Broncos earn home-field advantage with blowout in Oakland


For the second consecutive season, the road to the Super Bowl in the AFC goes through Denver.

Now the Broncos have to hope for a better postseason performance than they had last time around.

With the Broncos’ blowout win at Oakland today, they earned home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs, making them the clear favorites to win conference championship. They’ll sit home next week and wait to see who their divisional round opponent will be.

Peyton Manning threw for 266 yards and four touchdowns, giving him single-season records for passing yards (5,477) and touchdowns (55). And Manning did it all in the first half; at halftime he handed the offense over to backup Brock Osweiler.

Manning may have just completed the greatest regular season in NFL history, and he surely wrapped up his record fifth Most Valuable Player award. And now all eyes will be on him in the playoffs.

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  1. Peyton choked hard last year when he miss played the ball and gave up 70 yard touchdown to Jacoby Jones.

    He also choked when his receiver tipped up a good pass and it got returned for a pick 6.

    This isn’t a team sport. Peyton was responsible for all of these things.

  2. denverfandownsouth says:
    Dec 29, 2013 7:37 PM
    Will everyone on this site apologize if the broncos do in fact win a playoff game?

    0 0


    Of course not! They’ll all say the Broncos won because of the water boy, or that the temp was a half a degree above 30, or 40 degrees, or that it was the cloud cover that caused them to win, or, or, or…

    Now if the Broncos lose, it WILL be Peyton’s fault, even they score 48 points and he throws for 487 yards and 5 TD’s with no picks. It will be Peyton’s fault even though their defense will have given up more than 48 points.

    In other words, Peyton can’t win, he may only lose on these sites and boards…

  3. thekiller678 says: Dec 29, 2013 7:36 PM

    Peyton choked hard last year when he miss played the ball and gave up 70 yard touchdown to Jacoby Jones.

    He also choked when his receiver tipped up a good pass and it got returned for a pick 6.

    This isn’t a team sport. Peyton was responsible for all of these things.


    Ty Law disagrees with this post.

  4. Poor Joe. Andy Dalton has won 30 games in 3 years, and his Raiders have won just 53 games in the last 11 years.

  5. This says it all….Manning’s eighth career one-and-done playoff loss—the most in NFL history—and his career record fell to just 9-11 in the most important games of any quarterback’s overall history. Only Manning and Brett Favre have 11 playoff losses in NFL history.

    So he is mentioned with another (used to be) likeable guy whose reputation profits from his fan-boys in the media and one SB.

    Great regular season QB against mediocre opponents.

  6. The quarterback… Manning.
    He’s all,
    Huck it,
    Chuck it, Football!
    Zack & Miri aside this has been an awesome season to witness. There are only so many times a person gets to see history unfold. GO BRONCOS!!

  7. If Ty Law comes back to play secondary, and the same officials are there to ignore the PI that led to his interceptions, then Peyton is doomed.

    Good thing that Peyton sat out the second half. what is that, at least a full game of the season he sat out while “padding his stats”

    If he was trying it would be 60 TDs and 6000 yards.

  8. With all the complaining this year about how handicapped defenses are, I do not see that 55 TD record being touched for a long, long time. The Peyton haters will come out in full force but, deep down they know that what he has accomplished this year (37 years old) is beyond belief! I just hope that the D understands that if they give the same effort as they did most recently against the bolts, and in the past against the ravens, it will all be for naught!

  9. It would have been 60 TD’s had Manning still been playing the guy is arguably one of the greatest of all time.

  10. thegenoatkinsdiet says: Dec 29, 2013 7:55 PM

    Poor Joe. Andy Dalton has won 30 games in 3 years, and his Raiders have won just 53 games in the last 11 years.
    Poor Bengals fans, celebrating their regular season wins.

