Seahawks defense strikes quickly in Seattle


The Seahawks offense didn’t rebound from last week’s sluggish performance to open Week 17 against the Rams.

Seattle went three and out on the opening possession of the game after gaining five yards, but the Seahawks lead 7-0 thanks to some help on the other side of the field. Linebacker Malcolm Smith held onto a pass that went right through tight end Lance Kendricks’ hands and returned in 37 yards for a touchdown.

The Seahawks defense force a three and out on the next Rams possession, so the Seahawks offense now has the luxury of trying to get back on track with a lead in their pocket.

The Seahawks wrap up the NFC West and home field advantage in the NFC playoffs with a victory over the Rams on Sunday. The Rams have not won in Seattle since 2004.

5 responses to “Seahawks defense strikes quickly in Seattle

  1. Glad the D came out of the locker room ready to play!!! The offense apparently didn’t get the memo yet! SMH.

  2. Hawks O looks like crap again. As much as it pains me to say this….probably one and done in the playoffs.

  3. LOL!!! Score was 27-7…defense put up 7 of those. The OFFENSE put up 20 of them. Looks to me like the offense did okay. Was it outrageously stupendously spectacular? No, but it was more than enough to win without the 7 the defense put up.

    The writer of the article and ANYONE else who fails to see that…is a blithering IDIOT!

    floratime…the one and done crowd will be the ‘Frisco fruits & nuts. Want some cheese to go with that whine? Fake noise? LOL!!! Just because your fans are weak and feminine doesn’t make others who know how to cheer fake.

    Seahawks win it all!

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