Mike Munchak still waiting for word on future with Titans

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The Titans at least got to go into the offseason on a high note, winning two straight to close the year 7-9.

But now, coach Mike Munchak has to wait to see if he’ll have a chance to improve on it.

Munchak said he’d meet with Titans president Tommy Smith in the coming days to learn his future. But according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean, Smith  declined comment after Sunday’s win over the Texans.

“It was important to finish with two division wins like we did,” Munchak said. “It was a great way to finish at home. . . .

“I feel real good about this team and how we’ve grown as a team throughout the year. I don’t think we’re far off. You saw that with the way we played this year. We need a couple more guys to help us close out games and we’ll be in good shape. . . .

“We brought a lot of good players to this football team to help us and we need to add to that.”

The Titans spent aggressively in free agency, but injuries to quarterback jake Locker stalled any progress they had. Of course, that’s a regular thing, so there’s a decision to be made on quarterbacks in addition to coaches in the coming days.

8 responses to “Mike Munchak still waiting for word on future with Titans

  1. Munchak may not be a good head coach, but he’s a GREAT excuse maker.

    If barely beating the Jags and Texans (two of the most talent deprived teams in the league with a combined record of 6-26) is enough to save Munch’s job, then I will have lost all my faith in the front office.

  2. The way Munch starting calling the “play not lose” series of runs at the end of the game, thats reason enough to can him. Coaching for his life he showed little life and as a result, kept houston in the game instead of going for the throat. Pretty sad.

  3. Munchak should be back. He lost his starting quarterback and had to finish most of the season with Ryan Fitzpatrick. No team should be expected to make the playoffs with a back up QB. Not even a team like the Broncos. 7-9 is the best someone should expect when they lose their starting QB for the season. A few of those loses were even winnable games until costly interceptions by Fitzpatrick. A few better throws from Fitzpatrick and this is a 9-7 team without Locker. They could/would be even better with Locker. Munchak takes to much of the blame. He has made the best of his situation this season and I believe deserves another shot.

  4. I think Munchak needs to go, it’s the same old thing we had in Jeff Fisher, except not quite as good. However, I’d like to see Locker get 1 more year to see what kind of player he can be if he can stay healthy. I’d love to bring in an offensive guru type of coach & keep Gregg Williams for the defense. Oh, & Chris Johnson needs to GO.

  5. I’m a Titans fan and, to me, Munch clearly needs to go.

    There is only one stat you need to know in regards to Munch’s record…

    2-19 vs. teams with winning records!!!

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