  11. If they get knocked out of the playoffs, how many record chokes will Manning be wrapping up?

  12. congrats to Peyton on his best year ever!
    i’m a little more concerned on our D. Be careful if SD gets back to Mile High. Rivers likes playing there, and has a good win % to go with it.
    i’ll be watching the AFC games.

  13. Don’t forget that year Peyton was injured and didn’t play the Colts won only 2 games. That was his fault too.

  14. Before we move on to the playoffs, let’s take a moment to reflect on all the solid and up n coming teams who took took a dive this year. The Giants and Cowboys stunk it up pretty good, as did the Redskins and Texans. Steelers and Ravens were big disappointments, as well. Bears, Lions and Packers were all below par. Fins keep thinking they’ll become relevant again, someday, but that’s still on hold, since they can’t beat the Jets, yet. The once-proud Raiders still can’t get off the mat. So, the AFC has Denver, New England and Cinncinatti, while the NFC features Seattle, Carolina and San Francisco, as the top teams this year. Congrats to those six teams on their accomplishments, now, let the real games begin!

  15. @gborange
    The problem is that people like you don’t understand the history of the game. Peyton Manning is not mobile. Peyton Manning is fragile. Because of those two facts, those of us who know the history of football criticize those like you who pronounce him the greatest of all time because we know what the rules of football were back then. Peyton Manning could not play in the era of Starr, Dawson, Staubach, Tarkenton, Bradshaw, etc. Defensive lineman were allowed to contact the helmet of any player in any manner that they chose without penalty or fines. Those of us who love the game and know the history of it can tell you with absolute certainty that Deacon Jones would have had no mercy on Peyton Manning’s Head and surgically repaired Neck. Also, offensive linemen were not allowed to block players like the Steel Curtain with open hands and extended arms. Also, DB’s were allowed to contact the WR in any manner that they chose until the ball was thrown. Timing patterns were not a part of the NFL back then, and because of that Peyton Manning’s Bread and Butter timing pattern pre snap reads would be absent. QB’s had to be mobile in the pocket because the Defense had all of the advantages when you threw the ball in the NFL of the past. Manning would be destroyed by the past NFL defenses because he would be a sitting duck. Just to show you that I am a historian of the game and not a Broncos hater, John Elway could have definitely played in any era and been a star in every era of the NFL. Big, Strong, Athletic and most importantly mobile, John Elway could have played in an era where you could rush 4 and be guaranteed to create havoc in the backfield on the QB because of the pass blocking rules and no illegal contact or defensive holding on WR’s. Just look at the Immaculate Reception. Manning could not have scrambled like Bradshaw did on that paly. He would have been sacked by the 4 defensive lineman rushing by the Raiders when the pocket collapsed. Elway could have, that’s the difference. That is why there are those of us who say Manning is not the greatest ever. Manning is one of the greatest of his generation, but not of all generations.

  16. I’m hoping that both #1 seeds will get knocked out at home in their 1st playoff game. I just love it when the presumed champs get to watch the game with the rest of us.

  17. Forget the era and the conditions and whatever else can be dreamed up. Give the old guy some credit. No one else has ever done what Manning did this year and that is irrespective of his age, bad neck, and so on. Just celebrate a remarkable achievement by a good man.

  18. @dougtucson
    I never questioned the character of Peyton Manning. I do not know the man, and therefore I can not make a statement one way or the other about him. From all public accounts he appears to be a good man. But make no mistake, none of my statements are “dreamed” up. Those were the rules of the NFL pre 1978. 1 plus 1 equals two, force equals mass times acceleration and those were the laws of football of the time. Facts are facts. I deal in facts not dreams. It is also a fact that I gave Peyton Manning credit for his accomplishments as I stated that he is one of the greatest of his generation, just not ALL generations. Do you think Peyton at 37, not mobile and with 4 surgeries to his neck could take the beating that would have been allowed and celebrated in the past of the NFL as the DB’s were allowed to contact the WR up until the ball was thrown and the OL was only allowed to block with their forearms? I don’t. What about you?

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