Harvin could land on IR as soon as Monday


If the Seahawks win the Super Bowl, they’ll most likely be doing it without receiver Percy Harvin.

Per a league source, Harvin could be landing on injured reserve as soon as Monday.

Coach Pete Carroll already has hinted at the possibility of Harvin landing on IR.  When cornerback Walter Thurmond was activated following a four-game suspension, however, the team cut cornerback Perrish Cox in lieu of shelving Harvin.

At one point, the Seahawks had hoped to bring Harvin back for one or more playoff games.  But with Harvin unable to practice following an aggravation of the hip condition that resulted in August surgery, the Seahawks don’t want to risk further injury to Harvin if he plays without being able to practice.

If Harvin is done, he will finish his first season with the Seahawks with one game appearance (against the Vikings) and one catch, for 17 yards.

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  1. Meanwhile, Cordarrelle Patterson, who the Vikings drafted to replace Harvin, had two more spectacular TDs…….

  2. Luke Willson at TE will likely join him. Defense will have to carry the load. A lot of weapons are down on offense that’s mostly down to undrafted free agents in the receiver corp

  3. Just think, the Seahawks could’ve drafted a bigger, stronger, faster version that actually plays. Cordarrelle hasn’t been listed as probable even once this whole year. He hasn’t even missed a practice all year either. Oh yeah, he wouldn’t have costed another 3rd and 7th round pick and isn’t getting paid 12mil a year either.

  4. Harvin might never play for the Seahawks again. His “recovery” has already gone months longer than expected. He got paid and now he’s not in any hurry to come back. If Seattle puts him on IR they may end up making a deal with him to terminate his employment.

  5. “Meanwhile, the League does everything in their power to undermine the Steelers. ”

    Meanwhile idiot Stealer fans post in threads that have nothing to do with their grubby team.

  6. The League’s Crusade Against The Steelers says:

    Meanwhile, the League does everything in their power to undermine the Steelers. The fake punt no-fumble call was a deliberate attack against the Steelers! We demand repercussions!


    Boo hoo. Your posts make it oh so sweet for us fans of teams that actually finished above .500 and earned our spots in the post season and didn’t have to pray for other teams to carry us in. Enjoy the off season.

  7. It’s a shame harvin is hurt. He’s truly a special talent. However he wasn’t hurt when he was traded so him getting hurt doesn’t mean the Vikings automatically got the best of the trade. However if Rhodes keeps playing well and harin stays on the bench next year…

  8. The Vikings completely fleeced the Seahawks in that trade.

    Future Rookie of the year Cordarelle Patterson has proved to be a more versatile & better player than Percy.

    This just shows how pathetic the Seahawks franchise is

  9. The League’s Crusade Against The Steelers Continues says:
    Dec 29, 2013 7:53 PM

    Meanwhile, the League does everything in their power to undermine the Steelers. The fake punt no-fumble call was a deliberate attack against the Steelers! We demand repercussions!

    Glad the Steelers didn’t make it. They didn’t deserve it (for a 2nd straight season). Try not starting 0-4 next time. Fitting the way it ended up playing out. I’m sure Pittsburg fans are heartbroken.

  10. Very little deep threats remain for Seattle. Losing Wilson is another nail in the coffin for their passing game. It would be very difficult to beat the 9ers, Broncos, Colts, even the Pats or Bengals, without deep threats .

  11. Also, there are some lunatics commenting on PFT not adding anything sensible or coherent. They know who they are lmao.

  12. Awesome comparison ViKing fans! What seed are the Vikings? Did they win that tough division at 8-7-1?

  13. Money for nothing!

    Anyway, I’m not a Seahawks fan but I think they’ll win the Superbowl now and Percy really won’t be able to gain any personal satisfaction from it.

    Yes, he’s a part of the team, talked with other receivers I’m sure etc…

    But to have played as little as he did and then zero in the playoffs, SHOULD they go on to win it all, it would have to sting a little or a lot.

    Then imagine if the Seahawks don’t make it back to the Superbowl for his remaining years on the team, all of which were healthy years for him?

    That would gnaw at me if I were to be in that situation.

    Granted, ALL I said were hypothetical’s…

  14. I’d say the Vikes got the better end of that deal, by a mile. They used the 1st rounder they got from Seattle to draft Xavier Rhodes and then used the 3rd round pick from the Seahawks along with a few of there own picks, to get back in the 1st round and take Patterson. Rhodes and Patterson for an injury prone Harvin…..THANK YOU Seahawks!!!

