Eli Manning limps off just before the half


It is hard to think of a more fitting end to Eli Manning’s 2013 season than an intercepted pass and it looks like that’s how things may shape up.

Manning was intercepted by Josh Wilson in the final minute of a rain-soaked first half at the Meadowlands and then limped off the field straight to the locker room. The team said he’s being evaluated for an ankle injury. It would be surprising to see Manning, whose first pass of the year was also intercepted, back on the field for a game that has been just about as ugly as you’d expect from two teams with the records that the Giants and Redskins brought into this game.

The Giants lead 10-6 thanks to some nice plays by wide receiver Jerrel Jernigan, making the most of the opportunity provided by Victor Cruz’s injury, and a defense that forced six straight three and outs at one point. Two turnovers, Andre Brown fumbled before Manning’s 27th interception of the year, helped the Redskins to their field goals.

Wide receiver Hakeem Nicks is also out of the game for the Giants. He hobbled off with an ankle injury after being flagged for offensive pass interference in the end zone. That may have been the impending free agent’s final snap with the Giants and it would be an equally fitting end to his disappointing 2013 season.

UPDATE 2:53 p.m. ET: Curtis Painter is in to start the second half for the Giants.

16 responses to “Eli Manning limps off just before the half

  1. Jesus. You know it’s a bad day at work when you get intercepted by garbage like that midget Josh Wilson.

  2. People who always write ” Giants need to draft a new QB, Eli is done” are a bit clueless. Draft a QB lol, you draft a QB and put all your chips in that player and he is a bust than what. Eli has proven that he can win, just because he is having a bad season, you want to jump on him, I got an idea why don’t you jump on a new team, we don’t need another clueless fan rooting for this team.

    1. Eli had no Offensive line
    2. No running game until week 10
    3. These Wide Receivers were bad (a lot of tip passes)
    4. Bad play calling

    Draft a new Quarterback lol, this is why I disliked the 2012 draft class. Luck, RG3, Wilson, Tannehill all are good QB and now every half witted fan thinks that this will happen now every draft class.

  3. If I’m John Mara watching my franchise QB limp off the field, I’m firing Jerry Reese and whichever Olineman whiffed on that block, on the spot. Shocked Eli ended this nightmare season without a more serious injury. That Manning injury should have Mara blowing his top.

  4. Too bad this didn’t happen after the first half of the first game, the Giant probably would’ve taken this sorry excuse for a division if Painter played all year long.

  5. It is obvious that many of these posts are completely heartless and cruel. It is amazing how cruel all of you are to Eli. First of all, he has no O line, no defense, and his wide receivers stink. As a prof of business working on a quantitative doctoral study, i would like to say that the interception stat is misleading. first of all many times one can be screened or a WR does not catch. Brett Favre had 27 INT one season and so did Peyton Manning in 1998 and so did Drew Breese.
    I understand that all of you like to pick on Eli Manning because he is sensitive and kind. Now I really believe this world is Evil. How can all of you be mean? Then Eli gets injured and not one word of compassion. I thought our society was kinder than that of the Roman Empire but I guess I was wrong, silly me

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