Eagles up 17-10 at halftime of regular season finale


Even though they’re not scoring at the rate we expected, the Eagles are a half away from hosting the Saints in the playoffs.

The Eagles lead the Cowboys 17-10 at halftime of the NFC East title game, behind a pair of Nick Foles touchdown passes.

Foles is 12-of-16 passing for 197 yards in the first half, against a Cowboys defense that seems to get worse by the week.

The Cowboys showed a bit of a pulse, but a Kyle Orton interception was quickly followed by Foles’ touchdown to tight end Brent Celek.

The Cowboys aren’t good enough defensively to get in a shootout, and playing clutch-and-grab and keep-away is only going to hold up for so long

8 responses to “Eagles up 17-10 at halftime of regular season finale

  1. The Eagles need to put a man on Witten every play he is on the field and this game is over. Why they go zone every few plays is asinine.

  2. Romo’s fault! Can’t wait to hear how it is his fault if/when they lose. It’ll be how he got injured at the wrong time to screw over the team. That or the media will *gasp* actually point out the flaws of that team and realize it is a TEAM sport and say the TEAM lost rather than blame Orton or Romo.

    Amusing how in the NFL there are onyl two QBs who get blamed for everything as though they play tennis rather than the ultimate team sport in the world: Peyton Manning and Tony Romo. Every other QB isn’t held responsible for every loss and the media points out the flaws and injuries of the team for all those other QBs.

  3. ….just a side note….. Kyle Orton has drawn the defense offsides three times in less than 3 quaters, which is 3 times more than I’ve ever seen Tony Romo do in 7 years!

  4. All you Romo fanboys and your “we’ll see how you like it without him” attitudes crack me up. I LOVE it without him.

  5. Orton interception with 1:43 left in an another do or die game was…. Romo-esque! I absolutely LOVE how the cameras immediately go to the Cowboy suite to catch Jerry Jones et al banging their heads against the wall….

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