Peyton Manning breaks NFL single-season passing yardage record


Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has just set another NFL record.

Late in the second quarter of Sunday’s game against the Raiders, Manning reached 5,477 passing yards this season, breaking Drew Brees’s single-season NFL record.

Manning is also putting the single-season touchdown record, which he broke last week, out of reach. Manning has four touchdown passes in the first half.

The Broncos lead the Raiders 31-0 and are cruising toward home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs.

51 responses to “Peyton Manning breaks NFL single-season passing yardage record

  1. And again in true MEGA HEAD fashion he wins at every thing that doesn’t matter.

    Mega head will soon set another record 10

    As in “10” one and done for a QB in the playoffs!

  2. We all know Manning can run up the score on bad teams, let’s see him brake some records in the post-season for once. Oh, wait he already has the record for most playoff losses. Lol

  3. Manning should be offensive player of the year. Brady should get the MVP. But Manning will get the MVP and that’s ok, an MVP has never won the Super Bowl.

  4. If Tebow were still the Broncos QB he’d be pushing to pass season totals of 2000 yards passing and 15 td’s today, but you can’t measure his intangibles…

  5. And when you consider that the Saints were running up the scores to break the record it makes Manning’s accomplishment even more impressive.

  6. Amazing what can be accomplished in todays NFL. While Peyton is certainly having a great year, these types of numbers would not have been possible even a few years ago.

    You know the league is favoring the offense when Matthew Stafford has 5,000 yards passing. I miss the good old days.

    Hats off to Peyton nonetheless. I wonder who is going to shatter his records in a few years.

  7. Peyton Manning is the best QB in the NFL.

    Adrian Peterson is the best RB in the NFL

    Cordarelle Patterson is the best WR in the NFL.

    Deal with it.

  8. Again, I say…”Meh”.

    These “records” are broken every year these days with the “protection” of the offensive players. It’s a passer’s league.

  9. Ok, now lets watch Peyton play the rest of the game and pad all those records. They will probably win 59-0 so he can make sure those records stand for a long time. What a bunch of crap. He’s going to hold these records, and the way he got them was just a joke. He should have an asterisk next to his name because this year isn’t even football, this year is all for Peyton. I used to like the Broncos, now I hope they lose so Peyton never wins another Super Bowl.

  10. And again in true MEGA HEAD fashion he wins at every thing that doesn’t matter.

    Mega head will soon set another record 10

    As in “10″ one and done for a QB in the playoffs!

  11. Not hard to pass against a team who doesnt have a good secondary in the first place and is starting a bunch of no names. Bet I could throw for at least 2 tds before half myself. Lets get real. Not a Peyton hater just talking reality.

  12. awesome arena stats….I still this this ship sinking like 1/12/13……..that D & Manning in the cold against teams that will actually hit him.

  13. Too bad he can’t win when it counts, though. Both, he and Papa John’s pizza, suck. Pats will play in the Super Bowl again.

  14. Nerd alert. Stat-boys in the thread.

    This aint baseball and the “Game” of today is largely offensive in more ways than one.

  15. A QB pushing 40 and coming off multiple neck injuries is subject to credible reports — from close friends — that he can’t throw the ball 10 yards due to a nerve impingement on his tricep. After some workouts, he breaks the passing and TD records. Seems legit.

  16. The problem is that many people of today don’t understand the history of the game. Peyton Manning is not mobile. Peyton Manning is fragile. Because of those two facts, those of us who know the history of football criticize those like who pronounce him the greatest of all time because we know what the rules of football were back then. Peyton Manning could not play in the era of Starr, Dawson, Staubach, Tarkenton, Bradshaw, etc. Defensive lineman were allowed to contact the helmet of any player in any manner that they chose without penalty or fines. Those of us who love the game and know the history of it can tell you with absolute certainty that Deacon Jones would have had no mercy on Peyton Manning’s Head and surgically repaired Neck. Also, offensive linemen were not allowed to block players like the Steel Curtain with open hands and extended arms. Also, DB’s were allowed to contact the WR in any manner that they chose until the ball was thrown. Timing patterns were not a part of the NFL back then, and because of that Peyton Manning’s Bread and Butter timing pattern pre snap reads would be absent. QB’s had to be mobile in the pocket because the Defense had all of the advantages when you threw the ball in the NFL of the past. Manning would be destroyed by the past NFL defenses because he would be a sitting duck. Just to show you that I am a historian of the game and not a Broncos hater, John Elway could have definitely played in any era and been a star in every era of the NFL. Big, Strong, Athletic and most importantly mobile, John Elway could have played in an era where you could rush 4 and be guaranteed to create havoc in the backfield on the QB because of the pass blocking rules and no illegal contact or defensive holding on WR’s. Just look at the Immaculate Reception. Manning could not have scrambled like Bradshaw did on that paly. He would have been sacked by the 4 defensive lineman rushing by the Raiders when the pocket collapsed. Elway could have, that’s the difference. That is why there are those of us who say Manning is not the greatest ever. Manning is one of the greatest of his generation, but not of all generations.


    While I applaud Manning for his year of stats. We must all remember that Dan Marino was THE great QB. The league changed the rules to give all of you pass-happy fans a better game.

    Today, you can’t block the defender (past 5 yards). That’s a huge difference.

    Today, penalties are called, left and right, giving the offense many more series on the field. Duh! Of course they are going to get more yards and more TDs.

    I was on top of the world when Brady broke the TD record. But, I recognized that he didn’t make the one TRUE statement, “Marino is the greatest QB of all time.”

    Put Marino in a dome and give him today’s rules and he would have records of 65 TDs and 6500 passing yards.

    Manning didn’t give credit to Marino, either. It’s a shame. While Brady and Manning are so much fun to watch, those records are shams. Until either of them surpasses 65 TDs and 6500 yards, they are no Marino. Period!

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