Peyton Manning leads Broncos to early lead in Oakland

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Peyton Manning appears poised to lead the Broncos to home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

The Broncos jumped out to an early 14-0 lead in Oakland on the strength of two Manning touchdown passes, one to Eric Decker and one to Knowshon Moreno.

The Raiders’ offense did not look good early: They went three-and-out on their first drive, and Terrelle Pryor lost a fumble on the first play of the second drive.

It appears that the road to the Super Bowl in the AFC is going through Denver.

15 responses to “Peyton Manning leads Broncos to early lead in Oakland

  1. The question now is: Will they pull starters at the end of the game to rest, or will they throw for 2 TDs in the final 3 minutes like last week when they were already well in front?

  2. I knew we’d be out of our minds to think we’d lay a good licking on Manning and the Donkey’s but come on…..

    But I am not happy with the state of the Raiders “Marky” Mark Davis.

  3. Pryor is obviously not running around in circles enough.
    Who can beat a team who has a quarterback that can run around in circles?
    I mean, really… It’s obvious.

  4. Pryor, please leave Oakland and take your agent with you. You are absolutely terrible at the position.


    Anyone with a shred of football knowledge.

  5. The Dolphins didn’t do a whole lot this season , but they did accomplish one very important thing two weeks ago: they hung another loss on the Patriots to ensure that if New England is to make an eighth Superbowl appearance , they’ll have to win at Invesco Field to do it.

  6. If the numbers at are correct, Manning just passed Brees for the passing yards in a season record. If he plays at all in the second half, he should go over 5500 easily.

  7. Wow 55 TDs passes and most yards…..most points…..good to see more asterisk records fall. It’s nice to know that if we play the pats in the playoffs they will have to come and play us in mile high for once….where they can’t video tape our signals……. jam our communications….use secondary radio freqs….and buy off the refs. Colts are going to be tuff to beat I think.

  8. I hope Allen is fired at halftime. This is pathetic. Obviously there is no pride in this team and there is clearly a lack of professionalism. Call Lovie Smith and tell him the brinks truck is on its way.

  9. I expected more from the Raiders. Oh well, the Pats will just have to beat the Broncos again, I guess. Hoping Chargers get in, too.

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