Mike Tannenbaum: Jets should keep Ryan and Sanchez


Mike Tannenbaum isn’t the General Manager of the Jets any more, but he has some advice for his replacement.

On NFL Network Sunday, Tannenbaum said that he thought John Idzik should hold onto the coach hired on Tannenbaum’s watch. The “word on the streethas changed considerably from when Rex Ryan reportedly told his team that it looked like he was getting fired and Tannenbaum believes that’s the best thing for the development of quarterback Geno Smith.

“If they would make a change with Rex, presumably they’ll bring in another offensive coach, so that would give Geno Smith three offensive coordinators in three seasons. Dana Holgorsen last year at West Virginia, Marty Mornhinweg this year and then whoever would be the new offensive coach next year. If you do that, now you have to bring in a 3-4 defensive coordinator, because that defense has played well — they have a lot of the pieces, so to me this decision’s going to come back to the development of Geno,” Tannenbaum said.

The importance of developing Smith doesn’t mean that Tannenbaum thinks the team should part ways with the quarterback he traded up to pick fifth overall in the 2009 draft. Mark Sanchez has been written off as an option in 2014 for the Jets, but Tannenbaum makes a case for keeping him around that has nothing to do with the potential for future Buttfumbles.

“I think going into next year having them both under contract is actually a position of strength and, again, if you keep Rex and presumably coach Mornhinweg, that gives you some continuity,” Tannenbaum said. “Even though Sanchez didn’t play this year, he learned the system and that probably would give them the best chance to be successful in 2014.”

If you ignore the money owed to Sanchez, that argument is easier to swallow. As it stands, though, the Jets will owe Sanchez a $9 million salary and $2 million roster bonus for 2014 thanks to Tannenbaum’s handiwork and that’s simply too much for a quarterback with Sanchez’s track record on a team that has plenty of other holes to fill. It seems much likelier that Sanchez, Santonio Holmes and other vestiges of Tannenbaum’s tenure are shuffled aside while Ryan returns for at least one more year.

10 responses to “Mike Tannenbaum: Jets should keep Ryan and Sanchez

  1. I can see bringing Rex back, but why would any sane person bring Sanchez back? He’s had plenty of opportunities to prove he’s an nfl qb & has failed, miserably. You gotta move on from Sanchez and hope Smith can be your man.

  2. If Sanchez takes a huge pay cut I would keep him to back up Gino. Say what you want about Sanchez but when he had a great running game and WRs who would attack the football (Holmes,Edwards) he played his best. Having a backup who has won four road playoff games and been in two AFC championships is not a bad thing. A big part of Gino’s game is running with the football. Like Mike Vick he has a higher chance of getting dinged up. Sanchez would be solid if we need him to step in for a game or two.

  3. As a Dolphin fan I love to hate Rex. But he did a lot with nothing. So he should come back, unless he thinks a DC job somewhere else would be better. Suckchez? no way, he has to be kidding.

    The big question is Why we they even ask his opinion? He is obviously trying to justify his idiot decisions. He did a horrible job and stuck the Jets with Sanchez. Trying to save face is all.

  4. Nobody in the NFL is paying Sanchize that much to be on their roster next season. If the Jets still want him, I’m sure he’ll be willing to take a pay cut.

  5. Keep rex. Send Sánchez packing Hes terrible! And why do people write Gino in their post? Its geno! And he isnt the answer either! Why do they keep drafting subpar QBs? Cant win in this league with guys like geno and sanchez leading the troops!!

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