to cut. By Suggs, Ngata and Oher. You cant sign Jacoby Jones or Art Jones.

    3rd place in the division. You earned it.

  18. 1st: Cincinnati has made the playoffs AGAIN (4 times in past 5 years – same as baltimore and 2 more times than the steelers).

    2nd: Cincinnati KNOCKED the steelers out of playoff contention in Week 16 of 2012

    3rd: Cincinnati KNOCKED the ravens out of playoff contention in Week 17 of 2013

  19. congrats to the Bengals for taking our division……please don’t be d-bags about it… a SB at least:)

    Steeler Nation

  20. Rustbelt, ravens made the playoffs 5 of the last 6 years, steelers won 2 out of 3 SBs in the past 10 years and the bengals have been 1 and done in the playoffs since the mid ’90s…keep talking about a team that can only win the division when both the steelers and ravens have a down year. I would love the steelers to get the 6th seed and go to Cincy to give then another 1 and done.

  21. Ravens deserved this. Played like crap all season. Never acted liked they cared, even when they had multiple chances to get to the post season. Plenty of blame to go around.

    Disappointed, but realistic Ravens’s fan.

  22. I can’t wait ’til the Pats get their revenge on the Bingles, as Simms calls them. Pats at Broncos for AFC Championship.

  23. edgarpoe3 says:
    Dec 29, 2013 4:25 PM
    Way To Go Bengals! You outplayed the Ravens and showed you deserve to be the representative of the NFC North!
    Ha! Make that the AFC North!

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