Browns pushing to set up interview with Josh McDaniels


As soon as the Browns had an opening, people began linking Josh McDaniels with the job, based on his relationship with Browns General Manager Mike Lombardi.

Now there’s some fire to go with that smoke, as Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reports the Browns are “pushing” to interview the Patriots offensive coordinator for their vacant head coaching job.

Nothing has been set up at this point, just as there are no rumors yet about a Ryan Mallett package deal (though that’s probably inevitable, as the Tim Tebow reports will be).

The Browns have also asked permission to interview Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase and Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, after firing a young coordinator one year into the job (Rob Chudzinski).

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  1. Dan Quinn will be getting interview opportunities based on his success with the Seahawk’s Defense, for sure. I hope he doesn’t take the Brown’s serious as they obviously wouldn’t give him more than a year to turn it around.

  2. Why, would the Browns hire McDaniels? Seriously? He completely gutted out the Broncos and left them for dead. The only thing that saved them was Peyton Manning falling on their lap.

  3. Well, the last couple times the Browns hired former Belichick assistants, it worked out great. Ah, the glory years of the Crennel and Mangini eras.

  4. Only reason it might work out better than in Denver is that Cleveland doesn’t have as much talent for McDaniels to give away.

  5. I think Josh is going to stay in New England and take over for Bill in a few years. I also think thats good for the Browns, having already had a few former Patriots coaches (Mangini, Romeo) maybe another one is not what they and the fans need.

  6. He’ll only have one year to prove himself, so he’d better bring about marked improvement.

    Five wins should do it.

  7. The Chud firing looks even worse after seeing the candidates to replace. McDaniels and Schwartz have both been mentioned. Poor Cleveland.

  8. This is just like the Adam Gase option. McDaniels is not the real OC for the Pats. Brady & Belichick are the OC.

    It was pretty obvious based on that “A Football Life” NFL Network show featuring Belichick.

  9. I wouldn’t mind seeing him go as a Pats fan. Don’t want him to be the next HC and he gets so darn pass happy when he gets in a zone it scares me in the Red Zone.

  10. After seeing the disaster of Crennel and Mangini, along with the disaster of McDaniels in Denver, this makes perfect sense for the Browns, who seem to double down on stupid.

  11. Baby Belichick is probably the best the Browns can do. You would think after Romeo they would have learned their lesson, but this is the Browns we’re talking about.

  12. If you have nothing better to do for a year, jump at the job….The loyalty that the front office shows is a draw for any head coach….McDaniels has already proven he will last a year

  13. McDaniels has already gone on record that he would prefer to stay put for the next few years for the sake of his family.

    Also, the Browns just canned a good Coach after just one year. They gave him no chance. Who’d want to walk into that? There is no possible way McD goes to Cleveland. It would be career suicide. They have no QB (same as the Jets) and are going absolutely nowhere next year. I bet BB probably privately told him his plans on when he’s going to retire, all he has to do is be patient then the Pats coaching job is his.

  14. after firing a young coordinator one year into the job (Rob Chudzinski).

    I think that Rob Chudzimski was the coach, not the young coordinator, but hey, you guys are the experts.

  15. Chudzinski just got canned with 3 years still on his contract at $3.5M per. He’s also leaving a dysfunctional organization with poor ownership.

    He just won the lottery! I think he’s going to be just fine.

  16. After Romeo, the Browns are making the same mistake. McDaniels hasn’t done squat outside of New England. They may as well bring Brady Quinn back while they’re at it.

  17. Oh No, another “JoshiMac” experiment? Unless Josh were to bring Belichick with him, he’ll never succeed as a head Coach. Like all other Belichick progeny, Joshi cannot produce the magic that is BB. Belichick runs every facet of his team from general manger (e.g., Scott Pioli) to the ball boy. Without him calling the shots, his “boys”can’t function. While Josh is in his second tour as OC for NE, he’s a figure head only, BB does ALL the game planning and Joshi calls the plays that BB has planed.
    Even Mike Lombardi( another hand picked GM of BB) has never mad it;look at his time in Cleveland, Oakland and Phila.
    When will this league learn?

  18. They could’ve hired McDaniels last year. Why ever go with Chud if this was who they wanted? Advice to McD: put it in writing that you answer to the owner only. Keep a diary of every time Lombardi and Banner try to undermine you for their own benefit. Then when that snake Lombardi makes his power play you’ll have the ammo to win the argument and install Scott Pioli or someone else as your guy. The good thing abt McD is, based on 2007 with Moss and recent years with Gronk and Welker, he and Hoyer will get the most out of Gordon, Cameron and Cooper.

  19. Ryan Mallet????

    Nah, McDaniels will go after Cassel like it’s 2010, prompting the Browns change nicknames like it’s 1998.

  20. While the HC job might appear to be attractive to Quinn, on the surface, I kind of have my doubts that he’d want to immerse himself in such a low-life run organization after experiencing a first-class operation like the one in Renton. But, I could be wrong. All depends I guess on how much moolah they dangle in front of him.

    Just remember Dan, in Cleveland you’ve got one year to get it done, or else. Or else they’ll find you a job cleaning windshields at the truck stops.

