Frazier expresses hope for a return

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Eight years ago, Vikings owner Zygi Wilf dumped coach Mike Tice via a one-page press release circulated in the locker room after a Week 17 home win over an NFC North rival.  For current coach Leslie Frazier, the good news for now is that the same thing didn’t happen after a Week 17 home win over an NFC North rival.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that no decision has been made about Frazier, despite widespread reports that Frazier will be out.

To the extent that the decision truly hasn’t been made, Frazier attempted during his post-game press conference to make a case for sticking around.

“Our staff has a contract for 2014,” Frazier said, via Aj Mansour of KFAN.  “I hope that the Wilf family will honor that.”

Frazier projected confidence regarding his performance, with a caveat that could be viewed as a slap at the talent-acquisition process.

“I have a lot of belief in my ability as a coach . . . for that reason you have no need to walk in fear. . . .  I’ve done everything I can do in my tenure as head coach for the Vikings,” Frazier said, via Mansour.  “We need to get that quarterback question fixed.”

They definitely need to get the quarterback question fixed, and a question remains regarding who deserves the blame for a revolving door of mediocrity that has spun from Christian Ponder to Matt Cassel to Josh Freeman back to Ponder and then back to Cassel.

Before they can figure that out, however, the Vikings need to know whether they want to embark on two seasons of outdoor football with a new coach.  If a decision hasn’t been made, it surely will be soon.

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  1. Frazier has a poor eye for talent. He has an extremely slow pace for change, both in the game and pre/post game. He has an inability to get his coordinators in line and get them to game plan well. He has an inability to bench players that are in need of benching. He plays vets/favorites despite needing benching. He’s throw something like one challenge flag all year. He is married to the Tampa 2 defense which is highly ineffective. He tries to fit players into schemes he likes instead of using schemes to play to player’s strengths. He NEEDS to go!!

  2. Memo to Mr. Frazier: the Wilf family can honor your contract without allowing you to coach the team ; they’ll simply can you on Monday , then honor the contract by paying you for whatever is left on it.

  3. Frazier is a boob of the highest magnitude. Pulling your socks up in the locker room at halftime is not an adjustment. True leadership is a transcending quality not one possessed by a mime.

  4. What the Wilfs need to ask themselves is who is responsible for drafting Ponder. Was there a discussion? Did anyone want Dalton or Kapaernick? We may never know, but if Frazier fought for Ponder, then he definitely needs to go. If it was Spielman, he needs to go too. Frazier made other mistakes (like not playing Patterson early/often enough), but Minnesota has had enough of these coaches who lock themselves to inferior QBs (see Childress/TJackson).

  5. He said he is proud of his record, and stands by it. He has lost 70% of his games. Thats insane. He had more power over the draft picks at the time Ponder was picked and now he’s trying to blame Spielman. Spielman has only been GM for 2 years. Frazier is a terrible coach and doeas play favorites instead of playing guys that do have the talent see (Chris Cook). What does playing outside have to do with a new coach? Are there any other outdoor teams that have been able to hire new coaches?

  6. Not saying Frazier should stick around. But he’s right. Rick Spielman has done a great job of acquiring talent for our team, except for the most important position. Rick Spielman’s history at the QB position is alarming. It wasn’t Leslie who brought the Josh Freeman circus in to town.

  7. If the Vikings had any brains, they would fire Spielman and allow the next GM to pick his own coach. I doubt that GM would pick Frazier but my point is that firing Frazier on Monday morning hardly addresses the situation.

    But if Spielman is allowed to hire another coach and draft the next Qb, the Vikings aren’t going to change, more last place finishes await.

  8. I really like Frazier as a person, he is a class act and a good person. But he’s been the head coach since 2010 and if he was going to be a great coach we would have seen signs of it by now. Last year, Peterson had a season for the ages and it propelled the team to a 10-6 record. If you replace him with an average back the Vikings have another horrible team. Frazier does not seem to recognize or anticipate glaring weaknesses on the team. Before the 2011 season, many fans expressed concern that aside from Harvin, we had an inferior receiving group. Bernard Berrian, who had previously contributed little to nothing, was our number two receiver. We were assured that guys like Emmanuel Arceneaux, Devin Aromashodu, Stephen Burton, Greg Camarillo and Michael Jenkins would step up. Of course it was a disaster and the team went 3-13 and that was a big reason. The secondary this year was another glaring weakness before the season started and Frazier again said we were fine in that area. Aside with staying with Ponder, (whom he claimed gave the team the best chance to win) the secondary was the main reason this team lost many games, especially in the last few minutes. Frazier might be fine as a defensive coordinator, but he simply is not a head coach. If they continue with him, it’s going to be tough to watch this team in 2014.

  9. On offense, the Vikes need a QB and some interior lineman. Otherwise, they are set at the skilled positions RB, WR, TE. On defense, we need a big run stuffing DT, and a good corner. Re-sign Allen for one more year, and lets go to the superbowl.

  10. Give this guy a quarterback and he’ll look like a genius. Everyone thought Mike McCarthy was a great coach until Rodgers got hurt. Then he was exposed as just another guy who loves donuts. I believe this franchise needs stability at head coach, although they do need a new defensive coordinator.

  11. Here are the main complaints I hear about Frazier:

    1) Emotionless. What about Bud Grant? Can this also be characterized as “steady”?

    2) Sticks with people for too long (coordinators, QB). Many of the people who post this secretly wish he was their former employer. Does the word “loyalty” ring any bells here?

    He isn’t perfect, but his players stuck with him through thick and thin. He needs a good QB…

    I vote Frazier.

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