Cordarrelle Patterson closes out the Metrodome in style


Every game on Sunday’s NFL schedule — except for one — had implications for either the playoffs or the first overall pick in the draft. That one was Lions-Vikings.

That game was meaningful only to those who will miss the Metrodome, as this was the last NFL game that stadium will ever host. And the game will be remembered for the great performance by Vikings receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, who wrapped up a sensational rookie season with two touchdowns in a 14-13 win.

The Lions have looked over the second half of the season like they quit on coach Jim Schwartz, and that continued today. The Lions played uninspired football, and they also played dumb football. That was especially true in the realm of clock management: Detroit wasted two second-half timeouts because they couldn’t get the right personnel on the field, timeouts that could have come in handy while they trailed by a point late in the fourth quarter.

The Vikings may have quit on coach Leslie Frazier as well, but at least they have found, in Patterson, a player they can build around for the future.

Both of these teams are thinking about the future, because the present season ended in disappointment.

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  1. patterson – 158 rushing yards, 469 receiving yards, 1393 kick return yards, 9 tds. 2020 all purpose yards, and at the time of this post currently leading the league in all purpose yards.

    if this guy isn’t rookie of the year, the voters need to schedule appointments with the optometrist.

  2. How embarrassing to lose to the Vikings with no AP playing, good riddance Schwartz.

    On a side note my first pro game was there in the Met.. it was the Twins and Mariners and wanted to see Griffey hit one deep which he did..and I happened to be there when the lions won there in 97.

    Couple good memories in that place but I wont miss it.

  3. Amazing that Detroit went from controlling their own destiny a couple weeks ago to third in the division. It’s a shame after the strong start they had.

    Lions fans deserve better.

  4. “The Lions played uninspired football”

    But according to Fairley they have the best d-tackles in football

  5. Got to watch Patterson last season at Tennessee.

    When (or if?) he learns to run precise routes he is going to be a beast.

    Very wise trade by the Vikes to sneak back into the first and grab him.

  6. technically, packer fans, if you lose to the bears tonight – which i am hoping and praying you do – you will finish TIED FOR LAST in the division, right there with those vikings, whose articles you can’t keep from commenting on.

  7. Even when Calvin doesn’t play he proves he’s the best WR in football in the 14 games hes played the Lions have avg 26.6 ppg without him in two games about 9 ppg. The two running backs who have totaled over a thousand yards a piece in two games without Megatron were essentially useless state wise and more useless in terms of big play ability. The fact remains that the Lions need to consider moving Megatron and build a real team. Someone will overpay for Megatron and you could use those assets to rebuild a your defense compeletely or rebuild your O-line. There’s no shame in have an elite defense and an avg offense with a powerful O-line. Megatron is nothing more than the football version of Grant Hill. The love affair with his greatness will leave us in meritocracy unless the Lions bring in a true blue personnel guru who can keep Calvin and find late round gems. The Lions talent is vastly overrated especially in offense. Calvin makes everyone around him better to the point it is laughable. However having a great WR doesn’t impact the game like having a Great RB, QB, defense, or an elite O-line. The lions have invested in the wrong position and there only saving grace pick greatness can only help them be the worst of the good teams.

  8. The guy is a stud and probably would have played a lot sooner if he didn’t have one year of good college football. He was rapidly learning the system. As stated during the game. The other players didn’t really know what to make of him. This led Wright to become his best friend and helped his development.

    Believe it or not he was on the field in certain packages the first half of the season and as he proved himself he became a trusted starter.

    He is going to a beast in years to come.

  9. Why do people rip Frazier for not playing Patterson earlier when they probably should be giving Frazier credit for Patterson’s development? Everyone knew that he was a project who would take some time and I think he did a lot more this year than anyone expected.

  10. f1restarter says:
    Dec 29, 2013 4:15 PM
    Jarrett Boykin >> Cordarrelle Patterson.

    The numbers don’t lie.
    They may not lie but they don’t tell the entire truth. How many snaps did Boykin get compared to Patterson? Who had the better QB even without Rodgers? There are a lot of variables to stats. Boykin is good. N o doubt. But I think Patterson is better. You give him as many snaps and Rodgers as a QB, who would you rather have? Patterson without a doubt.

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