Browns don’t deny that Chudzinski could be in trouble

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Amid mounting speculation that Browns coach Rob Chudzinski, a life-long, dog-biscuit-eating Browns fan, could be out after only one year in the position, the Browns have issued a statement.

And the statement doesn’t deny that Chudzinski could be gone.

“Our focus is on the game today,” the team said.  “We will not discuss any evaluation of the season until this upcoming week.”

They haven’t focused well on the game today.  The Browns trail Pittsburgh 20-7 late in the fourth quarter.

The statement suggests that not much will officially be said by the team after the game.  For Chudzinski, members of his staff, and any players on a team that will finish the year at 4-12, it’s possible that plenty will be said.

28 responses to “Browns don’t deny that Chudzinski could be in trouble

  1. So much for the continuity Banner wanted. Does that make him a liar if he fires Chud? I believe he has that reputation.

  2. Until this franchise gets a good qb , it won’t matter who the hc is-they are going nowhere.

  3. Give me a break. Chud did a great job this year with what he had. The defense was strong and the offense showed improvement. Give him a QB and a RB at least and see what he does.

  4. I think he’s done a great job. The offense has played fairly well despite the lack of a running game and despite the lack of a competent, consistent QB. If they can get merely average QB play, they’d have gone 7-9 or 8-8. The defense is good enough to win now as well. They’ve got the o-line, the receivers and defense to at least COMPETE for a wild card next year, assuming they can get consistent QB play and an at least average running attack.

  5. ala Dennis Allen in Oakland, 4-12 not a good start to a coaching career. But Cleveland has 2 first round picks they could trade up to number 2 from St. Louis and get one of the top QB’s after Bridgewater who will go No. 1, number 1. This would be their shot to bring in a top QB but who knows if this staff will be around to coach it, or not. Tough, but that’s the way it goes.

  6. This is just stupid. That Holmgren hangover is going to last for years. Chud was delt a bad hand. I’m not a big fan of his, but this team SUCKED on talent. I mean 17? Really. He’s our QB? Weeden was a bust. It is what it is. As a Browns fan I say leave it alone and when our owner goes to prison we’ll have more problems. Chud needs more time. Don’t just break him off now PLEASE.

  7. Don’t believe it, the front office knows the need consistency, firing him after one year, makes zero sense.
    Look at the crap Holmgren left behind.

  8. Look how well the Panther offense has been playing in Chud’s absence. If I were a Browns fan, I would not be happy with a 4-12 season.

  9. Chud out?
    Mr. Banner, when you took this job you were the personnel guy, and Chud had to work with what you gave him…..

    Things we knew before the season:

    We needed NFL quality offensive guards

    We cannot run in the North with out a full back
    who would also give the QB more time in the passing game

    We needed better running backs

    We needed possession receivers who could catch the ball

    We needed a QB

    We needed a #2 receiver to open the field

    We needed another LB to stand next to Jackson

    We needed to make your draft picks count, (Did they)?

    We needed depth at CB in this pass happy league, yet you released Owens as soon as he was healthy.

    Before we look at the coaches who had to use what you gave them, maybe some self reflection is called for.

  10. You can fire all the coaches you want, but until the players perform as directed there will be no wins. Start fining or firing non performing players and maybe, just maybe, there will be a change. If someone is making millions, that someone better perform accordingly!

  11. wow u cant write this
    NORV GET FIRED FROM SD they have a shot at the playoffs and maybe get in
    Chud Leaves Carolina and there a 2nd seed at least and cam newton has his best year hmm?? is there some type of science too hiring football head coaches and coordinaters cause we never get it right

  12. Tom Curran up here in Boston just tweeted that the Browns are interested in Josh McDaniels to replace Chud. He is all yours Cleveland…

  13. Hey, I hear Mike Shanahan might be available. Jim Schwartz anyone? You can have one of the Bills castoffs like Chan Gailey.How about Dick Jauron?
    I wouldsay to the Browns, start with your GM first.

  14. McDaniels would fit in perfectly in cleveland. Didn’t he cheat at Denver ? How could a guy like that be considered for another hc job?
    And you think our guys up for free agency want to stick around for this crap?

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