Jets announce Rex Ryan will be back

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The Jets have emerged from the trio of also-rans in the NFC East to finish second in the division, with an unlikely 8-8 record.

And that’s been good enough to keep Rex Ryan on the job.

Owner Woody Johnson announced after Sunday’s season-ending win in Miami that Rex Ryan will return to the team in 2014.

It remains unknown whether Ryan will be coaching under the final year of his current contract or receiving an extension.  While some coaches have worked as lame ducks (e.g., Mike Tice with the Vikings in 2005, Marvin Lewis with the Bengals in 2010, John Fox with the Panthers in 2010), it would be hard for the Jets and Ryan to get through a season in which Ryan’s contract will expire upon conclusion of the Week 17 season.

Regardless, Rex will be the coach entering 2014.  And that’s something that appeared to be inconceivable in late August.

45 responses to “Jets announce Rex Ryan will be back

  1. Nice another season of the ring leader and his circus.

    Enjoy fighting it out with the fish for second place!

  2. Good for Rex Ryan! These last two weeks proved who the head coach of the NEW YORK EFFIN JETS should be. Nobody out there could coach this team to 8 wins or even 5. Rex Ryan has really come along as a coach his game plan has improved and he’s still a players coach that the players absolutely love and it seems like he’s finally learning how to develop a QB and keeping him confident. Let’s not forget the guys got a heck of a sense of humor and gives the NFL a much needed brightness.

    loads of cap space, a boat load of draft picks and Rex Ryan in 2014. WATCH OUT! GO JETS!

  3. This Jets team had zero talent and there was so much controversy at the QB position (again) I was shocked Rex wasn’t fired mid-season. I was also shocked that the team played as well as they did.

    Sure 8-8 is disappointing and 3 straight playoffless seasons is unacceptable, but Rex did far more with less than anyone could have reasonably expected. He deserves a lot of credit for not only making this team respectable but also for not losing his clubhouse. Like Mike Greenberg said on Twitter, “Had the Jets fired him, it would’ve been an absolute joke.”

  4. Please tell me I didn’t just watch the Jets break out the Gatorade shower for a coach that directed them to an 8-8 season.

    Just when we thought the Jets couldn’t lower the bar any further.

  5. Where’s Manesh Mehta now after blowing off his mouth calling for Ryan’s head during the preseason and all the media were interviewing for saying so? Right, .know-it-all’s, go back to the Hobbit Holes where you belong. Shows you how much you know.

  6. His team played for him. Good players want to play for him. He’s matured to some extent. He earned it IMO.

    Rex is not the NYJs problem. Their problem is Mark Sanchez is the best QB on their team.

    Disclaimer: Not a Jets fan in any way, shape, or form.

  7. buffalotexan says:
    Dec 29, 2013 4:33 PM
    As a Bills fan, let me say…… Thank you Jets!

    Believe me, you still wouldn’t have won a playoff game this century if Lombardi was your coach.

    Billls fan from Texas?

    Oh wait…..Cowboys, Texans….oh now I see!

    Suggestion: attend more rodeos.

  8. Oh this makes me so happy, I loved laughing at the Jest circus this year and this means the fun is gonna continue!

  9. Good win for Rex. He did a lot with a poor offense. An unexpected win record for the season.
    As usual my Dolphins disappoint me. Which is not unexpected.

  10. Love all the people who clearly don’t watch Jets games. Circus? This was the least ‘circus’ year that they had in the last 5. They had a top defense AGAIN, and an offense that is expected with a rookie QB. They finished one game behind a playoff spot, and came into the season ranked dead last. Rex is a very good coach, and has matured as a coach over the last 2 years. Anyone who thinks differently just goes along with what everyone else says. Bunch of cap room and 11 draft picks, should be easy to build off an 8-8 record.

  11. Called it. I said all year that Rex would somehow find a way to play the Jets out of the playoffs, then turn around and win out to 8-8 to end on a “high note.” Now all that is left is Mark Sanchez back in the saddle with a 6 year contract extension. Don’t hate me, I’m just an oracle for the gods of football comedy.

  12. The NFL is a joke. Players play hard when they individually feel have something to play for. Or are well coached, meaning the coaches know how to instill pride in the players towards the organization that writes their paychecks.

    If you’ve seen many Pro-Bowls it’s the same, but so much more obvious. The Pro Bowl is a circus, and players do not play hard because they (understandably) do not want to suffer career ending injuries. It’s like a flag football game where the only players working are the QB’s, WR’s, and special teams.

    As I get older it’s so easy to see through all the hoopla the NFL is.

    This is why teams like the Dolphins can beat a super well coached team like the Patriots and lose to inferior teams like the J E T S. Today the JETS played hard for a few reasons, their head coach’s job, wanted to play spoiler to the fins, so what I’m trying to say is today the NFL players of the Jets played well because they wanted to, not because they had to.

    On the other hand, it was very visible the Dolphins had no fuel to go to war today. It seemed like making the playoffs was not important to most of them, only to some of the players.

    So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that any given Sunday the team that plays with intensity has be best chance of winning.

  13. As a Bills fan, let me say…… Thank you Jets!

    Yeah, Rex being the head coach of the Jets has really been a boon for the Bills.

    By the way, if you’re still calling the Jets a circus you’re a troll or you haven’t watched a Jets game all year. Fact.

  14. The best news that I’ve heard all day. That ensures the Jets will be irrelevant for at least 1 more year.

  15. I do believe that Johnson must have a fear of success. That’s the only explanation I can think of to keep Ryan.

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