Report: Browns will fire Rob Chudzinski

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Rob Chudzinski is reportedly going to be one-and-done in Cleveland.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Chudzinski will be fired after finishing his first season as the Browns’ head coach. However, PFT has been told that while it doesn’t look good for Chudzinski, the report that the Browns have already decided to fire him is premature.

Although the Browns were far from a good team this season — today’s loss drops them to 4-12 — the decision to fire Chudzinski comes as a surprise. Coaches usually get at least a couple years to implement their own way of doing things and show they can build a winner, and considering how bad the Browns were when Chudzinski arrived, it’s odd that Chudzinski can’t get a second season on the job.

But there were rumblings in Cleveland that the front office wasn’t pleased with the way Chudzinski was doing things, and so his first season in Cleveland will be his last. The Browns will join the Texans — and likely a few other teams — in looking for a new head coach.

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  1. It is what it is. You’re as good as your record says. There has to be more to this, than what’s on the surface. Did a coach that is not coaching, tell them he’s coming back? Who knows!

  2. I’m wondering if Buffalo should do the same with Marrone, and elevate Mike Pettine to Head Coach…before they end up losing him to another team.

  3. I told people all year that the Browns were a QB away from being a decent team. Now they are a QB, a HC and two years away.

  4. Still don’t understand how Lombardi got the job, didn’t they listen to this guy while he was on TV? All he did was showcase reasons why he wouldn’t make a good GM. The should have figured that out without having to spend a dime. Just pathetic, they deserve to be in the cellar.

  5. Why? He was set up for failure, coming into a franchise that’s perennially been one of the worst in the NFL. You need more than one year to recover from something like that.

    He’s been plagued by injuries at quarterback and is stuck putting in last year’s mistake (Weeden) numerous times.

    Shuffling coaches this fast sets the Browns back two years, because Chud shaped this team for his system. Now a new guy will come in with his own system and the players on his roster won’t fit, dooming them to another bad season.

    The Browns should give him another year.

  6. I bet they promote Norv Turner and he will get 5 yrs to keep the Browns in futility!!!! That’s how you waste all that talent on D and a rising star like Josh Gordon.

  7. Good organizations make good decisions and it shows on the field. Bad organizations make bad decisions and you know the rest. Chud is this years Mike Mularkey. Both inherited bad teams and it appears both will be fired after just one season. In Mularkey’s case it is almost comical in the sense that no one disputes how bad the Jags roster was. Cleveland and Jacksonville, good luck to both fan bases as both have inept owners.

  8. This organization, for some bizarre reason, thinks it is better than it is. They have no patience to build anything, thus blowing up the team every year or two. They actually epitomize insane.

  9. I feel for Browns fans. I was born and raised near Cleveland but happily moved away by choice as soon as I could. Not crapping on the area, I’m glad I grew up there but it just wasn’t for me.
    Talking with my old friends who are still around Cleveland and stuck with being Browns fans, it’s like they’ve been suffering through that train wreck for so long that they don’t even understand the game of football anymore. It’s sad more than funny. People who are otherwise intelligent, talking about what the Browns are doing each year and honestly thinking “in 3 years the Browns will be in the Super Bowl”. They’ve been on 3 year plans ever since 1999. I don’t think they’ve completed year 1 of that plan yet, and it’s been 14 years.
    Unfortunately, for most people in Cleveland being a football fan means getting drunk in bad weather at a tailgate, then sobering up in a stadium watching awful football and not thinking about the $60+ you just wasted on a ticket. If the city of Cleveland banned tailgating, I doubt that 5,000 people would be in the stands for any given game. Maybe the rabid loyalty is what’s holding them back. Some cities have turned their back on their team and that created a greater incentive to actually win games. But, you know, to each their own. There’s a charm to the Browns being an awful franchise.

  10. The browns are a joke. Rod c. Deserved at least another year. The gm and ownership should be truly embarassed. They have 3 good guys and that is it. Joe thomas, joe haden and josh gordon. Beware for whoever gets the job next.

  11. Like this guy had a chance with these “quarterbacks” he pays for the sins of morons before him……Cleveland…hard to feel sorry for you…oh & you have Joe Banner….enjoy.

  12. 5 pro bowlers and only 4 wins. Someone has to be at blame. I am not saying I agree with it, but the facts are the facts. My team quit the last 6 weeks of the season..,

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  13. If true – what a lousy organization. Every HC should get 3 years unless he is totally in over his head.

    That being said – any org. DUMB enough to give Mike Lombardi a job is a true joke of an organization.

  14. This is a major mistake. What was Chud supposed to do with a bad team, no qb and a rb the team trades away after the 3rd week? The Browns will have to get very lucky with an unknown coach because no good coach will touch this job. And for the record I am saying this as a Cowboys’ fan.

  15. Wow.

    No coach worth anything is going to take our HC job after this.

    It’s times like these where I start to wonder why I’m a Browns fan. I should just hang up my Haden jersey now and hop onboard another bandwagon. This is ridiculous.

  16. I wonder who would agree to coach this team next year knowing the team has no patience to rebuild?

    I suspect the dumpster fire will continue unless they can find a good college coach that wants to bail because the NCAA is after them . . .

  17. Gruden. From Ohio. Grew up a Browns fan. Has ties to Lombardi. Unless he goes back to Oakland.

  18. After this long, anyone that has any respect for the game of football, or has any dignity or pride, will realize this is no longer funny! Men like Chud, are having their lives torn apart, without the opportunity for redemption! He gets 1 season to undo years of incompetence! It’s truly sad for the fans as well!

  19. They should have traded Chud to the Colts for a first rounder. They love trading for garbage.

  20. Silly. Things wil never change in Cleveland with a new coach every year or two.

    There are simply not enough “hot” O or D coaches out there right now to go around for all of the rumored openings.

  21. I know the Browns have historically been a bad franchise, but when you look at the roster they have do have some things going for them.

    If they can find some consistency at QB, they have weapons. The defense only needs a few key players; mostly some pass rushers and a linebacker. If they do fire Big Chud, the Browns could get put on the right track quickly.

    But they should really give Chudzinski another year or two and give him a legit quarterback to build with.

  22. Haslam’s too busy trying to stay out of the slammer to get too involved. The front office needs to go before the head coach.

  23. I’m not sure the table was set very well for Chud, but this sounds more like buyer’s remorse and opportunities to get a better new coach than anything wrong Chudzinski did. It was a huge mistake to not hire Trestman last year. If he can make Josh McCown a good QB after a journeyman’s career of mediocrity, I’m sure he could have done the same for Hoyer or Campbell, or maybe even extract competence from Weeden. With Ray Horton running the defense, they could have contended for the division as early as this season.

  24. I never liked the Chudzinski hiring, nor the coaching staff he had. Chud is a better OC than HC, and Turner is too predictable. Horton would be a good HC but his problem is he falls in love with own press clippings.

    Jay Gruden from Cincy. But I think Lombardi leans toward McDaniels from NE.

    Doesn’t Banner look like the curmudgeon who ruined Cleveland?

  25. Look at the Steelers. They started out slowly but they didnt panic like the Browns did. Instead they knew they were in a transition with a new OL and youth movement and guess what? They almost made the playoffs . Now look at the Steelers, they are posed to get back to the playoffs next season while the Browns are crossing their fingers that they dont blow their 2 1st round picks.

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