Speculation swirls about Chudzinski in Cleveland

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Every year, one firing comes as a surprise.  This year’s surprise could be Browns coach Rob Chudzinski.

Which, of course, now means it wouldn’t be a surprise.

Several reports have mentioned the possibility of a new supervisor at the Factory of Sadness.  Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland writes via Twitter that “[t]here are some bad vibes indicating uncertainty about the future” of Chudzinski.  Chris Mortensen of ESPN believes that “there’s some turmoil [and] unhappiness with how [the] team folded [in the] 2nd half of [the] year.”

Veteran NFL scribe Dan Pompei got the ball rolling on Saturday night, explaining that Chudzinski essentially was a fallback option for the Browns after they failed to attract a big name like Chip Kelly.  This year, the Browns could opt to pay Chudzinski for three years to not coach the team, and to pay someone else even more to take over.

It would be a shock, to say the least, if the lifelong Browns fan gets fired.  The hiring of CEO Joe Banner was supposed to bring the same kind of stability and continuity to Cleveland that the Eagles exhibited throughout Banner’s tenure there.  While that may indeed happen, it may have been delayed by a year.

42 responses to “Speculation swirls about Chudzinski in Cleveland

  1. No QB, owner about to go to prison, no problem. You’re fired. And this is why it’s the factory of sadness.

    Chudzinsky’s a good coach and if he is fired, he should land on his feet. He might even end up like another Cleveland coach who got the short end of the stick under less than ideal circumstances. Bill what was his name?

  2. I felt Chud did a fair job under the circumstances. They’d be 8-8 at worst if Brian Hoyer didn’t tear his ACL,

  3. It’s the “Browns Uncertainty Principle”.

    The more precisely the Browns’ final season record is known, the less certain we’ll be of their future success.

    In other words, every year begins with some hope, but by the end of the year, no one has any clue what direction that franchise will go.

  4. The Browns somehow find new ways to step on their dicks. Firing a coach on a team short on talent takes brainpower only the Browns can hire. Browns, Super Bowl XXXXXXXXXXIV.

  5. “Ron” you mean Rob. The dawgs are doing a good job of rolling over today. The defense is not wrapping up tackling. Josh Gordon is jogging routes. Pathetic. I hope Jacksonville and Washington win. Edwin Baker is trying make a good impression. Like wise WR Cooper. What did they do? Let Brandon Weeden give the pre game speech.

  6. Just go get they guy we all want for our sake. Pay Saban, O’Brien or whoever it is this year and call it a day. Just tired or the carousel!

    All Depressed Browns Fans

  7. Or Jason Cambell. Anyone that thinks winning with Jason Cambell or Brandon We-done at qb is possible should be fired.

  8. I say it won’t happen after just one year. But then again nothing would surprise me with my Browns and their decisions. For the last 15 years the most exciting time being a Browns fan is the offseason.

  9. It’s a lot harder to win when your quarterback only has one wide receiver to depend on.

    SEE: Jason Campbell’s drop from 62% completions to 56% completion upon joining the Browns

  10. Spend the damn money and go after a good coach. They r running plays like they did when couch was the QB they have 3 and 5 and they run a 2 yard route they r just a bad team. These players on the browns don’t want to play today

  11. This would be a ‘panic button’ move. Not that the rest of the AFC North would complain. But at some point they are going to have to commit to someone for 3 years and give his system a chance to get fully in place.

  12. Eric Mangini was fired after two seasons. Pat Shurmur was fired after two seasons. The Oakland Raiders have had about 10 coaches in the last 20 years (seriously) and how well has that worked out for them? Maybe a little continuity is a good idea.

  13. Anybody who believes an offense should be dangerous with Bess and Little as their #2 and #3 receiving option believes Miley Cyrus is an NFL quality receiver.

  14. Hey Cleveland… This is what football with Joe Banner is like.
    -the people from Philadelphia (We Fight.)

  15. Hey Cleveland… This is what football with Joe Banner is like.
    -the people from Philadelphia (We Fight.)

  16. You’ve got to remember it’s Cleveland. Ownership/management thinks they cam win with ONE person whether it be a coach, a QB, an RB or a receiver rather than building a TEAM. What a bunch of idiots!

  17. Who cares if he gets fired. Nothing is going to change. Sitting here watching the lack of fight in the Browns v. Stinkers really would give me the ok to fire the lifelong Browns fan running the team.

    This is just inexcusable. There seems to be no fight in the Browns. If Chud can’t get them up for this game, he’s not getting them up for any game.

    And he could take Lombardi and Banner with him.

  18. Other teams Receivers run routes correctly THEN they CATCH the ball. Little must go, he couldn’t catch HERPES from a Crack HO!!!
    Not Chudzinski’s fault, if Hoyer had not gone down with injury we’d be at least 9-7, in the playoffs, and not to mention massive injuries on both sides of the ball.
    Progress has been made, the Browns were in most of the games they lost, the Browns have 5 probowlers more than anyone else in AFC North.
    I don’t have to mention the NE game, I never saw any like that in my 50 years watching the NFL, the League should have fired those referees for blantantly handing the win to NE.


  19. I wouldn’t fire Chud. Not after just one year. Cleveland was looking good when they went to Hoyer. If he doesn’t get hurt then who knows how their season turns out. But he did and they had no choice but to go back and forth between Weeden and Jason Campbell. What’s a head coach supposed to do when those are your QB options.

    Give him another year and see what he can do with a healthy Hoyer at QB, or heck anyone other than Weeden or Jason Campbell.

  20. If they do I will really be pissed off. The didn’t close the deal on chip Kelly. And now I think chud is a good choice for a head coach for a team that wants a coach to build a team around. They did absolutely nothing in the draft! And p.s. Lombardi sucks.

  21. I think the refs took the week off too. I have seen face guarding on both sides that have not been called. These refs have been terrible all year.

  22. They need to let guy take his lumps. New coach, on a bad team, with no QB, in a heck of a division. They won’t ever better, if they are changing coaches/philosophy every year.

  23. Stop the Insanity!

    Haslam won’t go to jail, there’s a different set of rules for those with + $1 billion. While I’m sure Haslam would rather be running things in his home state, this may be his only chance to win and redeem his family name. Gawd knows his brother can’t do it.

    The owner and his flock of flying monkees in the front office must establish some stability within the organization. A constant turnover in admin or coaching does not help anything.

    Let’s try some getting a real QB and some professional guards to solidify the O-line.

    While I’m not thrilled by Norv’s play calling, I say, “Steady as she goes.” We already know that if we keep abandoning the ship, we get nowhere.

  24. Hoyer and anyone else more promising than what we had this year. Hoyer, Hoyer, Hoyer. Please coach him how to slide too.

    Switching coaches again would just be stupid. Give him 4 more years and a stable QB. We need continuity and stability. Not ANOTHER change.

  25. Mr. Banner, when you took this job you were the personnel guy, and Chud had to work with what you gave him…..

    Things we knew before the season:

    We needed NFL quality offensive guards

    We cannot run in the North with out a full back
    who would also give the QB more time in the passing game

    We needed better running backs

    We needed possession receivers who could catch the ball

    We needed a QB

    We needed a #2 receiver to open the field

    We needed another LB to stand next to Jackson

    We needed to make your draft picks count, (Did they)?

    We needed depth at CB in this pass happy league, yet you released Owens as soon as he was healthy.

    Before we look at the coaches who had to use what you gave them, maybe some self reflection is called for.

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