Browns would hardly be the first to fire a first-year coach


Even though it’s premature (we’re told) to conclude that he’ll be fired, it doesn’t look good for first-year Browns coach Rob Chudzinski.  Per a league source, it’s now “likely” Chudzinski will be fired.

If as it appears Chudzinski ends up being fired, he won’t be the first-year coach to get fired.

Last year, the Jaguars fired Mike Mularkey after only one year on the job. In 2011, Hue Jackson got dumped by the Raiders after one season as the non-interim head coach. In 2009, Jim Mora (the Younger) was one-and-done in Seattle.

In 2007, the Dolphins hired Cam Cameron. And then they fired him after one year.

Other one-and-out coaches since 1980 include Art Shell (Raiders, 2006), Marty Schottenhimer (Washington, 2001), Al Groh (Jets, 2000), Ray Rhodes (Green Bay, 1999), Joe Bugel (Raiders, 1997), Pete Carroll (Jets, 1994), Richie Petitbon (Washington, 1993), Rod Rust (Patriots, 1990), and Les Steckel (Vikings, 1984).

Thus, while unusual it’s not rare. And it’s definitely not unprecedented.

As of Monday, chances are another name will be added to the list, even though a final decision hasn’t been made.

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  1. That would be nuts. The current regime picked him, and he’s had very little to work with. They haven’t had a QB or a RB, and dealt with injuries and suspensions earlier. I can’t believe Banner would be that rash.

    –Eagles Fan

  2. Look at the list of one-and-done coaches above. Virtually all are from organizations with miserable front offices who have institutionalized a losing culture deep into the franchise DNA.

    Oh wait, we’re talking about the Browns.

  3. If they would get Chud a legit starting QB, this team has possibilities, but it would be more in character for the Factory of Sadness to fire him.

  4. organization is the laughing stock of nfl – bengals used to be right with them but bengals finally have continuity keeping same coaches and players plus hit jackpot in the last 4-5 drafts….browns make so many changes year in year out that they’ll always suck

  5. If true, I think it’s a mistake. This guy created a team that is on the rise despite injuries and the loss of a #1 running back. I really thought this front office knew what they were doing.

  6. I’m convinced that all major decisions within the front office of this organization is done with the help of a Magic 8 Ball.

  7. Joe Banner does not possess good judgment. I felt bad as an Eagles fan when I watched all the Browns fans get excited that he was coming their way. They had no idea what Joe Banner really is. A weasly little tyrant that makes bad personnel decisions.

  8. You never know until you get a guy in the building what he’s really like. I’m not saying Cleveland can’t be doubted for making this move, but it could be a case of the relationship not working and why go through another year if it’s clear you think you made a mistake? It also could be someone that was not available last year is now available.

  9. flavordave says:
    Dec 29, 2013 6:46 PM

    Joe Banner does not possess good judgment. I felt bad as an Eagles fan when I watched all the Browns fans get excited that he was coming their way. They had no idea what Joe Banner really is. A weasly little tyrant that makes bad personnel decisions.


    Trust me, we didn’t ALL get excited. Especially when Mike Freakin’ Lombardi was added to the mix. Funny how “they” can trade away our RB, replace him with a senior citizen, provide no real OL depth, no true FB, no second CB, nothing @ WR behind Gordon, blow their limited draft picks, whiff and overspend in free agency (Kruger & Bess) and then after playing through 3 QBs determine “uh, it’s all Coach’s fault”. Only In Cleveland.

  10. Meanwhile, word from Detroit is they might actually keep Schwartz.

    Chuds could take the Lions to 11-5, but he gets fired. Schwartz flipped off the fans, told them to F off (last week), destroyed what had been a good offense, called time outs on extra points (this week and it wasn’t the first time), etc etc etc.

    Think the Browns have it rough? At least they’re part of the Elway Drive and other story lines. Sure they lost. The Lions never even get there.

  11. How do you fire the head coach after one season, when you traded his starting running back, one of the few offensive stars on the team?

    Signed not a Browns fan.

  12. I’m against firing Chud in his first year but his game plan is questionable, started Weeden in beginning of the year when Hoyer was doing well in practice and every Cleveland sports writer said how well he looked so obviously if they saw it the coaches had to. Still they trot Weeden out and got burned. Then they sign McGahee and start him over Bobby Rainey.

  13. Ah yes, pete Carroll let go after one year with the Jets because Leon Hess (at least I think that’s who their owner was at the time) wanted to go all in and bring in a legendary coach that became available by the name of, wait for it……Richie Kotite!!

  14. I remember when Petitbon got that Washington job. Everyone thought he was a shoe in as Gibbs successor, well until he started coaching. Also, Groh was not a firing, he quit to take the University of Virgninia job.

  15. Yes, he’s not the first first-year coach to be fired…BUT the difference is that his team actually improved tremendously from previous years. The defense played hard all through the season and the offense did show some structure – if only they had enough quality personnel to execute. Lack of quality players can only be blamed on the front office and NOT the coach.

    Also, he went 3-0 when he had a decent QB (Hoyer). Weeden (Blaine Gabbert remix) is an indictment of the front office and they should man up and take the blame for that.

    Continuity is sometimes overlooked in the “right now” mentality of the NFL. Rivera and Kubiak are 2 coaches with unimpressive results in their first 2 years who went on to enjoy success later.

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