Bush says Lions lacked “chemistry”

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The Lions have lacked veteran leadership in recent years.  Running back Reggie Bush deserves credit for trying to fill the void.

Given that Bush rarely has said anything controversial during his eight-year NFL career, his decision to repeatedly talk about the problems with his latest team suggests that he has tried to get his point across behind the scenes, and that guys simply won’t listen.

Bush previously has said that the team doesn’t have discipline.  On Friday, Bush said the team also lacks chemistry.

“As a team, when you have kind of have that mentality that no matter what the situation is, you can always overcome it and come out with a win,” Bush said, via Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press.  “That type of chemistry. . . .  And you’re feeding off each other, too.  When offense scores a big touchdown and defense goes out there and gets a big stop or defense gets a turnover, offense goes out there and kind of answers with a touchdown.  Something kind of like that.”

Bush said that in some games one unit thrived and the other units failed to hold up their end of the bargain.

“There were certain games where maybe the offense was playing well and the defense struggled,” Bush explained.  “Then there’s games where defense played well and offense struggled.  Or there’s games — I’m thinking of the Philadelphia game — where special teams just played lights out and offense and defense couldn’t really get it together.”

Bush has tried to help the Lions get it together.  At one point, Bush believed a team meeting was needed.  Quarterback Matthew Stafford believed it wasn’t.

So how can the Lions build chemistry?

“It’s not something that happens overnight, from my experience in the past,” Bush said.  “It’s something that you build.  It’s a culture, it’s a mentality that’s built from the offseason.  It doesn’t start in Week One and Week Two.”

As the Lions tinker with their roster in the coming months, here’s hoping they find more guys who think like Bush, or at a minimum who will be receptive to his message and example of what it takes to get to the top of the mountain.

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  1. Keep Bush and that chemistry will build. He’s a mature player and a positive to have in the locker room. Stafford? I have no idea.

  2. Bush has won before and he knows what it means to be a consumate professional, Stafford on the other hand is content with getting paid and living it up… That turnover (2nd one) in the Ravens game, i can still picture his clueless face smdh…

  3. So Bush came to town thinking he was going to be the Star…But he’s not, Calvin is the Star.
    To bad the guy that ‘thinks’ he’s a Star, isn’t a better quarterback.

  4. Interesting how 2 players this week have talked about the importance of the off season and chemistry. Maybe they should look at amending the cba, so they can properly team build.

  5. They say that outside of the love between a man and a woman, the strongest bond in the world is the bond forged between men who fight beside one another on the field of battle. Football certainly can’t be likened to real war, but that same type of bond needs to be felt by the guys who play our favorite game. Fight for your brothers, protect your brothers, and give everything you have for your brothers.

  6. Bush has tried to help the Lions get it together. At one point, Bush believed a team meeting was needed. Quarterback Matthew Stafford believed it wasn’t.

    between this, the comments about not needing to work with anyone on his mechanics and so many other things, it seems pretty obvious stafford is not the answer.

  7. I really respect Bush. He brings a lot to our team on the field and is an excellent leader in the locker room. EVerything he said in this article is 100% true.
    But i think what we’re lacking the most is a head coach. The lions have an extremely young team with overwhelming potential. Unfortunately, we have a coach who can’t discipline men. It doesn’t help that Stafford goes Eli Manning for 5 weeks as well. Look back at our 8 losses: 6 came in 4th qtr blown leads. Schwartz and Co couldn’t figure it our, which is why they need to go. For example, last week vs NYG. Who dials a passing play(will hill pick6) with 4 minutes left in the game?

  8. Like this sleazeball has room to talk. The NCAA fiasco that crippled USC is entirely this selfish scumbag’s fault, and yet Pete Carroll and the school have had to answer for his despicable greed.

  9. I kind of think that any team that doesnt make the playoffs (other than a team like the cards who might go 11-5 and still not make it) lacked something. That something is usually either talent or health, or a combination of both. The whole chemistry thing is probably a bunch of BS.

    Talk to any member of the 77 and 78 yanks and ask them how much “chemistry” they had.

  10. the lions have so much talent yet zero direction. need a new coach.

    stafford is a lazy leader, he basicly said nah i dont need no damn qb coach to help me get better… i dont need to get better.


  11. i truly feel bad for calvin johnson. imagine him on some over teams….. on the eagles? next to desean and shady? and foles? and that OL? AND CHIP????

    best offense ever assembled. and ever will be assembled.

  12. There’s a reason you bring in guys who have a ring. They need to get the other guys to the point where they’re ready to listen to the guys who’ve been on the winners.

  13. I’m usually a fan of keeping issues like this within the locker room, but Reggie Bush has a point here, and he’s right for being outspoken about it.

    This team is very spotty.

    At times, the offense looks like a juggernaut. And that’s the way it SHOULD look at all times. Stafford has been wildly inconsistent, and while I love his ability, we have to get him to be more efficient than he was in the meltdown towards the end of the season.

    The defense lives and dies with that D-line. They’re dominant at times, but they SHOULD dominate always. They’re talented enough to offset the problems we have at the CB position. The safeties have played well this season, and the LBs were average. We’ve been very solid against the run (LeSean McCoy in the snow is the exception) but when teams go to the air, the Lions just seem to crumble.

    Bush is basically saying that the Lions need to put forth a FULL effort from the offense/defense/special teams in order to win games and he’s right. These three units all feed off of eachother, or at least they’re supposed to. The Lions have not done that, and their season is a loss as a result.

  14. No they need to find more guys like Calvin Johnson, not overpaid overrated running backs. Veteran leadership means nothing if you don’t have good players or good coaches to put players in the right position to succeed.

  15. reggie bush needs to stop pretending to be a leader.

    reggie proved his low character at usc and miami.

    CONCRETE EVIDENCE #37: reggie bush (jake long and karlos dansby) confronting new Miami Dolphins head coach and pleaded with him to keep low character, selfish woman beater chad ochojohnsoncinco

  16. Lions won’t have the leadership and discipline that creates chemistry till they get a head coach who instills those things.

  17. It must be true: A team with as much talent as the Lions possess should be a perennial playoff team. There is always some underlying problem with the Motor City Kitties….. I think if they can find the right coach, a guy who is a disciplinarian and a real leader of men. It might just turn around for them.

  18. Reggie should never have left the Dolphins, that was stupid of Jeff Ireland to let him go.
    He was a leader, and this year he’s played well in Detroit and look where it got him, nowhere?
    Obviously there are some problems there, and it starts with the head coach, he maybe looking for a job on Monday. Too bad Reggie, we miss you.

  19. It’s not just running between tackles, it’s running between the tackles while holding onto the ball.

  20. I think it all starts with the owner,he does not care enough about the team to spend the money it takes to get the players they need to get to the play-offs then to the Super Bowl.It takes more then one good player it takes a team of good players,for example look at Barry Sanders awesome player but he could not do it by himself.They also need to learn how to use the talent that they do have.

  21. What Reggie is talking about is what he saw in New Orleans with Drew Brees, Sean Payton and the other players who lead by example. I guess he thought that was a natural part of all NFL teams. Guess again!

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