Wild Card weekend kicks off with Chiefs visiting Colts


The NFL has announced the schedule for Wild Card weekend, which will kick off with the Chiefs visiting the Colts on NBC next Saturday at 4:35 p.m. ET.

The Saints won’t know whether they are going to Dallas or Philadelphia to test their ability to win on the road for a little while yet, but they know when they’ll be playing. They’ll kick off at 8:10 p.m. ET in a game that will also be broadcast on NBC.

San Diego, the final team to book passage to the playoffs this year, will kick off Sunday’s action in Cincinnati. The game will be at 1:05 p.m. ET on CBS.

The final game of the weekend will get underway at 4:40 p.m. ET on FOX. The 49ers earned the fifth seed by outlasting the Cardinals on Sunday and that means they’ll head to Lambeau Field for a rematch of a game from last year’s playoffs.

The NFL also announced the preliminary schedule for the Divisional Round of the playoffs. The Seahawks will be home at 4:35 p.m. ET on Saturday with the Patriots hosting a game at 8:15 p.m. ET. The Panthers get the early 1:05 p.m. ET slot on Sunday and the Broncos will host the final game of the weekend at 4:40 p.m. ET.

67 responses to “Wild Card weekend kicks off with Chiefs visiting Colts

  1. Gotta be thrilled as a Bengals fan. The Chargers can hardly beat the Chiefs without a lot of their core guys.

    Spanked them once already this year anyways at SD.

  2. NBC could feature the last LOL Cowboys embarrassment of the year if they pull off the upset tonight.

  3. It’s a bit unfair on the Chargers having to play a 1pm EST game when they easily could’ve played the Saturday late afternoon game

  4. Chiefs should be motivated after getting pounded by the Colts last week, and Indy should be high on their big win. KC’s more explosive and should put up a better fight.

  5. So next week’s playoffs you got:

    Chiefs @ Colts (Easy win for Chiefs here)
    Chargers @ Bengals (After almost getting beat by second stringers today, this will be an easy win for Bengals)
    49ers @ Packers (Toss up, but going with 49ers)
    Saints @ Eagles (Saints with ease)

  6. 3 years in a row for the Bengals. This time:
    1. Dalton’s in his 3rd year
    2. Cincy is AFC North Division Champion
    3. Cincy is only team to have won against every team currently in AFC playoffs
    4. 1 pm EST sure sounds like an early game for a San Diegoan.
    5. Cincy beat San Diego in San Diego
    6. Cincy undefeated at home this year

    I’m looking forward to first playoff win in a long time. But not only a win next week, but a run deep that could end up all the way to New Jersey this year!

  7. Hey Pittsburgh… Blabbityblahblshblahblsbbityblahblshblahblabbityblahblahblah.
    You guys STILL suck, this “no Steelers in the playoffs and all of their fans are pissed & making excuses” thing is gettin’ kinda funny!
    Here ‘s to ya Pittsburgh….Stay classy!
    WHO DEY!!!!

  8. Packers have to be concerned after the last two games vs the 49ers. It’s just a bad match up for the Pack. And oh yeah, the Niners play well in the cold. The colder the better for their power game

  9. No one hates the Steelers, it’s their idiot fans that just keep right jaw-jackin’ like they are relevant. Have they won a playoff game this decade?

  10. Its funny to rip on the steelers, who took care of business today. These same ESPN bred qbr believing idiots won’t rip on Baltimore or Miami. Just keep making fun of the team that won today. If it makes you feel better about working at 7 11.

  11. Yes jjackwagon the steelers have won a playoff game, jealous your team doesn’t have six Lombardi’s? People who hate the steelers or pats always amused me. Are they supposed to go 0 16 every year to make you happy beta male?

  12. Pittsburgh Steelers says: Dec 29, 2013 2:35 PM

    Against all odds, here come the Steelers. Didn’t we try to explain this to your feeble minds back in week 5 after starting 0-4?

    We overcome. We always overcome. Our trophy case demonstrates that.

  13. Always one of my favorite weekends on the sports calendar, every year, no matter who is playing. Gotta love it!!

  14. Pittsburgh Steelers says: Dec 29, 2013 2:35 PM

    Against all odds, here come the Steelers. Didn’t we try to explain this to your feeble minds back in week 5 after starting 0-4?

    We overcome. We always overcome. Our trophy case demonstrates that.

    sucha tool !

