Buccaneers fire coach Greg Schiano, G.M. Mark Dominik

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are cleaning house.

The Bucs have fired both head coach Greg Schiano and General Manager Mark Dominik, Jay Glazer of FOX Sports first reported and the team has announced.

Considering that the Buccaneers just finished a 4-12 season, the news can’t be viewed as a surprise. But there was some sentiment that Schiano might have saved his job when the Bucs started playing better football over the second half of the season, and Dominik was viewed as at least having a chance to get another year.

Instead, the Glazer family that owns the Bucs have decided to scrap the whole thing and start over from scratch. For this franchise that has missed the playoffs in each of the last six seasons, it’s back to the drawing board. Again.

79 responses to “Buccaneers fire coach Greg Schiano, G.M. Mark Dominik

  1. Just heard the news and had to turn off the NFL Network when somebody was trying to defend Dominik. Well it’s about time that they fired this god-awful GM, it is just so displeasing to me to see any team employ a terrible GM, so I’m glad this one is out, now if only the rest of the teams could follow suit. Hopefully Tampa hires a smart GM this time around, we need better competition from you!

  2. Interesting move. I hope whoever they bring into the fold can get this team to where it was in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

  3. Upon hearing the news Schiano dove at the knees of Malcolm Glazer in a last ditch attempt at saving his job.

  4. I guess Revis must have insisted on having a new HC next year or otherwise he would “hold out” again!

  5. Yes the Bucs played better in the 2nd half of the season. But 4-12 and the possibility that Schiano might leave on his own to go to PSU! The Glazer family made the right choice!

  6. ravenswhat says:
    Dec 30, 2013 11:49 AM
    I’m sure him wearing a Penn St U jacket around the office the past few days didn’t help either…
    As a PSU Alum I can say dear God NO.

  7. Schiano was a bit cancerous not due to his attitude but the events that transpired during the earlier part of the year. It always just felt awkward over there because even though the players shouldn’t there is still some guys in the bucs facility who liked Freeman. Dominik shouldn’t be gone IMO he seems to be a great talent evaluator. I’m not a Bucs fan I’m actually a NYJ but I follow Tampa to check up on Revis from time to time.

    Good luck to Greg Schiano and his family he should start a dynasty at PSU and good luck to Dominik he will find an FO job in no time!

  8. “How this franchise ever won a Super Bowl is beyond me…”

    They scored more points than the Raiders.

  9. This punk Coach finally got what he asked for!
    In the Giants game his diving into a kneel down situation was as low as it gets, and now, he can take that with him!
    Good Luck, you fool!

  10. We’re down four coaches so far! Who else? Come on, I know a random firing has to be in there somewhere.

  11. This clown should have never been an NFL coach. He wins one more game than he lost in college and has an abysmal conference record and somehow lands an NFL head coaching gig? Who’s toes did he have on the line for that one?

    What a joke.

  12. @orivar says:
    Dec 30, 2013 11:59 AM
    We’re down four coaches so far! Who else? Come on, I know a random firing has to be in there somewhere.

    You’re right! It only took 3 min…

  13. I hope Schiano never gets another job in football. Not in the NFL, not in college, not in High School, not in Pop Warner. If Penn State hires him, it will be the second-dumbest thing they’ve ever done.

  14. sillec28 says:
    Dec 30, 2013 11:55 AM
    “How this franchise ever won a Super Bowl is beyond me…”

    They scored more points than the Raiders.
    A lot more too. Bucs D scored as many as Raiders O…laughable SB

  15. This basically means that the new GM/Coach will decide if they use the 7th pick for a QB, or roll the dice one more year with Glennon.

    This team has some young talent, still needs a OLB/DE that scares people. I suspect Revis will be much better next year and their safeties are awesome. Huge fan of this defense if they can get a game changer at OLB

    I would have kept Schiano for one more year because I don’t think the QB talent is very good in the draft, would have given Glennon 1 more year under the same coach to see if he is any good.

  16. Why ever take an NFL coaching job if there is no QB in place ? This team showed heart & got better as the season progressed despite being limited in talent. No Fun League aka Not Fair League…

  17. .

    Dominik drafted Freeman and Schiano was stuck with him. A drowning man will take others down in an attempt to save himself.
    All the coaches fired seem to have problems at one position :QB


  18. Raheem Morris must be smiling. All those leaked stories with Dominik’s fingerprints on them about how out-of-control things were under Morris really look funny now. Still total losers, but with a sterner hand on the helm, eh Dominik?

  19. Oh and if the Bucs hire Lovie Smith you can kiss the fanbase goodbye. Another defensive coach? Ok then, that sure fixes one of the 3 worst offenses in football…

  20. This decision was necessary and overdue, Schiano came in like some mafia boss and you cannot handle pro players that way! It may have worked at Rutgers and maybe he’ll get lucky at Penn State, but he needs to get back to college where he can intimidate kids.

  21. Schiano went 4-4 over the last eight games after replacing Freeman with a rookie (and not one that came into the league with high expectations). Five of their losses were by a touchdown or less. Franchises that continually fire coaches, especially ones that inherit weak quarterbacks, are destined to a cycle of losing. Bucs’ fans are kidding themselves that the coach was the problem in Tampa. Remember, Art Modell fired Bill Belichick after Modell ripped the heart out of the Browns and the city of Cleveland by announcing he was moving the team and then asking Belichick to win in that circus.

  22. And the circus that follows Mevis keeps on giving,I’m sure getting torched yesterday 3 times was the contracts fault.
    Don’t fault you for wanting to get paid its a short life in the NFL, it’s the way you go about it.

  23. Same record same story next year just another low budget coach. The BUCS organization has never been a consistent contender in anything except blowing first round draft choices.

  24. Not suggesting this should happen… but a thought entered my head and that is of the president of the cross-town AFL team the Tampa Bay Storm. Is it possible that position would have prepared Derrick Brooks for a position such as Bucs GM (yes I realize there is a huge difference between the two)?

  25. No sympathy for Schiano here.

    The guy that orders his defense to dive at other players knees during a kneel-down… Bush league.

    He belongs back coaching college- he is not NFL caliber by any means.

    Goodbye dirt-ball.

  26. Time for a GM and coach who will support Tebow, and give the best read-option QB in history a chance to see if this thing can work in the NFL. What’s the worst that can happen? Three more years of mediocrity? That’s probably going to happen anyway.

    Tebow will never be a successful pocket passer – that’s obvious. But with minimal front office support in Denver, be took them to the playoffs after a 1-4 start. Blah blah Prater, blah blah defense – yes, it’s a team sport, but every one of those fourth quarter & overtime victories involved CLUTCH quarterback play when the game was on the line. Every one of them. Deny all you want, but ask Cowboy fans about the importance of clutch QBs.

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