  21. Seriously- if I were a HC candidate in this offseason and it came down to a choice between the Browns at a ridiculously high salary and another loser team like the Texans, but for significantly less money, I’d take the Texans job in a heartbeat- but I would be absolutely sure to tell the brass in Cleveland that the one and only reason I wouldn’t accept their offer is because they are making it obvious that it is a very coach-unfriendly atmosphere to work in. You know, make them see that their constant, stupid moves are making them a toxic franchise that no one in their right mind would want to work for.

  22. Josh McDaniels? Really? After his abortion of a tenure in Denver? I think he is a fine coordinator. But, not as a head guy. With his need to dominate, control, and attempt to stamp out all dissent, he managed to very quickly alienate just about every single player on the team. This is the guy whose first move was to piss off the starting QB, by publicly coveting Matt Cassel. And, if that doesn’t show you his acumen, I’d mention he also traded up to draft Tim Tebow in the first round. Why would anybody hire this little Napoleon as a head coach, after such a crushing failure?

  23. In two drafts for the Broncos..McDaniel’s also acquired…Demaryius Thomas..Eric Decker..Robert Ayers..Knowshon Moreno..Zane Beadles.. and David Bruton.

  24. Hiring another New England assistant will not erase the fact that the Browns organization once fired Bill Belichick.

  25. I don’t see JM heading to Cleveland. I’d loe to see all serious coaching prospects turn them down. Josh would be a much better fit in Detroit, although he likely stays in NE

  26. I love how people kill McDaniels, but right off the top of my head I know he drafted Decker, D. Thomas, and Moreno, and had the nuts to get rid of Mr. Underachiever Jay Cutler. Belichick failed his first gig too.

  27. I think McDaniels is going to eventually be a good coach. However, if the Browns hire him and don’t utilize the picks they have and that pick they got from Indy, it really doesn’t matter who comes in. Don’t draft Bridgewater or Manziel. See what Hoyer can do. If you go 7-9 that’s still more wins then they’ve had over any of the last six seasons. Even if you go 2-14 at least you know the Hoyer experiment doesn’t work. In 2015, THATS WHEN you draft a QB. The teams that are reactionary are the ones that get run over in this league. The Cardinals have shown with hiring Arians that maybe they’ve changed their ways…but what they do after they realize Carson Palmer can’t get them to the big dance will be very telling.

  28. Just when I came out and said they have a bunch of good pieces and only lack a QB who can remain upright; this announcement happens. No wonder the pound is frustrated!!!!

  29. It’s funny everybody mentions McDaniels only drafting Tebow. He also drafted Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Knowshon Moreno, and Von Miller. Pretty sure without those two WRs Peyton Manning would never have chosen to be a Bronco.

    I hope he does go to Cleveland.

  30. If the Browns hire Josh Bialystock, Browns fans will be looking back fondly on the glory years of Chudzinski, Shurmer and Mangini.

    If the Browns are run by the Three Stooges, Josh is Shemp.

  31. If I were a true Browns fan, I would stop watch them play. The money dries, the owner and management come to their senses (hopefully the ownership changes) and they hit restart.
    This all coming from a Bengals fan and that is saying something.

  32. Romeo Crennel’s record for the Browns for four seasons was 24 wins, 40 losses.

    Eric Mangini In three seasons at the helm of the Jets, his team had a record of 23 wins and 25 losses. He somehow managed to land a second head coaching position with the Cleveland Browns for the 2009-2010 seasons, where his record plummeted to 10 wins and 22 losses.

    For the 2010 season the New England Patriots employed zero offensive or defensive coordinators! the Patriots finished 2010 with a record of 14 wins and 2 losses.

    Have the Browns management not learned by now that the Patriots success hasn’t been because there bush league coaches. It’s the elaborate systematic cheating that happens between BB, Ernie Adams.

    Another perfect home record again this year eh Pats fans?

    Did you know that the statistical possibility of having 6 perfect home records in a span of 13 years is 1/7000, the same as dieing from being struck by lightning! I wonder what gives you such an advantage at home? #SPYGATE…..all NFL fan should read SPYGATE the untold story….it’s free on iBooks. I highly recommend it to all fans who want to learn how an untalented team like the patriots continues to be successful year after year.

  33. McDaniels will not be the next New England coach.. when that time comes. The next Patriots coach will be Jon Gruden.

    As for Josh, I suspect Mike Lombardi’s well documented admiration for the way things are run in “Foxboro,” will lead to him landing in Cleveland.. regardless of the talk about wanting to remain in New England.

    I just hope that we don’t deal Mallet away.

  34. With Cleveland feel free to use headlines like:

    “Browns tentatively schedule firing of Josh McDaniels for December 29 2014”

  35. The fans in Cleveland get what they deserve. If you continue to buy tickets & merchandise and support the trio of Wally, Goober & Gomer, you are part of the problem. You should COMPLETELY boycott this classless, clueless, and morally inept organization until they realize that the customer is right, and they deliver more than the proverbial “Hope & Change”.

  36. The NFL is DEAD to me until this team is fixed. I can’t watch good teams, it makes me mad. I can’t even listen to Browns games anymore.

  37. So, the Browns didn’t learn after two other former Patriots assistants, Romeo Crennel and Eric Mangini, drove them to losing records (34-62). Good luck with 11-17 McDaniels.

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