  15. There is a neurosurgeon who helped contribute to an interesting article this off-season about a potential issue Percy has relating to his migraines.

    It basically stated Percy possibly has “Central Sensitization” which is a disorder that highly affects his pain tolerance and the brain perceives pain to exist in some cases when there’s nothing wrong.

    I’m pretty much convinced this is somewhat true. Vikings diagnosed he’d miss 4 weeks with his ankle and it turned into 8 plus IR. Now he plays 1 half after being cleared and can’t recover in 6+ weeks?

    Or maybe he finally got paid and is just deciding to smoke and never play again.

  16. I’m glad the Vikings got rid of this Pompous lil’ baby! Seattle fans were all fired up when they received him. The Vikings made a great trdae and the Hawks appear to have been screwed! LOL

  17. He CLEARLY should have been on it the ENTIRE year. The rash decision to play him that ONE game could stretch his injury into the coming season. Hip surgery is a serious, tricky situation, and he is an injury-prone player to begin with.

  18. @seatownballers:

    Way to deflect from the whole point of this thread. Seems to me you know you got robbed in the trade and are hanging on to the short term to make you feel better about it. You sound like a 3rd grader on the playground. “Oh yeah, well my dad can beat up your dad.”

  19. No worries. We’ll just sign Patterson away from Minnesota in a couple years. He’ll look good with a real QB.

  20. jboody79 says:
    Dec 29, 2013 8:34 PM
    I’m glad the Vikings got rid of this Pompous lil’ baby! Seattle fans were all fired up when they received him. The Vikings made a great trdae and the Hawks appear to have been screwed! LOL


    Yeah we’re so screwed…homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. What are your plans for the playoffs? Oh that’s right the Vikings are out of the playoffs. LOLOLOLOLOLOL….MORON

  21. If it was the Redskins, the media would be criticizing the trade ad nauseam…. But hey, they’re 13-3, what do they care?

  22. Another stellar decision by the PEDhawks. I’d like to say it was embarrassing that they got massacred by the Cardinals in their own house, but the Cards actually have quality WRs, an experienced QB, and a great defense.

    The PEDhawks lack all of the above. And their fans are the most obnoxious in the NFL, and that’s saying something!!!!

  23. Wow. Are niners abd Vikings fans attempting to call me out for bashing another franchise?
    Yes it’s true. I did it.
    My Team is the number one seed.
    Niners will be travelling rest of the season.
    The Vikings fans that talk trash are silly.
    13-3> 5-10-1

    Bragg about the fleece. You won in March.
    We in December and January

  24. Hey ViQueen fans: the last time I checked, the point of the game is to WIN GAMES. The Seattle Seahawks are the #1 seed, and have the fast track to the Super Bowl.

    Oh the Minnesota front office is so brilliant? How is Christian Ponder working out for you? Mr. Wilson is looking great, thanks for asking.

    Have fun watching the postseason!!

  25. I promise you I don’t remember anybody talking about this guy during the draft. I’m not thrilled about the harvin trade but let’s not all pretend we knew that CP was going to be a beast. Besides, unless you get a top 10 QB the point is moot.

  26. Most Vikings fans could have easily called this, at the time of the trade. The Seahawks should cut their losses and just cut him. He will never be a reliable weapon for them. Too bad, the Seahawks Super Bowl window will be a short one, and Percy won’t be doing much to help jump through it.

  27. IF the hawks cut him by march, they save 3 million. They paid him 13 this year, and will end up paying 9 next year (post cut) so oh well, see ya, thanks for being a complete pansy.

  28. @seatownballers says:

    Awesome comparison ViKing fans! What seed are the Vikings? Did they win that tough division at 8-7-1?

    No, the Vikings sucked this year. Bad Qb, bad coaching, bad defense. That has nothing to do with fact the Seahawks got the short end of the stick on the Harvin trade. But who am I to criticize an organization for paying huge contracts/trade picks for players they sit or cut.

  29. FLASH makes percy look like a real scrub.

    That being said, yes you hawks fans still have bragging rights on your overall team, I was pulling for you guys in the playoffs last year before that pu55y was traded their.

    Watch out if the vikings get a legit qb.

  30. I wonder if Harvin didn’t bring some of this on himself in a way. Wanting to get out on the field against his former employer. He never really was a true “team” player. Ok, so you have a bad QB in Ponder, but you complain and throw temper tantrums? Guess what Percy, there’s 51 other guys on the team dealing with him too!