  15. The Colts could be a dangerous team in the playoffs. They did get blown out on 3 different occasions, (Ari, STL, Cin) they also beat some of the best teams in the league (Den, Sea, @SF, @KC). They’ve been hot down the stretch and while Trent Richardson looks to be a non factor, if nothing else he has motivated Donald Brown who has been playing really well lately.

  16. cinvis says:
    Dec 29, 2013 10:16 PM
    Forecast for Green Bay on Sunday…

    High below zero with snow…

    Love it


    False. Early forecast is 16 degrees and cloudy. You are no Jim Cantore.

  17. I wonder if you would all help me pollute the atmosphere with greenhouse gasses over the next two weeks. I’d like the weather in Denver to be in the 50s and sunny for the divisional round

  18. Squeelies’ playoffs ruined by Tebow in 2011, then by the Bengals in 2012, and now by Ryan Succup.

    How good is your team when that’s the trio that puts you to bed?

    Answer: Not very.

  19. It’s a bit unfair on the Chargers having to play a 1pm EST game when they easily could’ve played the Saturday late afternoon game
    It’s a bit unfair that they’re playing at all.

  20. The League’s Crusade Against The Steelers Continues…
    Dec 29, 2013, 10:42 PM EST
    Steelers trophy case: ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪

    Bengals trophy case: ☹

    This is the equivalent of me saying how 20 years ago in jr high I dated the best looking girl in school. However, I am now a fat balding middle aged man posting on PFT. get the point steeler nation? NOONE gives a damn what you (they) did in the 70’s. What have they done the past couple years? That’s right sat on their couch like me eating cheesy poofs!!

  21. Chiefs ended the season 2-5. That’s why Reid should have played the starters today. His team is limping into the playoffs. Hope they know they aren’t playing the 2nd or 3rd string QB in Indy.

  22. I see some people already chalking up a win for the Bengals.. remember anything can happen come playoff time. You can joke about the Chargers barely beating KC today, but they also beat Philly, Indy, Denver and KC with their starters.

  23. The Cowboys were eliminated from the playoffs this evening. I guess that means only about half the segments on NFL AM will be about them from here out……

  24. Your number 3 is incorrect waynesborokennyg.

    The Bengals have not beaten Denver, but the Chargers have. That in addition to two other playoff teams, KC and the Colts.

  25. Surprised the NFL scheduled this for the prime time game before the Eagles actually won the game because had the Cowboys won, I think this would have had to have been switched to Sunday due to FOX having cameras in place for the Cotton Bowl game on Friday night (in 2009, NBC was denied an Eagles-Cowboys SNF Finale because of the Cotton Bowl being the day before and it wound up creating problems for the NFL because it had to give NBC the rematch the following Saturday, which in turn created a lot of other scheduling issues that messed up FOX, which had promised ad buyers in May 2009 at the 2009-’10 upfronts the season premiere of “24” and premiere of another show would have the Divisional playoff as a lead-in, but the NFL was forced to flip-flop those between FOX and CBS as a result of what had happened the final regular season week in ’09).

  26. Did the bengals play Denver this year? Am I missing somthing? Somebody seems to think…he shouldnt do that…

  27. Wait the Lions aren’t in the playoffs??

    Oh that’s right, I’m a Lions fan, I should go punch myself in the balls.

    The Colts have to be the hardest team to figure out…….Beat Seahawks, Broncos at home, beat 49ers and Chiefs on the road by large margins. That could be the dark horse to come out of the AFC. They obviously know how to get up for the big game.

  28. If the steeler fans didnt have a few lombardi trophies they’d have nothing to fall back on. But they sure know how the work the heck out of it as a crutch!

  29. Interesting that the Bengals are playing the Wildcard round on Sunday and if they win they will play the Patriots on the following Saturday on a short week. Same with the 49ers should 49ers and Eagles win the Wildcard round the 49ers will be playing at the Seahawks on a short week.

  30. At least a couple of current playoffs streaks will end this year:
    1) Cin won’t be one-and -done by Texans. SD will take Texans place.
    2) GB won’t lose in the Div. Rd of playoffs. Their defense will make sure of that.

  31. Um. Mackie… You don’t really know what wild card means, I assume.

    The Chiefs are a wild card. Bafoon.

  32. Bungle fans everywhere are happy the Steelers are out. Ive seen the message boards.

    You were scared and wanted no part of us…

    Mike Tomlin is 10-5 against the Bungles.

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