    The Viking fans knew it was best for MN to get rid of him, and we were glad that seattle gave us so much for him. It’s always something with percy. Either it’s a migraine, or taking a few weeks off when his grandmother passed away, or his ankle last year, and now his hip. It’s always something. It’s just to bad he’s throwing away a great career… If he was playing right now, you’d imagine the super bowl being seattle and Denver. And it being a great game.

    I think when Moss came back in 2010, Percy and Randy hung out to much, and a little bit of Randy rubbed off onto Percy. Sad deal. He’s got kind of an attitude.

  31. I don’t care if the hawks win the Super Bowl. As of now it was an awful trade and the Viking benefited by it. It’s just a fact.

    You can compare apple and oranges as much you want.

  32. Am i the only one who understands the genius of “pftpoet”?

    ” Future Rookie of the year ” Patterson?

    So, if you are ninth on rookie receptions, and outside the top 10 in rec yds, you will be the ROOKIE of the year IN THE FUTURE?

    As a senior in college, I was also freshman of the year.

    See what i did there?

    Priceless analysis @pftpoet.

  33. Seahawks > Vikings

    Percy is quite the little princess however. Great talent don’t blame john and Pete for trying. With or without him 13-3 and homefield speaks for itself. Sorry vikes, your just SORRY!!!

    Go hawks!!!

  34. Percy is a rare talent. The man is injured. Look around, it happens a lot in the NFL. When Percy comes back the ‘Hawks are damn near unbeatable. I wish the Niners had traded for him.

  35. Vikings won on this trade….Why the Vikings think its a huge victory is a mystery to me. Why do you guys care? It’s not your money

  36. Seattle is the NFC top seed and West Division Champ so I think John Schneider and Pete Carroll know much more about football than the average troll. Harvin is hurt so the trade doesn’t look good right now, anyone thinks the Vikings who are about to clean house won in some way – good for you.
    It is frustrating because you want to see the best guys out there but this is a long term plan Pete has, this team has already proven they can win against Panthers, Saints and 49ers without him yet this is a big story each week. Golden Tate took a licking on every play and put up a huge day this weekend. Baldwin has shown he can produce, Kearses ankle should be alright after the bye week.

  37. Why are Seahawks fans talking about their team being better than the Vikings? Umm…that’s a given, and not one Vikes fan on here said otherwise. You guys have an actual QB and defense. BUT that doesn’t change the fact that the Seahawks got absolutely fleeced in that trade. They offered WAY more than anyone else was offering. From everything I’ve read nobody else was even offering a 1st round pick, let alone a 1st and a 3rd. Percy has been injury prone from the get go, and has NEVER been a team player. I’m a die hard Vikes fan and I was ecstatic when I heard what the Vikes got for him. Wasn’t sad to see him go one bit. So yes, the Seahawks are a better team than the Vikings, BUT you guys still got screwed on this trade. Good luck in the playoffs. I hope you guys make the SB and beat the Broncos, or lose to my Patriots. I was born in New England and am a huge Pats fan as well. So if my Pats can’t take down the Broncos I truly hope you guys do. You still got fleeced on the trade though:-)

  38. Why would Carroll put Percy on the IR? What purpose would it serve. Nobody has adequate information to know the nature or extent of Harvin’s injury-except the Seahawk medical staff-and they aren’t talking.

  39. @ tim8450

    Pretty convenient that you left out Patterson’s contributions on special teams & the run game. He has scored a number of TDs in those areas on electric plays.

  40. Putting Percy on IR is actually worse for the Hawks if they want to cut him next year. His contract states that he would be paid more money if he goes inactive this year and they cut him lose next year… Granted it is only a few million dollars but it is still something.

    However I think there is still hope alive that we will see him return in the Playoffs. If not and he acts this way next season I would get rid of him quickly and let some other team deal with his over hyped (a)ss.

    I wouldnt be surprised if they dont force him to play though because this seems more and more bogus every day. I did some research on his injury and they say the MAX heal time is 12 weeks and that is for the worst case scenario. Most of the time the remedy for this type of injury is pain killers an a month of Physical Therapy. Also this is NOT considered “major” hip surgery, they just go in and and sew the tear up the surgery is usually a 1 day thing and you are not even put under for it.

  41. LOL his replacement beat the Lions, wow what an accomplishment for a bad team, not going to the playoffs and just fired its coaching staff. But for the money there paying they could have kept the high draft pick and gotton someone else like Boldin or in free agency like Jennings or even Wallace. My pick would have been wallace he would have stretched the field for Seattle.

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